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Welcome Real Time: The Change Starts Here

In banking and payment industry, the real challenge is to provide payment based innovative solutions to the organisations and help them run real-time loyalty and marketing programmes. To achieve this ultimate goal and cater the payment and banking industry, Welcome Real Time came up with an innovative idea of providing tailor-made payment based solutions.
Providing Solutions Dedicated to the Client’s needs
Welcome Real Time’s unique knowledge of payment based loyalty, real-time earn & burn at the point of sale combines with the understanding of best practices to deliver a powerful insight into the customer’s behavior. Their client centric solutions help their clients to get more understanding about their own customers resulting to get insightful understanding to conduct more successful campaigns. They provide tailor-made solutions starting from providing a managed service to an on-site solution.
Welcome Real Time has developed and implemented its unique and award winning solutions for the banking and payment industry across five continents, for over 23 clients, resulting in more than 36 million customer accounts and over 1 million merchants. Their proven experience in stimulating customer engagement has helped their clients maximise both the number of active customers and the level of commitment, resulting in increased loyalty as well as revenues.
The Torch Bearer of Welcome Real Time
Thierry Reginato has more than 25 years of experience in software solutions and services dedicated to the financial industry. He started his career as a consultant working with Gemalto and MasterCard where he developed a solid expertise in electronic payment solutions. Passionate about technology & innovation, more particularly software and their application in the everyday life, he joined Welcome Real Time where he held several positions. Appointed as Product Manager and then Head of Professional Services, he led the Welcome Real Time loyalty software implementation for most of the international clients with teams deployed in France, Singapore and Brazil. Member of the Executive Committee and leading the Business and Operations activities, he contributed to major strategic changes of the company. He was appointed as a General Manager in May 2015.
Welcome Real Time brand now ranks high in the market of loyalty solutions for financial services, thanks to the expertise of the teams and to its award-winning technology.
When you’re covering a lot of countries, there is always a risk to consider each market as a part of a whole and to “harmonize” the way of doing. Thanks to his deep knowledge and clear vision of the payment specificities, his team player mentality, Thierry could easily gather resources and enthusiasm to interact successfully with customer’s particular business model and to build up strong and reliable relationships.
XLS: The Revolutionary Product
Welcome Real Time’s vision of creating an out-of-the-box solution, has given birth to an award winning solution i.e XLS (eXtended Loyalty System), a versatile and future-proof platform that enables financial organizations to deliver real-time rewards to their customers. XLS belongs to the market of Payment-Integrated Value-Added Services (PIVAS) categorized by Gartner.
Basically, XLS relies on three key differentiators to set it apart from competitors:
XLS enables loyalty to be fully integrated with payment. The payment card or payment method becomes the customer identifier which provides customers with a seamless experience as payment and loyalty happens in one single gesture.
XLS enables customers to earn and redeem rewards in real-time, at the moment of payment which builds loyalty towards the merchant and the bank which runs the loyalty programme.
XLS integrates with front-end portals or apps and back-end legacy systems through a suite of
APIs, allowing it for a faster go-to-market procedure.
Putting Loyalty as the Heart of every Payment Option
At Welcome Real Time, their forte is to put loyalty at the heart of every payment interaction. Today, the opportunities of adding loyalty to payment are everywhere. But for every payment method that wants to differentiate itself from other payment methods, has to bring real-time earn and burn of rewards into reality. Several challenges also evolve with the growing technology, particularly the challenge linked to tokenization or the use of a token instead of a card number. For Welcome Real Time, this challenge boils down to ensuring that any payment method or token can be linked back to a stable and consistent customer identifier. This is a pre-requisite to reward customers based on their number of visits or cumulative spend at a merchant site during a certain period.
Future Perspectives
At Welcome Real Time, they believe, mPOS devices are poised to earn a significant market share of the point of sale terminals.Being loyal to its motto, and to put loyalty at the heart of every payment, Welcome Real Time has extended its loyalty solutions to new channels such as the mobile POS devices. Their revolutionary product, XLS mPOS allows real-time earn and burn of rewards on this new generation of payment terminals and made it easy for mPOS providers to rollout loyalty features in their devices. Banks are increasing the engagement of customers in their loyalty programme and merchants deploying mPOS devices has resulted in the ultimate increase of traffic and average purchase amount & revenues. Since 5thApril, 2016, Welcome Real Time has partnered with AEVI (Wincor Nixdorf spin off) to amalgamate payment and loyalty into their newly launched Albert mPOS devices and market place. Welcome Real Time continues to monitor the changes of both the payment and loyalty industries while remaining as a key partner for financial institutions willing to be ahead of the competition.

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