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VirtaMove: Automated Windows Server App Migration

Companies need tools to speed up and automate their application migration and modernization projects. VirtaMove identified this market need and developed a suite of Migration Intelligence products to help customers save time and money in modernization efforts. Since 2010, VirtaMove has helped customers automatically migrate Windows Server applications to new operating systems, on new in-house servers or clouds. The company is disrupting and re-inventing the way customers move applications from Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012 servers. It offers an automated way to make applications portable and re-installable on modern servers and VMs, leveraging virtual moving containers. VirtaMove software discovers and reveals a complete view of the servers and apps in a network. Its monitoring software uses AI to “learn” customers’ applications in real time and build migration templates.
VirtaMove software can upgrade legacy apps from old to newer Windows Server operating systems in hours, instead of months. It provides smart automation to realize significant momentum and cost savings in modernization efforts.
Offering Tailored Professional Services 
VirtaMove software is backed by a team of Migration Experts and a methodology, offering tailored professional services with years of experience. We’ve successfully moved thousands of bespoke and off-the-shelf applications to newer platforms for hundreds of leading Fortune 500 customers in all industries.
VirtaMove’s Migration Intelligence Suite consists of three core products: V-Maestro, which orchestrates and manages V-Monitor and V-Migrate agents for automatic Windows Server application discovery, sizing, and migration; VMonitor, which automatically discovers and monitors the applications running on its customers’ current Windows servers; and V-Migrate, which automatically migrates apps to new Windows Server operating systems and servers.
VirtaMove’s experienced management team is headed by Nigel Stokes, the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of VirtaMove. He is an experienced software entrepreneur and a Venture Capitalist who has founded and built a range of DevOps companies. Prior to VirtaMove, he was the CEO and co-founder of DataMirror, a public, real-time data integration company. DataMirror was publicly listed for 12 years and was sold to the Information Management division of IBM in 2007. As a venture investor, Nigel has seed funded a range of software and technology companies. Both the VP of Development and VP Sales of VirtaMove also have years of DevOps experience.
Standing Ahead of the Software Curve 
Thanks to its strong management team and patented technology, VirtaMove has been ahead of the software curve and has been disrupting the market for application migration since its inception. The company works closely with customers to develop real-world solutions to real problems. Focused on customer challenges and pain points, it listens to and works closely with customers to build software solutions that solve tangible DevOps problems. VirtaMove developed virtual containers for packaging applications over many years. It developed unique patented technology that makes applications portable, regardless of the environment or operating system. Hundreds of leading customers in pharma, retail, oil and gas, banking, and insurance save money and time in their modernization projects using VirtaMove. The company helps customers protect their brand from the malware threats inherent in old, unsupported platforms. In the process, the VirtaMove story has become part of the customer’s story.
Fine-Tuning the AI Aspects 
VirtaMove understands that Windows Server application modernization isn’t a one-off issue; it’s here to stay, as apps continuously age and fall out of support. For each Windows release and version, the company helps its customers move and modernize their apps on new Windows platforms. Software senescence is a part of business life, as are compliance, malware, and security exposures. VirtaMove helps its customers speed up software modernization projects. The company continuously fine-tunes the AI aspects of its software, to take advantage of pattern recognition and machine learning.
Our Customers Say it Best 
“We have several legacy applications that cannot be upgraded as is and still living on Window 2003 servers. We had to find an immediate solution to keep these applications compliant for support purposes. VirtaMove was the only solution we could find. They have been quick to help us as we work through each application.”- Tammy Key, Manager, Production Operations Support, American Cancer Society 
“We utilised the tool to migrate complex applications without engaging app vendors to perform the migration, resulting in considerable cost savings. VirtaMove has provided a key advantage for us. For those programs requiring a specific configuration, the only way to successfully migrate those was by using VirtaMove.”- Anil Kalra, Project Manager at Cochlear
 “VirtaMove provided “a huge time savings” on the PBC migration, estimating the savings at 3-4 weeks, or more than 50% of the time the project would have taken without VirtaMove. Beyond the time savings, VirtaMove made the migration much more effective and accurate than a forensic manual rebuild approach would have been.”- Pabst Brewing Company 
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