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Welcome to Cliffside

Cliffside Condos is a new condominium development by LCH Developments located on Kingston Road near Kingston Road and Midland Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. It is in the pre-construction phase and will be for sale soon.

Welcome to Cliffside, a remarkable community located on the edge of Scarborough’s cliffs and nestled near famous cliffs. Here you can enjoy the perfect combination of bustling city life and the peaceful tranquility of the lake. Cliffside takes great pride in its exceptional location and offers a seamless transition from invigorating morning walks and delicious afternoon coffee to thrilling canoeing adventures and productive board meetings as well as welcoming wildlife enjoy ‘s vibrant nightlife. Cliffside Condos is a new mid-range mixed-use apartment complex consisting of approximately 199 apartments. The building will be designed by RAW Design.

Cliffside Condos is about more than just real estate; it represents a harmonious combination of urban culture and the splendor of nature. It is aimed at young professionals, families and investors, offering the opportunity to invest in the life, future and rebirth of a world-class city as it rediscovers the immense value of Grand Lake majestic.

This exceptional location offers a harmonious blend of urban culture and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for young professionals, families and investors. It’s not just an asset; it’s an opportunity to invest in your life and future while participating in the transformation of a world-class city as it rediscovers the immense value of its greatest asset. For families, Birch Cliff offers excellent educational facilities, including public, private, Catholic, primary and secondary schools, ensuring an environment that encourages children’s education.

Nature Walks and Hiking

Markham’s extensive trail system offers many opportunities for family hiking. For example, Rouge National Urban Park offers trails suitable for all ages and abilities. Here, families can enjoy a day of exploration, wildlife viewing and even a picnic amid the beauty of nature.

For more active families, cycling can be a great way to bond. Markham has many cycling trails, such as the Milne Dam Conservation Park Trail, which are safe and scenic. You can turn it into a fun day trip, stopping at local attractions or parks along the way.

Nestled in the family-friendly Birch Cliff neighborhood, Cliffside Condos in Toronto benefits from close proximity to the famous Scarborough Cliffs and Lake Ontario. This picturesque destination has beautiful views and riverside restaurants where you can spend quality time by the clear blue waters. You have the perfect combination of city life and peaceful lakeside living.

Too good Pond Park is a family favorite, with a beautiful pond and plenty of green space for children to run around. Families can feed the ducks, have a picnic or simply enjoy the peaceful scenery. Park and Main Towns, Minot Group’s new townhome development is a 6-minute drive from too good Pond Park.

Elegance of Natural Beauty

In a world filled with artificial enhancements and filters, the allure of natural beauty remains a timeless and captivating phenomenon. Nature itself is a masterpiece, painting the world with vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and breathtaking landscapes that never fail to mesmerize us. From the majestic mountains to the serene oceans, from the delicate petals of a flower to the graceful flight of a bird, natural beauty surrounds us in every corner of the earth.

One of the most enchanting aspects of natural beauty is its authenticity. Unlike the artificial perfection often portrayed in media and advertisements, natural beauty is raw, unfiltered, and unapologetically real. It celebrates imperfections and embraces uniqueness, reminding us that true beauty lies in diversity and individuality.