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Vivaldis Animal Health

Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd.: Your Pets’ Wellbeing in the Right Hands

Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd.: Your Pets’ Wellbeing in the Right Hands
Animal health management is a growing industry resulting from the emergence of more pet owners. Pet owners are starting to take their animals’ health more seriously and seek out services like dog grooming, veterinary care, and even pet food delivery. Animal ownership has become an investment in many cases that deserves adequate attention to ensure pets’ happiness for years to come.
Vivaldis Health and Foods Pvt. Ltd. understands this responsibility and strives to provide pet parents with animal healthcare services, with a focus on delivering quality services in the care, cure, and management of animal health.
Setting Benchmarks
Vivaldis was born with the sole vision of offering unique and novel formulations in the management of animal health. Its collaboration with globally renowned technology partners like Bioiberica (Spain), Catalysis (Spain), Rx Vitamins (US) and its brands manufactured in India, has helped the company to provide a basket of products, comprising various lifestyle management products, enzyme-based formulations, nutraceutical supplements, etc., all of which comply with various global regulatory standards and safety approvals.
Over the years, Vivaldis has set a benchmark in the veterinary medicine field in terms of efficacy, quality, diversity, innovation, and safety which has made the company a pioneer in the animal health space. Vivaldis kept evolving along with the changing trends and growing veterinary segment in India.
With the advancement of medicines and technology, and with research and development (R&D) at the fingertips, the company has been able to deliver the best possible care in therapies like Joint health, Oncology, pain management, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Renal care, skin care, and many more.
The impact Vivaldis has made in this industry is evident from the unequivocal support from eminent veterinarians and pet parents within such a very short span of time. Its vision since inception is to maximize health and wellbeing of companion animals.
Prominent Leadership
Kunal Khanna, CEO and Co-founder of Vivaldis, has done master’s in business administration from one of the world’s most renowned institutions, London Business School where he was also awarded the prestigious Sumantra Ghoshal Scholarship. He has over 10 years of hands-on experience of setting up and creating immensely successful businesses within the global Pharmaceutical and Banking Industry across continents. He started his career in 2003 with Citibank India, where he held the distinction of being promoted as the youngest manager in the history of their Indian operations.
He then moved with Citibank to London to help build their UK Private Banking operations. In his next role, Kunal is credited with starting the operations for Societe Generale Bank in Pune.
After his MBA in 2010, he moved to Dubai and joined Glaxo Smith Kline where he was responsible for Mergers and Acquisitions. Thereafter, he was the Director for Business Development for Indian pharmaceutical major Emcure, responsible for the Middle East and Africa markets.
Vivaldis was launched in the year 2015, when he realized there was a serious lack of quality medical infrastructure for pets in the country owing to the loss of his 3-year-old Cocker spaniel to cancer. It was then that Kunal decided to use his experience in the healthcare sector, to launch a dedicated pet health and pharmaceutical company. His compassion towards animals has undeniably led to the growth of Vivaldis, to being one of the world’s top 10 animal health companies today.
Being a pet parent himself, his commitment towards the betterment of companion animals made Vivaldis different from the other companies. Today, with a well-established and scientifically trained sales team and distribution network, Vivaldis has presence across all the states in India, and is now expanding in global markets as well. With a robust portfolio of over 100 products, Vivaldis stands committed to its dictum to contribute to the prosperity of pet healthcare industry, led by Kunal Khanna at the forefront.
Leveraging Modern Technologies
Vivaldis has always focused on providing innovative and path breaking treatment options in the field of companion animal healthcare. Animal diseases and challenges are constantly evolving every day and we are doing our best to provide opportunities to Veterinarians to prevent and treat these illnesses more quickly and safely. Technology is pushing the boundaries of veterinary medicine to new limits.
Just like human medicine, veterinary medicine is also advancing in terms of modern technologies and therapies. By adopting these innovative technologies which ensure better drug delivery system, patient compliance, efficacy and safety, improved quality of life.
“The impact these have made in the veterinary segment has been huge as it all contributes to improved health and longevity of our furry friends. We are dedicated to enabling veterinary practitioners to ultimately save animal lives,” says Kunal.
Developing these innovations has always been a significant challenge for the company, especially since over time, trends and focal points keep shifting. Vivaldis has effortlessly been able to cope up with these transformations and has been witnessing the leaps and bounds in the industry.
