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What Items Need To Be Delivered In Refrigerated Trucks?

You have seen several refrigerated trucks on the highway a couple of times. You’ve probably asked yourself what items the truck could be transporting. Well, refrigerated trucks usually transport various kinds of items.

A refrigerated truck is designed to transport fresh or frozen goods in a closed van. The vehicle is equipped with refrigeration units, equipment, and a polyurethane-insulated freight box.

Having said that, let’s look at some of the top items that can be delivered in refrigerated trucks.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

Some pharmaceutical products must maintain a specific temperature to keep them safe and effective. There is always a chance that medicines and pharmaceuticals will degrade and become unsafe when transported, especially over long distances. Therefore, when transporting goods, prominent pharmaceutical distribution companies will require transport refrigeration.

Vaccines are sensitive to temperature, and this sensitivity varies depending on the type of drugs you are shipping. Any temperature between +2°C and +8°C has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) as suitable for transporting medications. The ATAGI (Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization) has also accepted this recommendation. For instance, to avoid contamination and spoiling, the seasonal flu vaccination and insulin must be delivered and stored between 35°F and 46°F (1.667°C and 7.778°C).

  1. Honey bee

Since honey bees generate a lot of heat, when they are transported in cargo for extended periods, the heat generated cannot escape. This may affect the bees’ health and stop the flow of honey. Further harm could possibly result from the truck’s excessive heat. This is where a refrigerated delivery truck comes in handy.

  1. Cosmetic products

Refrigerated delivery trucks are crucial for the cosmetics sector. This is because heat and direct sunlight have a chemical effect on cosmetics. Wax, oil, and water separate when exposed to heat, which undermines the product’s efficacy. When overexposed to heat or sunshine, perfumes oxidize and lose their fragrance. Additionally, natural products may be far more sensitive to and reactive to harmful microorganisms from heat because they lack preservatives in their composition, making it crucial to deliver them in refrigerated trucks.

  1. Hazardous materials

Most industries need large amounts of chemicals and other potentially dangerous items that could harm human health. Proper temperature control is crucial while shipping these hazardous substances; otherwise, you risk disastrous outcomes.

The quality of products that contain chemicals, such as films and adhesives, can be quickly impacted by heat and humidity. Temperature control is necessary in these circumstances because airborne moisture and excessive heat can potentially result in harmful chemical reactions in other items.

  1. Flowers

Make sure your flowers are shipped in a refrigerated truck if you want them to arrive at their destination looking the way they should. After being picked and sent, flowers have no time for mother nature because they will wilt in the incorrect conditions.

  1. Penguins

Temperature is a severe health risk for penguins traveling long distances, necessitating cooling techniques. It is advised that temperature-controlled trucks be used to transport Antarctic penguin species. The seclusion aspect of using an enclosed enclosure is a bonus because the penguins won’t be bothered by unwarranted public commotion.

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