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Wallbox: Smarter and Faster Charging for Electric Vehicles

The Need for Change Few people would disagree that our world stands at a precipice. Humankind’s drive to build bigger and more ostentatious symbols of wealth and power, coupled with unfettered consumerism has pushed the planet to the very edge. However, all is not lost… yet.
As awareness of the dire situation grows, more individuals and companies are investing their time, energy and innovative skills into making a difference. One of those companies is Wallbox, which manufactures state-of-the-art charging systems for Electric Vehicles (Evs).
Vehicles that consume fossil fuels are among the largest single contributors to the pollution of the atmosphere. Electric vehicles emerged as the obvious solution to this problem a few decades ago and garnered a favorable reception from the public.
However, the lack of a reliable charging infrastructure to support EVs as a viable transportation option has forestalled what could be one of the most massive shifts in consumer behavior that we have ever known.
Wallbox seeks to address this shortcoming and pave the way for EVs to become the obvious – and dependable – choice for every responsible individual.
Envisioning a Better World
Headquartered in Barcelona, the company was established in 2015 by Enric AsunciónCEO. Enric is an engineer with extensive experience in software and product development.
The idea for Wallbox came to him while he was working at Tesla. The focus of his work there revolved around simplifying and streamlining the charging process for EV owners; the experience did not only give him piercing insight into their motivations for choosing green vehicles but also the barriers that dissuaded others.
Enric realized that massive potential existed for the industry to expand if current and prospective owners had access to a superior charging solution. Wallbox is the culmination of many years of in-depth research and an inspired desire to use consumer-centric innovation to create a greener, cleaner world.
The company comprises talented designers, engineers and programmers who have worked at some of the world’s foremost technology companies, including Tesla and Apple. Their collective goal is to transform the way we consume energy.
Three Simple Solutions
Central to the Wallbox suite of charging solutions is its proprietary technology that allows EV and hybrid vehicle owners to charge their vehicles up to eight times quicker than a conventional socket. They currently offer three different models, each rated to 22 kW, that conform to domestic and commercial installation standards.
The Pulsar is their compact smart solution, measuring just 16cm by 16cm. The Commander model gives users the convenience of touchscreen interaction. Their Copper model incorporates facial recognition technology for seamless, hands-free control and use.
Wallbox understands that the modern consumer wants instant access to information and statistics to better plan their valuable time. Every charger the company produces delivers this through internet connectivity via WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth.
The Wallbox app and desktop platform are not just static products; they give users the power to monitor, manage, and adjust their charging activity from anywhere in the world. Convenience aside, this feature rewards green consumers with savings of both time and money.
Wallbox also understands very well that users want more than just functionality – they want aesthetically pleasing products that become part of their stylish home or office décor. The Pulsar, Commander and Copper have been designed to fit this mold and not just blend into the surroundings, but become the centerpiece.
“We try to make it easy for everybody,” says Enric, “With an intuitive and visually-attractive product that gives users full control of their energy consumption, we are creating a process that will become part of their daily routines, just like recharging your mobile or any other technological device.”
Driving Multiple Industries
The development of Wallbox’s chargers focused heavily on the end user. However, anything that benefits the consumer also drives the industry and that is a fact that Wallbox proves every day.
The progress and expansion of the EV industry has been impeded significantly by an inadequate charging infrastructure. Even the most committed European countries lack a charging network that gives potential EV owners the confidence they need to invest in a green vehicle.
Instead of waiting for governments to catch up, Wallbox is taking the initiative to revolutionize how the existing infrastructure is used. A Wallbox unit is a simple and economically feasible installation that promotes energy conservation and relieves the stress on electricity grids.
They can be set up at any home, commercial premises or public space like car parks. The resulting visibility of convenient EV charging options is itself a great advertisement for the industry.
By creating a financial and a convenience incentive for consumers, Wallbox’s efforts are also good for automobile manufacturers who produce electric and hybrid vehicles.
Creating the Future
Within just three years of its founding, Wallbox already counts some of Europe’s largest utility companies and car manufacturers among its clients. The company controls a large portion of the global market and is set to expand even further as it enters China.
The ‘sustainability’ theme is set to become the primary driver of vehicle sales in the near future and Wallbox is already well on a path that other companies will only begin to discover in the coming years.
Touching on the inevitable increase in competition that this will manifest itself as others enter the vertical, Enric expresses confidence that Wallbox has the capacity and the philosophy to overcome the approaching challenges.
“We want to be the best to lead the change, not the biggest.”
Humankind has devastated the planet’s equilibrium and the future hangs in the balance. Will Wallbox help to turn the tide? We certainly believe so.
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