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Watch Brands To Look Out For This 2020

Watch Brands To Look Out For This 2020

The start of the Chinese New Year is imminent. And so, getting new things should be in your to-do’s in the next few days. That includes getting a new watch, as it’s auspicious to have new timekeepers for the next decade. If you want to have the best of luck this coming year of the golden rat, here are the watch brands you’ll need to look out for:


Watch Brand in 2020 - Seiko
Seiko is the only non-Swiss brand on this list. It’s a Japanese watchmaking stalwart, responsible for the quartz revolution. If you want an automatic watch that can hold its own among the sea of Swiss-name brands, get a Seiko. The company’s 5 Sports line combines top of the line watchmaking with quality materials at affordable prices.
True enough, Seiko is constantly voted one of the best mens watch brands. The Presage line may set you back couple hundred dollars, but the level of detail in these watches is too good to be true – so you’re basically getting more than your money’s worth. If you want the luxury arm of the brand, Grand Seiko watches may be more of your jam.


Watch Brand in 2020 - Omega
Omega may be the only other brand in the world that can go toe-to-toe with Rolex in terms of popularity. But what sets Omega apart from other Swiss watchmakers is its dedication to making the best caliber movements in the industry. Only Omega has a NASA flight-certified watch, and the company also holds other prestigious awards under its belt.
It’s arguably the most prolific brand under the Swatch Group, and that’s without a doubt because the company has lines of watches that really go above and beyond what’s expected. The Seamaster is the quintessential dive watch, while the Railmaster is popular with hobbyists. The Speedmaster has a reputation on its own and maybe one of the best mechanical watches on the planet today.


Watch Brand in 2020 - Blancpain
Blancpain may be thrown around with Rolex and Omega quite constantly, but this is only because the up and coming Swiss watch brand is proving to be a force in the industry. The Metiers d’Art collection, for example, embodies what the brand can do with classic art and traditional Swiss watchmaking.
To see the watches in the Metiers d’Art collection is to fall in love with them. The Great Wave watch, for example, is so detailed but also pulled back in its presentation that it awes. It’s part of the 8 Jours Manuelle, alongside the equally stunning Tourbillon Squellete 8 Jours. It’s powered by the in-house Caliber 25 movement, with a staggering power reserve of 192 hours.

Vacheron Constantin

Watch Brand in 2020 - Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin watches get the same amount of precision and meticulous attention to detail that its finishing and polishing does in its insides. Common folks don’t know the brand, but that’s because only the knowledgeable can appreciate the brand’s dedication to its craft. Let’s face it – most people only know Rolex when it comes to luxury watches.
The company is based in Geneva, and it holds a small line of watches that precedes its reputation. It’s one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, retaining the traditional skills in fine watchmaking. The Patrimony self-winding in 18k white gold is a great place to start. It’s a watch that represents the brand’s subtlety, without sacrificing quality.


Watch Brand in 2020
Getting a watch from these brands will signify a leash of new, which is exactly what you’ll need for the turn of the decade. Sure, the prices for these watches may be in the thousands, but all of them are actually great investments. Think of the years that you’re going to need a watch and divide in it the watch’s serviceable years. You’ll find that you’re getting a treasure.