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Arun Bablani

Vivaah Weddings: Making Your Wedding the Most Memorable Day of Your Life

Weddings are considered special for couples because they mark the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as partners. It is a day that is symbolic of their love and commitment to each other, and they are often surrounded by friends and family who support and celebrate their union, where heartfelt wedding speech examples are often shared to commemorate the occasion. Weddings can often have a cultural and religious significance, making them a meaningful and memorable event in the couple’s lives.

Vivaah Weddings is a multi-award winning wedding planning and management company with a focus on luxurious Indian weddings. With the leadership of Arun Bablani, the Owner and Founder  it has also gained recognition for offering opulent weddings to non-Indian couples seeking an extravagant and memorable experience for themselves and their guests. With over a decade of experience, the company has organized weddings globally and throughout the UAE where they are based.  As most of its clients live outside of their chosen wedding destination, Vivaah Weddings has worked to build a reputation for delivering on their promises and commitments, gaining the absolute trust of its couples.

Effective communication is a critical factor in the company’s success. By closely listening to clients’ visions, understanding their budget, and being transparent about what is feasible, the company helps manage expectations. If clients desire a famous DJ or makeup artist to be present at their wedding, the team can balance costs by suggesting local alternatives for other aspects of the wedding. The team fully understands that the couples are high-performing individuals and that while emails can cover a certain amount, nothing beats a face-to-face video call to talk things through, so it has to juggle time zones, which can mean lots of late nights and early mornings and working weekends.

Let’s delve in to learn more about their strengths:

Curating Uniqueness  

Vivaah Weddings values sustainability and always tries to find vendors who share this value. However, the couple’s final decision on vendors is respected, and Vivaah Weddings will provide options to meet their needs and wants. The company’s goal is to provide clients with unique and fresh wedding experiences that align with their desires.

Core Values

Vivaah Weddings values respect and prioritizes it in all of its dealings with clients. The company recognizes that the cost of a wedding can be high and that the clients have worked hard for their money. To this end, Vivaah Weddings leverages its relationships with vendors and local tourism boards to secure the best possible deals for its clients while also maintaining clear communication and expectations. Paying vendors on time and according to their terms and conditions has given the company some great working relationships within the industry and a pool of suppliers who are more than happy to go the extra mile to support them. Additionally, Vivaah Weddings respects the hotels it works with by providing enough manpower at its events to work alongside hotel staff to ensure the best possible guest experience. Arun states, “After all, we know the clients much better than they do and can give them useful insights to make their job easier.” Lastly and by no means least, respect within the Vivaah Weddings team itself, helping and supporting each other regardless of the individual roles within the business.

About the Leader

As the founder of Vivaah Weddings, Arun has utilized his over twenty years of experience and knowledge to build a wedding planning and event company that is dedicated to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable wedding for its clients.

He has a passion for the industry and is committed to ensuring that every couple that he and his team works with has a seamless, stress-free and memorable wedding experience. With his attention to detail, Arun has built a reputation for delivering high-quality corporate events for major global brands like Unilever, Apple, Nestle & LVMH that have exceeded his client’s expectations as well as winning multiple awards for weddings he has curated along with personal accolades for his contribution to the wedding industry.

He recalls, “I knew that I wanted to offer a premium product and use all the skills I had learned in the corporate world to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients from the moment of first contact to the event itself.” Arun wanted the journey to be as much fun and stress-free as possible, for the couples and their families, so that they would be able to look back at the whole experience and have an amazing, wonderful time with enough memories and stories to last a lifetime.  It is fair to say that Arun’s Vivaah Weddings journey has had its ups and downs, the pandemic being by far the most challenging, but he thinks one learns a lot faster and is able to be much more creative when it comes to problem solving when it’s his or her own business.

Innovation adds Progress

Arun views technological innovations as opportunities for his business rather than disruptions. He believes that incorporating technology can enhance the events industry and make it more efficient and effective, allowing his business to better serve clients and create unforgettable experiences. He says, “We are able to work much smarter and our couples are mainly Millennials or Generation Z and expect us to be as savvy as them about what is out there and available.

Be Prepared, and Be Real

Arun’s advice for emerging leaders is “Be prepared for long, long nights and be honest and realistic about what you can deliver to your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from others, and make sure you make good contacts within the business. Having a great relationship with venues and vendors will pay dividends because when you are in a jam, they will support and help you. Get a great team around you, and never underestimate the value they bring to your business. Remember why you’re doing this and remember to have fun achieving your goals; otherwise, there is no point.”

Vision for Future

“The pandemic certainly tested us to the limit, but the great relationships we had formed prior to that certainly helped us, and by working closely with the tourism boards across the whole of the Emirates, we were able, with limited numbers, to continue working,” Arun says.

The passion that Arun had back in 2012 has never dimmed, and the company is constantly looking for ways to improve the services it offers clients.

Arun believes that having a strong team and offering comprehensive training opportunities will not only help the company achieve its goals but also provide valuable experience for its employees. The company’s focus on offering internships and professional development opportunities is a testament to its commitment to its employees and the industry.

Recognition for Excellence

Vivaah Weddings is a bespoke wedding planning and management company that is dedicated to providing the ultimate wedding experience. It has received numerous awards for its commitment to quality and is continuously working towards improvement, including aligning its business practices with international wedding industry standards.

Below are awards that are a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of the Vivaah Weddings team and their commitment to delivering the best possible experience for their clients.

  • Best Bespoke Wedding Planning & Management Company at the MEA Markets, UAE Business Awards 2022.
  • Outstanding Achievement of the Year 2022 at the Love Travel Awards 2022
  • Destination Wedding of the Year 2022 at the Wow Awards Asia 2022
  • Best Covid Safety Wedding of the Year 2022 at the Wow Awards Asia 2022
  • Best Wedding Celebration (Overall Planning & Management), Wedding Sutra Influencer Awards 2022
  • Best Wedding Planners, International Wedding Awards 2022

Happy Clients

“Vivaah was delightful, approachable, professional, and cooperative for our wedding planning experience! They had valuable and resourceful input while putting our thoughts and needs into consideration.”Komal & Harsh

“Vivaah Weddings came highly recommended to us and I am so glad we listened and went ahead with them. They handle things seamlessly, professionally, and always with a personal touch!!”Sargam Dhawan

“Everything went so smooth and all the image I had in mind was even more beautifully executed”Harshita Tirthdas

“Vivaah has a very professional team, able to make your big day wonderful. They did a great job in organizing everything, from A to Z of our wedding. We made literally the minimum effort, say zero, except for some signatures and they did the rest. They not only managed everything very smoothly but they also supported us emotionally. everything we asked was really well executed. we want to express our sincere and ultimate gratitude to the Vivaah team, and especially, Kashneet, who walked us through our event, from day 1 until the end. it truly was the best day of our lives. They also helped us a lot with our stay in Dubai and surprised us for our birthday :)”-Shadi & Arman