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Jim Continenza | Chairman & Chief Executive Officer | Vivial

Vivial: Transforming the Ad-tech Industry

You’ve got a solid business, you’ve paid your dues, you have a lot to offer, so why aren’t you getting the necessary hits on your website? Why is your business showing up on page 3 of Google results? Google, Bing, MapQuest, Yelp, and are just a few of the hundreds of places where your business could be listed right now- but either isn’t listed or is but with incorrect information. Here the question arises, where to start? One word: Vivial.
Vivial is a ground-breaking marketing technology (Martech) company that offers a full range of customer engagement tools to help businesses better connect with customers. Vivial provides a full range of marketing solutions, including content marketing, social media management, text messaging services, mobile-friendly websites, and the latest local search products to ensure high rankings on Google and other search engines.
Vivial partners with clients across nearly 6,000 industries in order to increase visibility, build loyalty, manage content, and track results using turnkey solutions. Vivial stands out because of their human touch. To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, on-demand support is included in every Vivial solution. That means business owners have an Account Coordinator to oversee the entire program, from monthly performance monitoring to project management. In addition, business owners have access to content writers, editors, social media strategists, and mobile experts to plan and develop a well-rounded marketing plan.
A Community of Talented People
Vivial was originally founded in 1910 as The Berry Company, a leading provider of local search and marketing solutions. In 2016, as the marketing technology industry was emerging, growing, and shifting in response to new customer behaviors, TCB Holdings, which owned a portfolio of companies including The Berry Company, integrated to form Vivial. Knowing that customers want a seamless experience, the company saw the opportunity to establish a new category in the marketing tech industry and created Vivial. As a community of the best-of-breed technologies and talented people working to simplify the process and help businesses find, reach and build loyalty with customers.
A Deeply Committed Leader
An innovator in the marketing technology (Martech) industry, Jim Continenza is the Chairman and CEO of Vivial. Jim is responsible for the strategic vision of Vivial and charged with leading a team of more than 1,000 individuals across 20 markets—from Anchorage to Honolulu to the Big Apple. He is advancing the martech industry by making the complex simple and offering a straightforward suite of integrated online, social and mobile solutions to consumers.
Jim is deeply committed to his customers’ experience by making the complex simple and offering a straightforward suite of integrated solutions. To do so, he is breaking new grounds and advancing the martech industry by eliminating waste, inefficiency, and complexity to streamline the way businesses of all sizes engage with their customers. He continually strives to innovate by developing and acquiring new technologies that provide companies with a seamless experience to help them reach customers quickly and easily and increase ROI with actionable consumer insights.
In the marketing technology industry, where rapid change is inevitable, falling behind is not an option. Jim stays ahead of the curve on the latest trends and technologies to ensure Vivial is providing the best tools and services to impact businesses. He takes risks when it comes to continued investment and evolution of products to not only benefit Vivial’s business but the thousands of businesses the company serves as well. Under Jim’s leadership, Vivial continues to experience consistent growth.
Best tools and services
Digital marketing is rapidly evolving in the face of accelerated technology development and changing consumer habits, so falling behind is not an option. The team at Vivial constantly works to stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends and technologies to ensure Vivial is providing the best tools and services to impact businesses. By doing so, Vivial helps customers prepare for what’s coming next, so they can best adapt their business. Vivial is committed to continued investment and evolution of products to benefit the thousands of businesses the company serves.
Advertising Services
Simply put, Vivial’s mission is to help customers grow their business via a suite of online, mobile, and social marketing solutions.
Vivial’s vision remains steady: to help busy local business owners with their marketing needs, so they can focus on the task at hand – running their businesses and servicing customers. These business owners receive dozens and dozens of calls every month for advertising services. Yet, most only want to partner with one or two agencies at max to get the needed help with their marketing efforts. With the Vivial Marketing Platform, they only need one provider to manage their online, mobile, and social marketing. And with the company’s on-demand service team, it not only provides the tools but the service these busy businesses need to effectively manage their marketing. Vivial is changing the game for local businesses by streamlining the marketing process.
A Positive Role in Local Communities
As a growing company with multiple office locations, creating an exceptional culture for its employees is always takes the front seat. In addition to a stimulating and fun environment, the company offers comprehensive benefits and compensation plans. That’s why, year after year, it has been named as the Best Place to Work by the Dayton Business Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier, St. Louis Business Journal, Hartford Business Journal, and the Hawaii Business Magazine for its offices in each location.
Vivial is committed to playing a positive role in local communities. It values the neighborhoods where the company works and lives, and it looks for opportunities to help serve and support those areas. It’s as important to the company as supporting its local business partners. The company does this by supporting visionary nonprofit organizations that are:

  • Honoring active and retired military men and women throughout the U.S.
  • Supporting the educational system and developing future leaders
  • Encouraging community service where our employees live and work

Lead the industry
When it comes to the future, Vivial will remain at the forefront of the marketing technology industry. The company will continue to lead the industry by staying on top of shifts in technology, advertising, marketing and customer behavior and understanding these shifts so that it can help businesses reach customers quickly and easily. It will continue to identify ways to expand its presence both domestically, and internationally by building or strategically acquiring platforms & technologies required to stay on the leading edge of marketing technology. In terms of goals, the company is committed to continuing to identify new opportunities to add to the Vivial portfolio, along with enhancing the ways it helps businesses engage with their customers on a personal level.
“Vivial is a great marketing resource for small businesses in the digital age. First and foremost, it is affordable. The reps are knowledgeable, open and friendly, and always available. Your best bet when a full-time digital marketing department is not in your budget.” Jim Montague
“Finding the right SEO company is crucial to any company’s success. I’m very thankful to be working with the great people over at Vivial. Very responsive and knowledgeable about SEO and Google rankings.” Lenny Buccellato, Competition Locksmith