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Ways To Decorate Your Home With Wine Bottles

The decoration is one of the things that everyone does in their home, whether it is a special occasion or for maintaining daily beauty. Due to this, decorative pieces are increasingly gaining more popularity worldwide, along with a tremendous increase in their prices.

Buying beautiful and premium decorative pieces is quite a threatening task while being on a budget. But this article is here with a bit of good news for you! You don’t have to buy expensive premium decorative pieces anymore! And no, I am not telling you that you will get it for free at your home.

But there is a chance to get a premium decorative piece for your house at the lowest price, and that is by making one yourself. You might think about how to make something premium and expensive-looking when it is made from cheap side-products? Well, that is why this article exists.

What to choose for making a decorative piece?

If I ask you right now to close your eyes and think. What pops up in your mind when you hear the terms “premium” and “expensive”? What will your answer be? If it is a bottle of wine, keep reading this article to save a lot of your precious money.

If you are a wine lover or even an occasional wine drinker, then by most chances, you will have at least one or two empty wine bottles lying around in your house. If you have them, then keep them safe because after reading this article, that empty bottle might gain importance in your eyes again.

How to decorate with a wine bottle?

A wine bottle is one of the very few reusable products great for making your decorative piece. Wine bottles have a pretty premium feel and look to them, which can help you immensely. How a wine bottle can be tweaked a little to look like the perfect decorative piece in any part of your house are innumerable.

But it is used by many people as beautiful decorative pieces, and you can even find decorative pieces made out of used wine bottles in decoration shops. Some of the best ways to use the used wine bottles lying around in your house to save your money and provide your home with a better look by using them as decorative pieces are as below.

1. A drip irrigation

Plants are one of your house pieces that have to be kept out to shine in the sun. Everyone that passes, visits, or lives around your houses firstly notices your plants as they shine in the sun or front of your door or garden.

You can provide your natural show-off pieces with an extra-premium look by fixing a used wine bottle as slow drip irrigation for feeding your plants with a proper water supply. You can do this very quickly by positioning the bottleneck into your plant after drilling a hole through a cork. This system will ensure that your plants receive a constant and steady moisture stream in the burning sun.

2. A bird feeder

Who doesn’t like the sweet voices of a bird filling their garden? You don’t have to fix a dull bird feeder in front of your house, as you can get a little quirky with it. Providing some food to the little friends who work and fly all day to keep their babies up and running can provide you with a lot of good karma, and doing so in a stylish way can get you instant compliments from your neighbors and house visitors.

Getting a quirky bird feeder up and running is not a very hard task. All you need to do is find a way to set your wine bottle filled up with bird food and then place it at an angle such that it provides a constant food supply to all the little birdies around your place. It might also take minor carpentry, but it can provide your house with quite an adorable touch.

3. A vase

Most people often use their used-up bottles as vases, so it is not a unique idea. But when a premium-looking wine bottle is used as the vase for your plant, then your house does get a noticeable upgrade.

A wine bottle is perfect for planting a single stem vase as it is just an appropriate size to fit inside your house and near a window. When sunlight shines on it, it will provide your house with a beautiful touch and a healthy one. Since it is easy to place inside your home, you can also get a little (or a lot!) creative with the bottle’s design.

4. For garden edging

Everyone likes to fix their territory and then show it off. If you do so too and have a lot of wine bottles lying in your storage room or garage, then this is the perfect decorative idea for you. You might have often seen small stones or wood pieces used for edging the garden, but with wine bottles, you can increase the bar of decorativeness a bit.

Edging your garden using wine bottles doesn’t just show your neighbours your love for wine but also your creativity. Using upside-down bottles by fixing them at the edge of your garden as an edging or a flowerbed border can provide the whole look of your garden with a handful of a premium look.

Final Thought

The above-stated ways to decorate your home by using used wine bottles are just some of the many more. Along with being used in so many ways of decoration, you can always provide it with some additional tweaks of your decorative bottles ideas to turn the bar of quirkiness up a bit.

Using used wine bottles can save a lot of your precious money while providing you with a decorative item that is nothing less than the ones available in the market.

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