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What Is Operation PHOENIX CS:GO?

Many people know that the CS:GO shooter is complemented with a large number of cases, keys, and additional things that make the game more exciting and interesting. Any add-ons should be taken into account by newcomers and experienced players. This is the way to progress faster and achieve goals more efficiently.

The big favorite of the standing gamers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Operation Phoenix. This add-on is available for everyone who follows the link  It has coins, cases, and all-beloved maps.

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What Do You Know About Operation Phoenix CS:GO?

There are those who probably do not know what it is. Even not just newcomers have no idea about Operation Phoenix CS:GO. Some experienced players of the popular shooters can hardly explain the sense of using this addition.

Operation Phoenix is ​​a new feature in the game that was registered in 2014. It has 8 of the best cards selected by players in the community, a case with different types of 13 powerful weapons.

It is worth noting that each willing player can purchase this add-on on the trusted platform of boosters and other products for leveling up in the CS:GO game. Let’s take a closer look at the features and other peculiarities of the Phoenix Operation coin and case.

Features of the PHOENIX Operation Coin

Some players are extremely interested in coins of different types. The Phoenix Operation one is not an exception for CS:GO gamers. You can get it after purchasing the operation. As the developers say, this coin accompanies you everywhere and is also visible on your avatar.

An interesting insight to share with the CS:GO faithful community is right here. It is your operational map that can show your results after the game. You need to know how to vary these locations. There are different types of maps to take into consideration:

  • bronze;
  • silver;

As you might guess, you will get any of the possible map versions for your performance in the game. The better you demonstrate your skills; the more likely you will get a golden one to stay pleased with the rewards.

Interests in Operation PHOENIX Case

An exclusive item to the coin, there is a case that has the best weapons in the entire existence of the game in addition to the usual ones. If you count on getting some extraordinary and helpful goodies, just take a closer look at Phoenix Operation. Additionally, you will not be disappointed with some poor results or unpleasant surprises.

This case served as a vote that was on the official site for which weapons should be added to the new operation, and the authors observed the whole list of items from the very beginning. Examples are AUG, AWP, MAC -10, P90, and so on. What else could be better than the add-on that can meet your expectations?

To open this case, a key is used that will help get powerful weapons. Some players forget about it and have difficulties while discovering all the additions concerning Operation Phoenix.

Maps from Operation Phoenix

In this feature, the developers of the CS:GO game have added the most promising and popular maps in history. The main focus is to create the best conditions for mission completing and passing other tasks in the shooter.

It is worth noting that both developers and faithful players did not reject this option, so the access to such maps as Agency, Ali, Cache, Downtown, and others is no less interesting. On the official website of CS:GO you can buy it for $2.99. Become the new owner of the best operation ever!