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Westfalia Technologies, Inc.: Delivering Unparalleled Solutions in Automation

Westfalia Technologies, Inc.: Delivering Solutions with Passion
Headquartered in York, Pa., Westfalia Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of logistics solutions for manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, with over 100 installations in North and South America is proud to announce its 25th anniversary. Since 1992, Westfalia has been helping companies in industries such as: food, beverage, chemical and others to optimize warehouse processes and maximize storage efficiencies and savings.
Westfalia is a global leader in the dynamic and rapidly growing automated materials handling industry and logistics business sector. The company is committed to serving as an industry expert in warehouse automation and leads by example through its commitment to continuous improvement of its products and solutions. The key here is to “lead by example.” This means Westfalia executes well and their reputation ultimately defines their report card.
Westfalia is also a global leader in the automated parking sector, along with sister company, Westfalia Logistics Solutions in Germany, the combined companies employ approximately 300 individuals around the globe that embody the customer service experience that is intentional, consistent, differentiated, and valuable for each and every customer.
Services Propound
Westfalia’s expertise in combining software development with automated equipment manufacturing is the cornerstone of their ability to deliver turnkey solutions that meet each client’s specific needs with unsurpassed quality and control. Westfalia is committed to providing innovative and customizable logistics solutions, by utilizing both automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and conventional material handling equipment.
Westfalia provides a variety of material handling solutions for their clients including: AS/RS, Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System (WES) software, conveying equipment, order fulfillment solutions, pallet flow systems, automated parking systems, and automated self- storage systems.
Westfalia has decades of experience designing and installing customized automated warehouse solutions throughout the world, encompassing multiple industries, including: food, beverage, chemical & industrial, paper & publishing, self-storage, third party logistics, and parking.
When asked what key phrase would help to describe Westfalia’s operations, Daniel Labell, president, Westfalia Technologies, Inc. stated, “Innovation applied to common sense solutions. Our solutions are designed and built to meet customer’s specific business needs. We value the time spent in getting to know our customers and building a relationship to ensure we produce an innovative solution that will build upon their success now and in the future. We continuously evaluate our products and look for “what’s next” to stay at the top of our industry by providing world-class solutions.”
Westfalia’s Unique Values
Westfalia was built upon a set of core values: committed people and products that stand the test of time. These core values have led them to become a successful company and permeate through every aspect of the business, including the mission, vision, and commitments they make to each other, their customers, the industry, and the planet.
The word ‘partnership’ is a key element of the Westfalia culture. Through their commitment to their customers’ success, Westfalia is an active partner in every stage of the project: planning, design, manufacturing, installation, testing, training, commissioning and service. All of the work put into each project is structured around meeting their customers’ specific business needs. “We respect our customers, and they do the same for us, through open and honest communication.  This provides the path for a solid reputation in the industry,” assures Labell.
Road to Future
The personalized support and customized solutions that Westfalia provides to their customers are matched only by the innovation of their products. Their warehouse automation technology, is truly industry leading. Today, some of the most prominent manufacturers and distributors rely on Westfalia’s solutions to improve efficiencies, maximize space, raise throughput, streamline materials handling, and cut costs within their warehousing operations. And, unlike many technologies that quickly become obsolete or outdated, Westfalia’s solutions are designed for long-term use. Their quality, reliability, and flexibility give customers the ability to adapt to changing market conditions now and in the future.
Westfalia Technologies is a market leader in the automated parking industry as well. This forces the company to continuously think outside the box, creating custom solutions for each client’s specific needs with standard, innovative US manufactured products and solutions.
 ‘Working Together to Achieve Greatness’
“As president, I’ve seen our company develop its products and services over the past 25 years. Our employees have made that possible, and it’s been a joy to watch their success, motivation and self-development,” says Labell.
Recently, the company has undergone an internal restructuring, moving from a more traditional top-down organizational structure to a more employee-focused, empowered, and bottom-up structure. This “inverted pyramid”, as it is known to Westfalia, puts the emphasis on employees to help lead the change. Their commitment is to empower each employee with the knowledge, tools, and skills to make great decisions quickly – decisions that serve their customers, both internal and external, exceptionally well. They want to build strong relationships and powerful products that will stand the test of the time.
Further, Labell said, “Keeping with our core expertise in warehouse automation, we seek continuous improvements for all of our products. We are always looking for ways to improve upon our existing solution designs and functionalities.” To demonstrate this commitment, Westfalia recently completed the development and installation of an in-house, multi-million-dollar testing/training facility. This facility allows the company to test equipment improvements and new software features that better their solutions, thus allowing them to stay at the forefront of technology. It also serves as a training facility, providing customers and employees with a hands-on, improved training experience using an AS/RS and WES.

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