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Vivial: A True Differentiator in the Marketing Technology Industry

Today more than ever, businesses need marketing solutions to differentiate them from the competition and pave the way to future success. But many business owners lack the time and funds necessary to keep up with the latest marketing trends.
Businesses need to look no further than Vivial, a pioneer in the marketing technology (martech) industry. Founded in 1910, Vivial has remained on the forefront of the industry, continually evolving its service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses.
Vivial’s mission is to convert the complex world of digital and mobile marketing into simple, yet powerful solutions for the businesses it serves. It provides a full range of marketing solutions which includes content marketing, social media management, text messaging services, mobile-friendly websites and the latest local search products to ensure high rankings on Google and other search engines.
Vivial is dedicated to facilitating connections – connecting companies to customers and people to products. It also recognizes that digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all experience, since each company is unique, and its marketing needs may vary across geographies and industries. As a result, Vivial matches its products and services accordingly to meet its client’s specific needs and budget.
At present, Vivial works with thousands of local, national and enterprise clients across 6,000 industries. The company employs over 1,000 marketing experts across 20 major U.S. cities, from Dayton to Honolulu, Los Angeles to New York City. Additionally, Vivial has its mobile technology footprint in countries like United Kingdom, Netherlands and Greece.
A Trailblazer 
An innovator in the marketing technology industry, Jim Continenza is the Chairman and CEO of Vivial. Responsible for the strategic vision of the company, Jim is advancing the martech industry by offering a straightforward suite of integrated online, social and mobile solutions to connect brands of all sizes with customers.
He continually strives to innovate by developing and acquiring new technologies that provide companies with a seamless experience. This helps them reach customers quickly and easily, and increase ROI with actionable consumer insights.
Jim is focused on bringing the latest technology to help businesses connect with target audiences. To do so, Jim is always on top of the latest trends and conducts research to understand the ways consumer behaviors are changing and how this impacts businesses that are trying to capture their attention. As a result, he develops and implements industry-leading product offerings for companies to adopt to remain relevant in today’s “now” society.
As a thought-leader, he is constantly offering tips and strategies to help businesses to achieve their marketing goals. Currently, Jim serves as Chairman of the Board for Eastman Kodak, Merrill Corporation, Sorenson Communications, Neff Rental and Tembec Corp. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Broadview Networks and Nextel International.
Full-fledged Marketing Solutions 
Vivial is the only marketing provider in the industry to offer a robust and proprietary online, mobile and social media platform designed to connect local businesses with their target audience. It provides a suite of solutions to help SMBs attract, engage and retain customers in a highly mobilized, uber-competitive online marketplace.
The company’s marketing platform allows businesses to engage with customers through text messaging, advertise on Facebook and Instagram, request and monitor online reviews track Google rankings and monitor online business listings all in one place. Vivial’s suite of solutions also includes responsive website development, local search optimization, online advertising and local print directories. Earlier this year, Vivial launched the Mobile Optimizer, a new text messaging service for local business. This connects businesses with new and existing customers throughout the entire buyer journey. With this service, businesses no longer need multiple provides to manage their omni-channel marketing strategy.
In addition to the comprehensive solutions offered, on-demand support is included in every Vivial solution to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. This on-demand support team consists of an Account Coordinator to oversee the entire program, from monthly performance monitoring to project management. In addition, the business has access to an entire team of content writers and editors to craft and distribute custom content on behalf of their business. And finally, businesses can also partner with a social media strategist to plan, develop and execute a high performing social media strategy, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms. It’s like having a full-fledged marketing department on staff prepared to respond and adjust based on business needs.
Strives to be the Best
Vivial aims to remain at the forefront of the marketing technology industry and will continue to lead the industry by staying on top of shifts in technology, advertising, marketing and customer behavior. Further, by understanding these shifts, Vivial will support businesses to reach customers quickly and easily, in the exact manner they choose.
Vival’s goal is to continuously identify new opportunities to add to the company’s portfolio along with enhancing the ways it helps businesses engage with their customers on a personal level. It is also identifying ways to expand its presence both domestically and internationally by building or strategically acquiring platform and technologies required to stay on the leading edge of marketing technology.
Words of Trust 
“Vivial does a great job as our SEO provider and has taken our rankings from page 17+ to page 1 and 2! They have monthly calls to show you exactly what they’re working on and openly invite you to make changes or suggestions for new keywords, etc. Terrific company to work with!” – Kimberly Dermit, Allied High Tech
“Vivial is a great marketing resource for small businesses in the digital age. First and foremost, it is affordable. The reps are knowledgeable, open and friendly, and always available. Your best bet when a full-time digital marketing department is not in your budget.” – Jim Montague, Lakeview Garden Center and Landscaping