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West High Yield Resources Ltd.: Your Future Supplier of Magnesium Products.

West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd TSX Venture (WHY) is a junior mining exploration company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in Western Canada. The company after completing their Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA NI 43-101) in 2013 demand for Mg Oxide, Ingots and Fertilizer has risen exponentially and are now finalizing their Environmental Assessment and Baseline Studies including a Mine Plan Application to maximize returns. The company asset is located two miles north of Washington State in the province of British Columbia, Canada and comprised of a 7.5-sq kilometer outcrop of nature’s greenest building blocks including credits for Silica and Nickel. The mine includes roads, power and water approximating a $1 Billion Dollar savings in reduced capital costs and access to CN’s Rail Hub is less than 5 miles away enabling WHY to rapidly fill material orders for eco-friendly products critical to the North America’s economy, consumers and Military for generations to come.
The Next is Magnesium: Green, Environment-Friendly, Efficient and Safe Option
Magnesium Metal Ingots are 75% lighter than steel, 60% lighter than titanium and 33% lighter than aluminium and offer airline, automotive and particularly Electric Vehicle manufactures the best strength-to-weight ratios of any structural metal commonly used to-date including Military Grade Magnesium alloys for Armour applications. Mg batteries are proven to be four times cheaper and last twelve times longer than lithium batteries and in conjunction with magnesium’s reduced weight to density ratio, emission reduction has become a reality.
This durable gray metal with a green future contributes to all-in-one fire and mold resistant building materials including Mg Wallboard and Cement. Mg Wallboard’s composition is stronger than the traditional board and apart from fire, water, mold, and mildew is termite proof, reduces deforestation and controversies derived from the lumber and tariff issues. The viscosity of Mg Cement is rated at 9,000 PSI – 45,000 PSI and lasts 2,000 – 5,000 years and remarkably absorbs CO 2 emissions as it sets. Mg Oxide oral use is also a critical health supplement due to the overuse of herbicides and diminished levels of natural magnesium in processed foods (Pharmaceutical/Food Grade Purity 99%).  Mg Nitrate Fertilizer and Mg Chloride are both highly sought-after commodities, neither agricultural environments or municipalities can do without.
Some of the Exclusive Benefits of Magnesium
Magnesium Oxide: As a critical supplement
Magnesium is found in all the body’s tissues, particularly in the bones, muscles, and brain. In fact, many bodily processes simply cannot occur without it, including energy production, chemical pumps, and membrane stabilization. Over 300 enzymes require the presence of magnesium ions for their catalytic action! The list of medical conditions caused by lack of magnesium is so big that there are over 3,500 medical references on magnesium deficiency.
It is an over-the-counter mineral effective as a treatment for countless diseases and disorders. And yet magnesium is also used by emergency room physicians intravenously in critical care situations in the ER for many critical care issues such as arrhythmia, constipation, seizures, heart failure, high blood pressure during pregnancy and more.
Mg Wallboard: Fireproof, smoke proof, waterproof, mold, mildew and termite proof
Plywood, OSB, and drywall are the current standards when it comes to building construction. It’s relatively cheap and easy to install. But that’s just about where the benefits for drywall, plywood and OSB end.
When it comes to magnesium wallboard, the possibilities and benefits for construction are vast. Beyond its superior durability, Mg wallboard can come in just about any shape or size, and it sticks to just about anything.
Magnesium Cement: 9,000 PSI – 45,000 PSI, Lasts 2,000 – 5,000 Years. Absorbs CO 2 Emissions as it Sets
Magnesium-based cements are among the oldest building materials in the world and are much older than the Portland cement typically used in construction projects around the world.
What’s more, magnesium cement is carbon neutral, whereas regular cement is very carbon intensive. The rule of thumb is that for every tonne of cement you make, one tonne of CO2 is produced, making it one of the dirtiest industrial processes on the planet! New magnesium cement technologies have the potential to completely reverse that trend.
Magnesium Batteries: 4X cheaper, 12X longer lasting than Lithium
What sets an Mg-ion battery apart from its Li-ion counterpart is that the electrolyte is solid, not liquid like we find in batteries nowadays. This means that the batteries will be far safer because they will not catch fire like Li-ion batteries are known for.
Magnesium alloys: For Lighter and Efficient Automotives
Magnesium ingots are the lightest and strongest metal based on weight to density ratio. They are 75% lighter than steel, 60% lighter than titanium and 33% lighter than aluminium, all of which results in lower CO2 emissions in all uses.
The largest market for magnesium metal is aluminum alloying and dies casting, comprising two-thirds of magnesium metal use. Primary industry is automotive and airline.
Magnesium nitrate fertilizer: The Chlorophyll Atom
All plants, animals, and humans require magnesium for life!
MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE: Keeping our roads safe and free of ice and dust
Driving Force of WHY
Frank Marasco is the CEO of West High Yield (W.H.Y.) Resources Ltd. WHY’s Board of Directors challenge anyone to accomplish what Frank has individually accomplished either inside or outside of mining. For over 45 years Frank has successfully been involved in various business ventures including as CEO in the Hospitality, Real-Estate and Retail industries and apart from furthering WHY’s goals, has been a catalyst for young entrepreneurs. Frank KNOWS How to Make Payroll! Although relatively new to mining Frank has single-handedly raised over $21,000,000 advocating the need for greener energy and lighter materials while dotting every “I” and crossing every “t” along the way. His entrepreneurial spirit, drive and ability to constantly think outside the box have attracted investors, other entrepreneurs and formerly elected representatives who also believe in his vision.
Delightful Journey and Challenges since Inception
WHY was established in 2003 with a focus on exploring for gold with great results. Fortunately, there is gold but fortuitously during exploration WHY tripped over and discovered a World Class Magnesium Asset either forgotten or in later years overlooked, possibly due to the demand for magnesium then, prices paid or costs associated with processing. Since that time the company has witnessed magnesium growth apart from raising funds during the worst recession since the great depression challenges lay within meeting the tremendous costs associated with engineering, legal and accounting fees in meeting established mining and environmental guidelines.
Recognitions and Achievements
After 14.5 years of following protocol and earning the confidence of all stakeholders WHY is receiving calls from Ivory League Universities offering new and proven ways of processing Magnesium at negligible cost without omitting C02 emissions. Since company’s magnesium is of the highest quality (99% Purity), turning Mg into Metal Ingots, Fertilizer or Mg Batteries coupled with new technology means wait times for Manufactures are greatly reduced. The company has had numerous inquiries from Vehicle Parts and Wallboard companies to Pharmaceutical Food Grade manufactures who like the fact that their supply of raw material is dependable, inexhaustible and close at hand. Furthermore, WHY team is happy to report barring any unforeseeable problems, two final mining permits in hand shall enable them to begin shipping material in spring 2019.
Future Roadmap of WHY
WHY team indeed fortunate to be involved in a green commodity which people need and are knocking down the door to get while its uses are expanding daily; yet for the time being they remain focused on obtaining permits. Once permits are in hand, they can then begin creating employment opportunities, royalties for the government and solid returns for their investors. Team WHY believes that the trick in business is patience and perseverance!