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What Has Made Rainbow Riches So Popular?

The casino industry has grown significantly over the years, and its success is largely attributed to:

  • The emergence of online casinos
  • The relaxation of casino legislation in countries such as America
  • And the advancement of mobile technology

With an online casino, gamers reap the following benefits and more, which makes online games like slots so much more appealing to their land-based counterparts.

Play at the Online Casino from Anywhere

Casino games online give players the option to play from anywhere in the world.

As such, there’s no need to find and journey to the local casino, and there’s no hassle of wearing suitable attire to gain entry.

Accessibility and convenience of online slots mean no one of legal age is excluded from playing – so long as they are situated within a state or country that permits the use of online casinos.

Unrivaled Incentives and Rewards

What draws millions of players in to have a go at an advertised casino online is the incentives.

There are offers of free spins and cash, which are irresistible to those seeking a fun way to unwind, and potentially win some money.

Cash Prizes

Sometimes the online cash prizes are more generous than those offered in land-based casinos. Meaning for that intent on winning, playing online is likely to provide them a better return on their bets.

While the above makes it clear why people prefer online casino games. Here we divulge further into the attraction of one particular game which has captured the attention of many – Rainbow Riches.

About Rainbow Riches

Barcrest developed Rainbow Riches Casino and released the game in 2006. It received widespread attention in a land-based and online gaming capacity achieved several accolades and a stream of fans.

Barcrest is a renowned gaming company and a subsidiary of SG Gaming – a premier gaming hub. So as expected, from the beginning, this game had professional, experienced developers on the side to create a slot game that would not only attract but engage and retain customers too.

Rainbow Riches Theme

This slot from the offset presents itself as a happy-go-lucky game that is welcoming and fun in appearance.

For instance, it has a mixture of rainbow imagery, pots of gold, and mythological leprechauns – largely associated with luck and riches.

The vibrant visuals on Rainbow riches are one of the reasons players keep coming back for more.

User Interface

Ease of use is another reported pro that has secured Rainbow Rich’s popularity among the public.

The available functions, symbols, and paylines are clear and accessible. Limiting confusion amongst players allows them to participate in the game without interruption.


Megaways is, in other words, referred to as pay lines. In Rainbow Riches, there are a momentous 117,649 pay lines players can potentially land while playing.

This presents a huge opportunity for players to secure a win during the game.

Symbol Combo

Whether intentional or not, the symbols are partially based on the fruit machine-style icons and mixed among the Irish theme – making this game more attractive to a broader audience who enjoy the older slot game variations as well as the new ones.

Bonus Rounds

With the emergence of Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix bonus games in 2016, users can now choose from five exciting games, and each has distinguishable graphics and a separate bonus screen.

The bonus rounds players can choose from are as follows;

  • Road to Riches
  • Free Spins
  • Pots of Gold
  • Cash Crop
  • Magic Toadstools

Players may select three bonuses during the game.

Drops of Gold

On the standard reels in Rainbow Riches gameplay, should gold drops come down, the pots will cascade from the highest reel to the lowest – which will boost players’ chances of winning.

How To Play Rainbow Riches

If you’re yet to try Rainbow Riches, source a reputable casino provider to sign up with and play. In the beginning, select the number of pay lines you want to utilize and place your desired bet for potentially achieving those lines.

As an added tip, when on the lookout for a slot site that hosts Rainbow Riches be sure to look out for which gambling provider offers the best incentives to play.

In doing so, you can get some initial experience in the game for free without spending too much, if any, of your own money to begin with.

With huge bonuses, exciting visuals, ease of use, and additional bonus rounds, there are plenty of appeals that draw in players to engage in a game of Rainbow Riches. As such, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular slot games today.