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Jessica Cheney | CEO & Co-Founder | We Crush Events

We Crush Events: Planning and Executing Engaging Experiences

Creating an unforgettable experience for employees or clients is never easy, there are so many hassles you can face while arranging an event. Thus We Crush Events came into existence with the intent to create custom experiences for employees or clients, while saving you from the hassle and headache of the event planning process.
In an interview with Insights Success, Jessica Cheney the CEO and Cofounder of We Crush Events shared valuable insights regarding the exciting journey.
Below is the interview between Insights Success and Jessica;
What led to the inception of the company? 
I have an extensive background in hospitality and events and my partner, Danielle Thieret, has years of sales and business development experience. After working together at an event tech startup, we coupled our sales expertise and event operations knowledge to form We Crush Events. When we started our company, our focus was on driving business to venues/vendors and supporting our corporate clients with their event planning needs. We knew there was a need for this two sided support in the hospitality industry and we were very excited to bring it to life!
Describe your company and its event management services which address all the needs of your customers. 
We are a full service event planning and production company specializing in corporate events. Our team of seasoned professionals plan and execute meetings, off-sites, incentive trips, retreats, team outings, seasonal parties and many more. We primarily service the Southern California area but we have also produced events in other states and international destinations. Our hands-on approach puts our clients at ease that their events will be taken care of from A to Z. In addition to providing them with exceptional service, we help them drive ROI for client events and ensure employee engagement and retention with internal events.
How do your services differ from the other companies’ offerings? 
We Crush Events is the future of the corporate event planning industry. We plan and execute engaging experiences at no cost to our corporate clients, while filling space and booking dates with venues & vendors. Our unique business model benefits both sides of the event industry as we capitalize off our vendor and venue relationships, providing them with incremental revenue and our clients with full service event support.
What are the greatest challenges faced by the event management sector and how are they best dealt with? 
An event can be a very subjective experience for both the planner and attendees. Each of our client’s has their own individual message they are trying to get across and goals they want to achieve. We have to align ourselves with them so that we can best capture their brand and culture. We do that by taking the time to really get to know our clients’ culture and brand through their eyes. We foster an open dialogue with them and gather feedback so that we can gauge their likes and dislikes. This discovery process enables us to best understand and achieve their vision.
What technologies are you leveraging to make your services more resourceful? 
We use a graphic design platform to streamline and enhance all of our visual content. This tool allows us to create eye catching material that showcases everything from our sales decks to elaborate multi-venue proposals. We live in an aesthetic world and we use this resource as a way to transform otherwise ordinary documents into striking and effective presentations.
For our agreements and invoices, we integrate with software that streamlines signatures and processes payments electronically. It makes it easy for our clients to review and approve their documents all in one place. Through this interface we can also track and update the status of our different deals as they move through the booking process.
What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals? 
Our goal from day 1 has always been to streamline our process and grow into other cities. We see an incredible opportunity to offer our services in all the major markets that have a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies and a plethora of venues and vendors. As of now, our strategy is to perfect our recipe here, in the Southern California region, so we can easily duplicate these efforts in other markets. Our current focus is training our team and giving them the tools they need to thrive and deliver a quality service to our clients. We also actively gather feedback from our clients and vendor partners to see how we can make our service more useful and lucrative for them.
Give a detailed description of your influence over the company and the industry. 
As CEO and co-founder I have strived to make our company the best version of itself. However, that is an evolving process as we are constantly learning and improving. I’ve been at startups before and know that it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with the quick growth. With WCE, I have worked hard to instill an empowering mindset within our team and encouraged them that growing within themselves contributes to the company’s growth because they are each an important piece to our puzzle.
Danielle and I took a leap of faith starting We Crush Events just four years ago and in such a short time we have gotten to work with some of the most innovative companies in the industry. As female business owners, we feel that we are helping to evolve the roles women can play in corporate America. The future is female and we hope to inspire fellow girl bosses to dig deep and keep pushing through because the best view comes after the hardest climb.