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What Requirements Michigan Teachers Need To Follow?

Michigan teachers are hardworking individuals that put effort into their work and strive to achieve the best result. Their main purpose is to mold and develop young minds, and they aspire to be the best for this job.

Teachers like spreading awareness and wish to learn something new every day. Teaching is considered a noble profession that gives back to the community in the form of knowledge and information.

Considering that every profession has its challenges, teaching is no exception. Becoming a teacher in Michigan is a lengthy process because the standards are high and requirements are serious, understandably so. Enforcing as many requirements is crucial; it ensures that people who do become teachers are motivated, reliable and capable. Michigan teachers of tomorrow need to be competent and skilled.

When a person finally becomes a teacher, they will find it to be worth the journey because this profession is widely respected and considered one of the noblest ones out there.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Teacher In Michigan?

The period for becoming a teacher varies based on many aspects. While the process is similar to the other United States, it still has its own requirements, laws, and regulations. There isn’t a particular timeline, but any aspiring teacher needs to have a four-year bachelor’s degree. This means there are at least four years to become a capable legal teacher.

Even though Michigan has struggled with hiring quality teachers since COVID because there was a shortage of qualified people, it still has one of the most excellent teaching programs because they are selective with its educators.

Overall, the typical timeline for a teacher is at least four years. It requires a person to complete their standard degree.

What Requirements Are Needed to Teach in Michigan?

Now that it’s established how an individual needs to finish their standard bachelor’s degree, aspiring teachers need to understand that they need to get an appropriate education. A person needs to finish their approved preparation program in a subject that fits their future line of work.

Finishing a particular teaching program is necessary in addition to a four-year bachelor’s. This means that a person needs to have a regular bachelor’s, but they also need to complete a teacher’s program.

For instance, if someone wishes to become an English teacher, they should have an English education, and if they want to opt for math, they need to have a math education.

In addition to completing an approved teacher’s education program, Michigan law and regulations also require a person to follow these particular set of requirements:

Finish the Reading Courses

Michigan has a Teacher Certification Code that requires two prominent requirements about reading courses that all aspiring teachers need to adhere to. One of those requirements should be finished before getting an initial teaching certificate. And the other one needs to be done before the person advances toward the professional teaching certificate.

Initial Teaching Certificate: Reading Course Requirements

For a person to be recommended for an initial teaching certificate (in elementary grade authorization), they need to complete a minimum of six credit hours. These credit hours are valid if they are completed in teaching reading.

Similarly, if an individual is seeking an initial certificate in secondary level authorization, they need to complete the recommended credit hours (3 hours) in reading instructions. All aspiring educators need to note that these hours only count when they are completed in the area (subject) that the individual is striving for.

For example, when a person wants to teach English, they need three credit hours of experience in an English reading instruction program.

Professional Teaching Certificate: Reading Course Requirements

For a person to advance to a professional teaching certificate, they need to finish three additional credit hours in remediation and diagnosis of differentiated instruction and reading disabilities. This is a requirement that every person needs to complete if they want an advanced teaching certificate.

A list of approved courses maintained by the OEE (Office of Educator Excellence) fulfills this requirement without leaving room for error. OEE maintains and approves only courses that can match the standards.

OEE doesn’t allow teachers with different state education to teach and requires them to fill out a verification form that ensures their education matches Michigan’s educational requirements.

Finish a Course in CPR and First Aid

The MCL (Michigan Complied Law) requires all educators recommended for their initial certificate to finish their CPR and First Aid coursework.

First Aid, Pediatric, and Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) are essential requirements if someone wants to become a teacher in Michigan.

For CPR coursework to finish, there is a demonstration usually performed on a mannequin. These courses can be completed in individual lessons or as one comprehensive course.

The following requirements need to be met to complete a course in CPR and First Aid.

  • Physical Limitation Exemption.
  • Advanced-Grade FA/CPR Courses.

Pass the Authentic MTTC

This is a straightforward requirement. It means passing the authentic MTTC (Michigan Test for Teacher Certification) content area exams. This step is vital, and if a person doesn’t complete this requirement, they won’t get recommended for certification.

Additionally, if a person has gotten their education from alternative programs, they will be required to pass testing before entering the program.

Michigan Teachers License Submission Process

Once individuals have gathered the proper education and completed the requirements above, they can compile their relevant information and send it to the Michigan Department of Education. It’s best to wait for the summer months to pass because it has the highest application rate. Regardless, it takes around four months for an application to process.

The following are requirements one needs to follow when applying:

  • All college transcripts.
  • Evidence of completing the Michigan teacher certification program at an accredited and approved school.
  • Verify the passing scores on the Michigan Test for Educator Certification exams.
  • Evidence of clear background.
  • Submit proper and authentic documentation.
  • Paying non-refundable fees.

Bottom Line

Michigan teachers are skilled and competent individuals who need to have a minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree. Every individual needs to sort through a complex list of requirements, or else one can’t successfully become a teacher.

That being said, becoming a teacher is rewarding in the end. And people who wish to spread knowledge in the world enjoy becoming a teacher most of all. With this guide, it may be easier to navigate and tackle this challenge and become a competent teacher in Michigan in no time.