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VR Console: A Distinctive Gaming Experience

Virtual Reality is a fascinating digital experience delivered through the power of technology. Today, we experience new technological features trending in smartphones and smart cameras. A VR Console is equipped with motion sensors compatible for better gaming and visual experience. Though, Gaming consoles are equipped with advance technology for finest visual treats. Virtual reality gives a realistic experience.

Virtual reality is here
Virtual reality equipment deals with a virtual world which gives unified gaming experience. VR lets you look around virtual world as if you’re there. It is mainly used for high resolution gaming experience. Virtual reality includes transmission of vibrations and sensors through the gaming controller which unfolds the realistic video experience.
How VR Technology works?
All modern VR devices are based on technology filled with: Vibrations and motion sensors for tracking head, hand, and body positions. The technology includes electronic sensors connectivity which provides best video output. VR tech also offers a specification of 3D video experience. Key features of VR Tech are high involvement and advanced virtual capability. VR Technology is distributed in three types: Non-immersive, semi-immersive and fully-immersive. Non-immersive techniques were only body motion of users is been stimulate. Semi-immersion technique’s simulations closely resemble and utilize many of the technologies generally found in flight simulations. In fully-immersive simulation, hardware such as head-mounted displays and motion detecting devices are used to stimulate all of a user’s senses.
Applications used in VR Technology
VR tech has many applications in a variety of fields, which enhance VR Device performance.  It is commonly used in entertainment applications such as gaming and 3D cinema. Gaming applications are equipped with advanced gaming tools like, advanced gaming controller, audio controller etc. 3D cinema has been used in sports events, fine arts, music video and short films. 3D Virtual reality also been used in roller coaster and theme parks for virtual reality.
 Major companies with top VR Gadgets
Most of companies are introducing VR devices and entering virtual reality sector. Major companies like Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Oculus and Windows are creating VR devices platform for the digital market. Google has introduced, Daydream View to give intensive virtual reality experience. It also helps to expand virtual platform’s library. Samsung Gear VR is one of the most accessible VR systems, which is compatible with Samsung galaxy smartphones.  HTC Steam VR is a complete package that includes a headset, two motion controllers, and two base stations for defining a VR area. Sony Play Station VR is offering easy to use experience with VR devices. Oculus is a prominent name in the current revolution of VR. It includes advanced Oculus touch feature which control motions. Microsoft Mixed Reality supports both reality and mixed reality functions, but it indicates this technology usage for helmet cameras.
The future of VR
The future of VR gaming is huge, and the main points that will take shape first are the field of vision, the body tracking, and the anticipation of the virtual environment. New upcoming technologies will enhance VR performance aggressively. New ways of delivering content and experience will lead in the future. 360-degree video will also increase its compatibility. WebVR will also create cross-platform and low-friction experiences. Therefore, VR Gadgets are rapidly acquiring its market share. Once virtual reality gets adopted, tech lovers are starting to work on what is beyond reality.

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