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Dr. Holger Engelmann | CEO | Webasto Group

Webasto: Driving the World of Mobility

The automotive industry is gaining speedy momentum in a new age. It actively shapes the future of mobility, where sustainability is crucial, among other challenges to reducing fuel consumption and alternative drive systems. Companies often fail to understand these aspects; however, breaking these barriers with global innovative systems partnering with automobile manufacturers in multiple core business areas while keeping sustainability in mind, consistently setting trends in technology and design is Webasto Group.

Webasto possesses a high degree of development expertise and extensive know-how in electronics. It has mastered global manufacturing and supply chain management in the automotive industry and is highly experienced in global project management. It strives to maintain global access to the automotive aftermarket through its distribution and service structure. Based on its capabilities and experiences, it is consistently developing a wide range of products and services.

High-Performance Quality Products

The Webasto Group looks back on more than 120 years of family-owned history. The company manufactured stamped parts, wire holders, and household appliances in its early days. Today, Its core business is the worldwide market leader in sunroofs and panorama roofs, convertible roofs, and parking heaters. With electric heating systems, charging solutions, and battery systems, it also addresses the growing market of electromobility.

Webasto is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automobile manufacturers and is among the top 100 suppliers in this sector worldwide.

Webasto’s vision is “Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility.” The company sees itself as a trailblazer, accompanying its customers on their way to the mobility of the future. With enthusiasm for technologies and innovations, it develops high performance quality products for the automotive industry worldwide.

Efficient Production and Supply Chains

Even before Corona, the challenges in the automotive industry were great due to the transformation of the industry, strong volatility in demand, trade disputes, and constantly increasing cost pressure. With the pandemic, customer and supplier lockdowns, and material shortages, the complexity of managing global production and supply chains has increased significantly. The state of emergency has become the new normal.

Webasto is not directly exposed to the vulnerability of global supply chains, as it is the principle of the company “to produce in the market for the market”. But each component has its supply chain, which can be affected. Holger states, “We are also affected where our suppliers need components or customers can no longer produce. Therefore, a supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the complexity of value creation is now enormous.”

Shaping the Future

A pioneering spirit and willingness to change are part of the company’s DNA. Six years ago, Webasto took a strategic step towards electromobility. As a global innovative systems partner, it works closely with almost all OEMs worldwide. It is aware of the requirements of the automotive industry and understands what drives its customers.

Holger says, “We are present where our customers need us – with over 50 locations worldwide, over 30 of these are manufacturing plants.”

The company’s key to long-term success is that the automotive industry is gaining momentum in a new age and actively shaping mobility’s future. This process pursues a dual strategy of “strengthening” and “participating.”

Holger asserts, “For us, this means, on the one hand, rigorously strengthening our existing core fields of business. On the other hand, we are opening up new fields of business that match our competency profile. Here our focus is on products and solutions for electromobility.”

Enormous Sales with Sustainability in Mind

“Committed to sustainability” is the title of Webasto’s sustainability program – it describes what it is doing today in terms of sustainability and what it is striving to achieve. As a globally active company, Webasto is aware of the responsibility for employees, business partners, society, and the environment. Since the company was founded in 1901, “responsibility with foresight” has been one of five values that have shaped its actions.

The company wants to leave a world worth living in for future generations. Therefore, Webasto acts in a forwardlooking and responsible manner in all areas. Holger says, “We respect the laws and regulations and stand by our promises. We promote the health, know-how, and fairminded cooperation between colleagues and business partners, and social groups. We are committed to protecting the environment and considering ecological values and criteria along the entire value chain. We bundle environmental protection and occupational health and safety under one roof.”

For Webasto, the future is smart, digital, and electric. The goal is as simple as it is ambitious: it intends to become the leading system provider for electromobility – with highly efficient, holistic, cost-optimized solutions and a clear long-term perspective.

Since the successful market entry with charging solutions and batteries in 2017, Webasto has won numerous series orders and has invested more than half a billion euros in this new business field. Over the coming years, it is planning to invest triple-digit million sums in electromobility annually. The company’s ultimate goal is to generate sales of one billion euros in 2025 with its solutions for climate-friendly mobility.