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VistaVu Solutions: Implementing Leading SAP Innovation in North America

VistaVu Solutions is one of the leading SAP ERP Cloud providers in North America. The company has made rapid progress in the industry thanks to its fast moving and fast thinking led latest technologies. The company has been at the forefront of innovation and consequent recognition with prestigious awards like Profit 500, Inc 5000, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year.
VistaVu leverages the experience of its people, and the results of its successfully proven processes to bring industry-driven, user-focused and mature business management solutions to mid-market companies across North America, helping companies in this space achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.
A Visionary Reality 
Since starting his first business in 1996, Jory Lamb, the CEO of VistaVu has helped organizations of all sizes and multiple industries become more operationally efficient in their business practices. In 2003, he began VistaVu Solutions with a specific purpose of helping industrial field service companies find that operational efficiency by leveraging technology. After 10 years of helping clients capture the data, in 2013, he started the Business Intelligence group at VistaVu to help customers get the insights they were looking for to support managerial effectiveness. Today, it has grown to become one of the primary North American SAP partners of Industrial Field Service companies.
Through his career, he has successfully started and sold several technology based businesses. As a huge fan of the entrepreneurial spirit, Lamb started the Calgary Accelerator program for EO, served on the EO Accelerator global board, acted as a judge for the Global Student Entrepreneurship awards, mentored over 20 startups and delivered talks to hundreds of existing and would be entrepreneurs on managing growth. Most recently, he has been engaged by Innovate Calgary to assist a few start-ups with their go to market strategies.
Unique Solutions Driven by Technology 
Currently VistaVu focusses on 6 different industries. These are Industrial Field Services, Industrial Machinery & Components, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Food & Beverage and High Tech. As each of their industry is unique in its operations and requirements, VistaVu has accumulated valuable experience while working for various clients. By enabling disparate systems and implementing solutions that propel the rigor for growth; VistaVu places processes and systems that scale, finding ways to use the system to the advantage of clients. Throughout this journey, the company has enabled clients with technology beyond record keeping that allow new ways for their customers’ business to run. With Vertical solutions – you can’t write IP and create an “Inch wide and a mile deep” gap. Giants in the industry often rely on one-size- fits all vertical solutions despite their imperfections. VistaVu brings its unique approach to the problem by understanding the needs of its customers and developing solutions which tie systems into ERP in a natural manner. Additionally, the company leverages the true capabilities of its offerings for clients with add-ons.
The Rising Pinnacle of SAP Solution 
VistaVu, in the beginning was a programming shop that decided to provide its own mission critical solution with SAPs ERP (digital core). All aspects of the daily operation were managed through one single fully integrated solution – — that’s VistaVu’s driver. The company has not looked back since. Today, it aims to double its employee strength in size in the next 24 to 36 months. In the long-term, its goal is to reach 25,000 mid-market users who are delighted with the offerings. At VistaVu, solutions are being designed and upgraded for companies that are customizable to their needs to help them operate at their maximum efficiency. Its success stories show how it adapts to their unique challenges. For more info, check out
A Bright Future Shaped by a Long and Gruelling Journey In the short term, the company management sees booming US economy and the need for companies to remain flexible. However, in the long-term it believes that the cost to do business will continue to rise and companies will need to adopt technology to stay competitive within their industries.
This is a huge boost for a company which had very modest beginnings. It began on the rural roads of Alberta Canada, in 1996, with a clear purpose to help small and mid-size companies find operational efficiency and managerial effectiveness using technology. “Those early days of working with the people of rural Alberta taught me a lot about what matters and what doesn’t to our customers. More importantly, it taught me a lot about the kind of business leader I wanted to be and the type of people I wanted on the VistaVu team,” Lamb said.
Fast forward 21 years later, the company has grown to provide mission critical solutions to some of the largest global players in multiple industries (High Tech, Food & Beverage, Aerospace & Defense, Life Sciences, Industrial Field Services and Industrial Machinery & Components). During this period, it has never lost touch with its commitment to help the small business owner or the appreciation of the economic and social importance of the people in rural North America.
Over that same period, it has gathered a technically excellent team of kind people of which many have become owners of VistaVu. People who succeed at VistaVu, are the same type of people that people everywhere want to work with. They are resourceful, they are driven, they are intelligent, and they genuinely care about the success of its customers. The VistaVu team remains humble and continues to strive to be a long-term partner with their clients and bring outstanding value and service every day. When they make a mistake, VistaVu people will be the first to stand up, own it and make it right. “Your success is our success” is the mantra VistaVu employees live by and it can be measured by customers stories that say their businesses is truly a force to reckon with, thanks to the company.
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