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Welcome to the Capital: London Is Proving to be the Ultimate Location in the Film Industry

Welcome to London, one of the top-performing filming locations in the world. Economy, accessibility, love for movies, electrifying ambience, tax incentivisation are just some of the factors to the fast-paced UK success of the film industry.
There have been quite a few iconic tv and films that had established scenes shot in London, and you can click here to learn about some of the top London-based scenes shot at different underground stations as part of London’s infamous Transport for London network.
Popular London Video Productions Locations That Filmmakers Could Hit the Jackpot With

  1. Paddington Station
    Perhaps, your video production agency in London will suggest the Paddington station, depending on your story. Talking about ‘iconic’, the Paddington fandom would say Paddington station is one of the thrilling and natural platforms to feature in your movie production. Just to buttress the point, Paddington, featuring the Paddington station, makes £5m every 12 months.
  1. Kings Cross Station
    King Cross station lets actions happen. It is prominent for the 2001 record-making movie Harry Potter & and the Philosopher’s Stone. The producers had all it takes to shoot this enchanting movie in its London scene, which can be your tale too. King’s Cross has a legacy, and the UK government’s strategic decisions are impacting it for the better.
  1. Aldwych Station
    Aldwych is the golden location to mine in the UK’s capital. Being closed down, Aldwych London Underground provides the scenery perfection for record-breaking movies like Fast and Furious 6 and 2005’s V for Vendetta.As for Fast &Furious 6, it is very common to read that only the casts made it to the station, the cars did not, perhaps after the shot. In V for Vendetta, viewers see Natalie Portman fight to overthrow a dystopian Britain in Aldwych station.
  1. Temple Station
    Temple station is highly decorated for your shoots. Britain’s movie to be proud of, Skyfall, features Temple station. Now, you could be edging your filmmaking by leveraging the decorativeness, historic outlook and eye-catchiness of the location.Skyfall went on to be the UK box office’s biggest movie in history. Meanwhile, the 23rd film in the James Bond franchise now took £94,277,612 within 40 days, throwing off James Cameron’s earlier £94,025,632 with Avatar in 11 months.

London for Video Productions – “Why Always Me?”
Balanced Market for All Budgets
London is level ground for all movie producers. During the lockdown, however, the UK faced a shortage of cameras and various important equipment for movie production. And like many sectors, the UK movie industries managed to press the demand for new TV screens.
During this period, big goons like Netflix and Amazon could outbid independent rivals for the equipment, but this is not to be again. The market is back, and budgets of levels can get you suitable equipment.
Film Tax Relief
It is no news that UK Film Tax Relief (FTR) is accessible by any UK qualifying films irrespective of the budget. Your production company is now free to “claim a payable cash rebate” up to 25 % of Britain’s qualifying expenditure.
The UK’s FTR is capped at 80 % of core expenditure. In this case, whether you spend 100 % qualifying expenditure or not, FTR remains payable for up to 80 %.