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Wafuken: Serving Tasty, Healthy and Delightful Meals

A healthy food is the basis for a well-functioning body. It is the source of energy for all of our bodily functions and directly affects how our bodies and minds function in every stage of life. There are a variety of reasons why a healthy food is important, including disease prevention, maintenance of a healthy weight and quality of life. With the same intent, a conspicuous dynasty, Wafuken, exactly serves healthy meals, which is not only good for your body, but also for your taste buds. Wafuken is actually made up with “Wafu” which is the Japanese-Western fusion direction, and “Ken” from “Kenko” in Japanese, which means Health.
At the very core, Wafuken was initiated by Edmund and Jake’s ambition to provide means of eating healthy the way people like it. In all honesty, although they have won awards for things like Singapore Successful Brand or food awards like best truffle wagyu don, nothing compares to hearing from their customers how their food has helped them along their journey for health and fitness.
As part of Wafuken’s own health regime, Edmund and Jake have trained at the gym situated at where they opened its first unit. It has been a great opportunity for the company as well because at times they would interact with the gym goers who recognize them and it’s through them that they get satisfaction by knowing the trust in their product.
There are 3 missions that embody Wafuken’s spirit:

  • To serve quality healthy meals that customers can always depend on.
  • To grow as a Company, an Individual, and a Family.
  • To improve the lives of others by propagating the importance of healthy eating habits.

Fascinating Leaders of Wafuken
Edmund Goh and Jake Pang are the Cofounders of Wafuken. They wanted to be honest with their product, even they both know, there were many “healthy” options out there that were actually selling food that is not at all healthy. Despite having the easy way out of doing the same, they both chose not to compromise and instead, experimented and formulated their procedures to strike a balance between taste and health.
Jake & Edmund says about its Sous Vide that “we are pushing our industry towards our method of doing things. But another point that we focus on a lot in our company is the fact that we specialize and base our proteins on the Sous Vide method of cooking.”
In Singapore, Sous Vide cooking was largely reserved for the fine dining or hotels. But, in Wafuken, they have started to see more and more waves created on Sous Vide and smaller establishments assuredly pushing sous vide cooked items out. The company believes that they had a part to play in this “revolution”. However indirectly or directly, Wafuken have a “proof-of-concept” that the mass public is ready for Sous Vide.
Effective and Fruitful Food Solutions
At the initial stage of Wafuken, Sous Vide cooking can be a challenge to explain to the public, most of their early stages in the business revolve around simplifying and letting its product speak. However, with anything unfamiliar there is resistance from the reluctance to try or the skeptics. To add on, marketing them and being healthy leads to people having a pre-conceived mindset that Wafuken’s food is going to be bland. So in short, the educating of the public would be the most significant challenge. This is still something they are constantly facing in fact.
Because of the nature of Wafuken’s business, they would seldom be able to help its clients in their business growth in a direct manner. However, as food is life’s simplest pleasure and a necessity, Wafuken believes firmly that it is equipping its customers with inconspicuous benefits. A healthy body leads to a healthy and clear mind; this in turn would enable its customers to properly fuel themselves with the nutrients for their individual endeavors.
Future March
Jake describes about the future of Wafuken’s by saying, “Family. This refers to our company and its individual families. Sure, in work there is no such thing as a company without politics and disharmony. However, after the storming comes the normalization where we learn of each other’s method of work. Alike with all families, there are always instances where disputation leads to unhappiness. What is different is that we always emphasize the growth of one another, and we do not wish for someone’s fall. We make it a constant point to mediate issues among the staff body instead of the easier approach of ‘termination and re-training’.”
Also he asserts by adding, “Hopefully, in the future we can be a locally trusted brand for healthy meals that are tasty. As much as this seems like a simple and straightforward goal, there are immeasurable amounts of work needed to reach that standard. For that to become a reality, it would require all of the staff body to be in line and working together for a common goal. After all, the simplest of things are usually the toughest to achieve. As for myself personally, I would like to also explore on other ventures where I feel would also benefit the society. I believe that no one is successful if the only people they have benefited are themselves.”
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