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What Do I Need for Work from Home Setup?

In this digital age, it is becoming more and more apparent that working from home is the new norm. After all, if you can get the same job done without leaving the house, why should you?
Then again, as ideal as it may look on paper, not everyone adjusts easily to working from home. This is especially true when you don’t have a proper home-office set up yet. The tips below and the buying guides on Home Office Kiosk will walk you through the steps to preparing for this new work setting.

Equipment You Need

Are you ready to build a workstation that will boost your productivity? The first thing to do is to figure out the pieces of equipment you will need. Some peripherals and accessories are entirely up to you, but we’re confident you don’t want to miss a few essential items for your work.


The computer you need for your workstation depends on your occupation. While some will do just fine with a mid-level laptop, other jobs rely heavily on digital processes. For this reason, some professionals who work from home need high-powered computers.


Aside from your laptop or computer, you’re going to need a few more stuff to keep things running smoothly. These include a keyboard, mouse, second monitor, reminder board for post-its, and plenty of other essentials. To accommodate all of these, getting a spacious and reliable desk is the answer.

Ergonomic Chair

You’re probably going to sit in front of your laptop or computer for long hours, putting tremendous strain on your back. An ergonomic chair will provide support to different parts of your body, making you feel more relaxed and allowing you to avoid joint pains.


Coming to a physical office to brainstorm with your colleagues is now replaced by virtual meetings. A noise-canceling earphone with an attached microphone lets you hear their ideas clearly and sends your message across at the same time.
On the other hand, those who do not want to strain their ears from wearing earphones too long but still wish to enjoy good music while working can settle for speakers. Doing so can help improve focus and boost productivity.

Coffee Mug

Need a little pick-me-up before your shift starts? Make sure you also have an insulated mug and a coaster to keep your cup of joe warm and prevent stains on your desk.

Where to Set Up

Once you have all of these prepared, you’ll then need to figure out where to set up your home office. Assuming you don’t have a separate room to designate as your office, below are the most popular alternatives.

Kitchen/Dining Room

Setting up your home office in the dining room may sound a bit far-fetched for some. However, if you think about it, it actually makes sense.
Even as we work from home, we’ll have to attend to plenty of other things, like cooking and preparing food. For this very reason, a dining room setup is quite popular. You can designate a few square inches of space to set up your computer, get to work, and do other house chores at the same time.


For those who prefer working late at night or do not follow a strict schedule, you can also use your bedroom and transform a portion of it into your home office. This setup will allow you to take short breaks or naps in the comfort of your bed.
However, you need a specific amount of discipline if you decide to do this. Having your bed right beside you while you work can be quite tempting, and that can lead to a few backlogs if you oversleep.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most spacious parts of any home, which goes to show that it’s also one of the best places to set up a workstation. The huge floor space means you can easily place your desk, chair, and other work equipment there without compromising the room’s overall aesthetic.
However, if your job includes calling clients, talking to customers, or attending meetings regularly, you need to consider the background noise you might encounter. That’s because the living room is also the place where your kids, siblings, friends, or pets would probably hang out.
This new remote work setup is relatively a foreign concept for many of us. This is especially true if you consider your homes the only place where you get to rest, unwind, and leave your work stress behind.
Setting up a workstation at home certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. The only thing that separates one from the other is how you work your way through this big change. More than anything, being fully equipped and having a dedicated space solely for work will allow you to still enjoy a good balance between your work life and your personal life.

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