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Weenect: Safeguarding Families with Easy GPS Solutions

Many families keep tracking devices, which are used to monitor the loved ones and keeps the family members connected and safe. Such devices assure that everyone in a family is out of the harm’s way. With GPS tracking devices for the kids, pets, and elders, one will not only be less worried but will also have more time to relax. One such company dedicated to keep families safe is Weenect. Weenect is the sole business offering a complete GPS tracking solution for the families. Its solutions include a product for the kids, the elderly, and the pets with specific features for each member of the family.
The Compassionate Founders
Two childhood friends Adrien Harmel and Ferdinand Rousseau founded Weenect, and it was not long before Bénédicte, joined them. Hence, the family was at the heart of the start-up. The idea of inception came naturally to Adrien and Ferdinand when they were having dinner with their parents and talking about youth and how parents got scared when kids left home and came back late. They both really wanted to provide a solution that would bring security, peace of mind and freedom to all the families.
After graduating from French business school, Adrien and Ferdinand, both wanted to launch their own company that would help families in their day-to-day lives. Being compassionate about the family safety and their love towards the B2C industry, they decided to work for the benefit of families across a range of connected objects.
More than just a GPS Solution
Weenect goes further than just a plain GPS tracking solution as it matches specifics needs of the customers. For example, Weenect is the only company to offer an intelligent SOS alarm system (patented) with voice call for kids and the elderly. This system allows the loved ones to connect in voice contact with an unlimited number of guardian angels at a simple touch of a button.
The firm also provides the smallest GPS tracker for cats and dogs that allow citizens to train their pet with vibrate and ring features. This allows the pets to come home when called as experience has shown that pets respond very well to the voice of their master. With Weenect, people do not need to run after their pets and they will come back to them, thanks to this innovative feature.
Taking on the Current Industry Solutions
According to the company, current GPS tracking solutions mainly focuses to display GPS pings on a map; however, the company always try to be one step ahead. The firm’s research teams are currently working on machine learning and AI to create a virtual intelligence guardian that will constantly check whether citizens need assistance based on unusual situations like an elderly person who would be disoriented, a lack of movement in a supposed active moment, an unusual shock, an unusual speed etc.
Diversified and Unique Solutions  
Weenect is the only company that provides a global solution for the family whether it is securing kids, elderly parents or pets. All this can be managed from one single app. The company offers an intelligent SOS feature with acquittal process. This feature will allow the person who has the tracker to reach out to an unlimited number of guardian angels at a simple touch of a button.
When the SOS is triggered, then all the app users connected to the account receive a notification, the first one to sees it gets in vocal touch with the tracker and all other users are notified, finally at the end of the call, an acquittal process is launched to make sure the incident is taken care of. Furthermore, the application also helps to recreate a link between people.
The company’s virtual intelligence keeper will help to prevent many dangerous situations such as accidents, disorientation, immobility, shocks etc.
As far as the firm’s clients are concerned, there are two main benefits gained by them: security in which people can find their loved one when lost. They can manage an incident easily etc. but the most important benefit is freedom. Weenect’s ultimate goal is to allow kids, the elderly and even pets to gain the maximum independence possible. For kids, it’s the ability to explore, for the elderly it’s the possibility to continue their active lives like before.
Future Well-being
With the advent of the new technologies like AI, cloud etc., the company is keen to adopt them and wants to stay as a leader in the tracking solutions. The company states, “the scope is endless, the new wireless technologies will increase the battery life as well as connectivity and hopefully price barriers will decrease that will allow the market to expand. The new connectivity and AI will allow us to disrupt the telecare market by offering an all in one solution for the elderly and people at risk”.
Weenect is developing a disruptive B2B security solution for lone workers and people at risk, which have already been sold to the French police to protect retailers. The company’s mission is to bring freedom and peace of mind to all families, and it hopes that citizens will continue to expect that from the company in the forthcoming future.