You are currently viewing VMengine: Global Leaders of Cloud Computing and AWS Solutions

VMengine: Global Leaders of Cloud Computing and AWS Solutions

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO & AWS Senior Solutions Architect of VMengine, Fabio Cecaro shares his key insights on Cloud computing and AWS solutions, and most importantly, leadership.
Below are highlights from the interview conducted between Tom and Insights Success:
How do you diversify your product offerings to appeal to your target audience?
The first meeting with the customer is essential. We must know how to listen to their needs. Only then can we move on to building a solid project tailored to these needs. In carrying out the project, we intensify our relationships with the customer’s technical staff, so as to minimize waste of time and resources. Once the project is completed, thanks to specific automation and our expertise, we take care of monitoring and implementations, ensuring SLAs of over 99%.
What are the core strengths of VMengine offerings?
We have chosen to characterize our work with three key points:

  • Customized solutions
  • Continuous updating of skills
  • Security standards compliance

In addition, the experience gained on the Amazon Web Services platform gave us the opportunity to obtain the status of Public and Reseller Partner of the best cloud provider in the world.
What historical forces, achievements or learning have shaped the journey of the company?
Certainly the partnership with Amazon web services has been the turning point, because it has allowed us to have the best technological partner in the world for our sector. So we are able to offer our expertise to Companies with higher quality and security standards.
Where does VMengine sees itself in the near future and what are its future goals?
Our first goal is to spread the cloud computing culture, both among our potential customers but also among our potential employees. We are expanding our staff to increase in the short term the quality of our offer, but also to invest in the long run our major resources in research and development of new cloud based solutions that we have already started to design.
How do integrators/managed service providers/value-added resellers and public sector partners benefit by doing business with your company?
As we said before, the keyword in our era is Security. This means reliability, updating and continuous monitoring. We are compliant with the common security standard and we provide a strong documentation to avoid future problems to our partner.
Give us some testimonials of your clients that accurately highlights company name’s standing in the market.
Thanks to VMengine we have finally found a flexible, secure and reliable solution for our web infrastructure.” – CMO, Sogeit Solutions Srl, Vodafone Italia Cloud Project
Saving and scalability is the perfect combination we have obtained from the partnership with VMengine.” – CTO, Filoblu srl
Thanks to the potential of the AWS cloud we finally have the possibility to realize all our ideas.” – CTO, Quadronica srl, Fantagazzetta Project
With the support of VMengine we have reduced energy consumption by 70% and the scalability allows us to face seasonal sales with confidence.” – CEO, 12Print srl
About the Company
Founded in 2008, VMengine is specialized in Cloud Infrastructure, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Migration and Data Security. It believes in Cloud Computing as a business model. For this reason it proposes solutions increasingly oriented to energy and cost savings. For VMengine, scalability is the keyword. The company takes charge of the design, implementation, and monitoring of its client’s infrastructure and takes care of know-how, experience, contacts with vendors, design, implementation, monitoring and selection of the best Cloud Provider. VMengine helps companies to grow up and reduce infrastructure management costs, ensuring scalability, energy and cost savings.
Completing a decade long journey, VMengine studies and realizes virtual infrastructures exploiting the extraordinary opportunities offered by Cloud Computing, building solutions tailored to the customer needs. In parallel, it carries out evangelization activities through events (Called Napoli Cloud Camp), seminars, associations and communities with the ultimate aim of telling how, through the Cloud, it is possible to build the foundations for sustainable development together.
About the Leader
Fabio theorized the business model of Cloud Computing during his experience in Vodafone, even before it was called in this way. As often happens with disruptive ideas, few took it seriously, and this prompted him in 2008 to found the start-up that we know today as VMengine. He was the president and founder of the EuroCloud association and now is one of the most experienced Cloud Architects in Italy. His work start from a simple question: How I can simplify, generate savings and reduce environmental pollution through IT transformation?
During his work period in Vodafone, Fabio developed passion for Server Virtualization. He is  a Cloud Solution Architect, and an expert visionary of Cloud Computing model. He began his career in studying physics and computer engineering and is primarily known as a lifetime researcher.
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