The use of these technologies in nutritional space has helped the company introduce scientifically proven, unique formulations, most of which have been introduced in the Indian market for the first time, and has ensured better outcomes, not just for the pets but also for the pet owners.
With its commitment to innovation and excellence, Vivaldis would continue to strive towards providing such global standard comprehensive solutions for its furry companions, which are not only result-oriented, but are also known for outstanding quality and safety compared to competitors. “We have a few projects lined up and in the coming months we shall be unveiling them,” shared Kunal.
Overcoming the Pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic was a sudden hit where all industries came to a standstill and stood frozen for a while. With the animal care industry being inoperative, confused pet parents, and closed offices, the whole situation was a chaos. But within no time, the management team at Vivaldis had to accept and face these challenges and prepare the entire team to move forth. Digital media played a key role during this pandemic which helped almost all industries.
In the veterinary field, doctors and their teams proved to be warriors by offering their dedicated and selfless services throughout the pandemic. Their contribution to the animal health sector is indispensable. Most of them got introduced to the world of telemedicine and online consultations, which made the life of pets and pet parents less miserable amidst the lockdown.
Sharing details about the challenges that the Vivaldis team experienced during the pandemic, Kunal said, “From our end, we equipped our sales team to converse with the doctors and distributors via phones. We made use of our social media platforms to educate pet parents on various topics, conducted webinars once in every 15 days with renowned panel of doctors, and adapted to remote working. We also held online training and revision sessions for field force in order to brush their knowledge, along with the employee-centric activities and assignments.”
The entire Head Office of Vivaldis was working remotely adhering to the government’s safety protocols to ensure a smooth flow. The team had daily meetings and reviews to monitor the operations. Surprisingly, animal health industry witnessed an incredible growth trend, mainly due to a boom in adoptions in the light of social isolation experienced during the pandemic, compelling many people to seek a pet for companionship.
Most pet parents started to spend quality time and paid more attention to their furry companions, educating themselves of their pets’ preventive care, high-quality nutrition, and importance of veterinary check-ups etc. – all of which eventually led to a high demand in animal health products and services, which helped the team to sustain operations in the challenging phase of the pandemic. This pandemic has set the perfect example of how human-animal bond relationships work and how it has benefitted physical, mental, and emotional health mutually.
Words of Wisdom
As advice to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the animal health industry, Kunal says, “I would like to tell them that this industry is full of opportunities if you are passionate and determined, coupled with compassion towards the voiceless. A vast array of opportunities awaits budding entrepreneurs in different segments of animal healthcare industry including production of high-quality medicines, nutritional supplements, pet foods, treats, diagnostics, research and development, etc.”
Towards New Horizons
The year 2021 has been a very eventful year for Vivaldis. Diving further into animal welfare and service, the company is looking to contribute something for the homeless animals in India. Kunal said, “Ever since Vivaldis was set up, I always wanted to do something for the unprivileged animals, who also needed care and medical attention. This year we got an opportunity to make this possible in a small way through Virat Kohli Foundation.”
Vivaldis has recently collaborated with Virat Kohli Foundation and Awaaz foundation to set up animal shelters and rehabilitation centers at Mumbai and Boisar, along with ambulances for stray animals.
One animal rehabilitation center at Malad, Mumbai is now already fully operational and is providing treatment to stray animals. At this center, they are also being provided a temporary shelter till they fully recover.
The management is looking forward to continuing this association, with many more such initiatives in time to come. Apart from this welfare project, Vivaldis also has ventured into a completely new division – ‘Bark Out Loud’ (BOL), which aims at empowering pet parents by giving them handy solutions for their everyday woes. BOL offers an uncommon approach to common pet problems. Through extensive research, the team has formulated an alternative and effective treatment approach.
All these products are crafted with great care to provide safe & healthy solutions to enrich the lives of little buddies. Very soon, the company is also introducing a whole new range of pet treats, for which Vivaldis has tied up with a Belgium-based company to offer high quality treats with health benefits, which will be relished by all fur buddies.
In near future team Vivaldis has various other plans and new products which will enhance the treatment of pet animals in India. “At the center of our efforts has always been our compassion for animals and humans, which constantly motivates us to provide new solutions in this challenging yet ever-growing field,” Kunal added.