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VICIdial: An Open-Source Contact Center with Exceptional Reach

The contact center industry is one of the largest and most unique sectors of the modern age. It contributes especially significantly to the economies of developed and developing nations, particularly the U.S.A., China, India and Malaysia. Recent research reveals that the call center operations industry is worth approximately USD 350 billion. Even the call center outsourcing market has seen a steady growth over the last five years and accounts for USD 75 billion. These figures hint at the massive competition within the industry, and the need for businesses to continuously evolve to be able to prevail. Contact centers try their best to meet ever-increasing demand, but this is increasingly difficult in a crowded arena; very few contact centers around the globe have managed to rise above the throng. Since its inception in 2003, VICIdial is one of the few contact center solution providers that has expanded its reach to over fourteen thousand clients across more than one hundred countries.
Assured Solutions in Uncertain Markets 
Though there is soaring demand for contact center solutions and the industry is extremely lucrative, it has proven challenging for contact centers to meet requisite standards. The main reasons are that the field is plagued by uncertainty factors like low employee retention and non-efficient customer feedback options. VICIdial has managed to develop a system to overcome these complications and offer robust predictive dialer capabilities cost effectively. VICIdial’s open source platform facilitates inbound, outbound, and blended phone calls. Its five hundred plus capable agents can handle over two million phone calls per day that enable its partners to execute their action plans quickly, cheaply and effectively. Additionally, it employs the latest internet communication solutions to quickly deliver inbound email and customer website chat solutions for different organizations. Amazingly, all these features are offered within the same agent screen. The platform also features over two thousand personalization settings. This compatibility facilitates customization in discrete call flows and agent permissions. VICIdial also offers a wide range of complimentary and exclusive hosted-only features to its clients, including custom-built VICIdial servers optimized for call centers, cellphone number scrubbing, agent audio soundboards and high-level data encryption. VICIdial is proud to state that its suite of services is second to none, and its speed and agility outpaces all its competitors.
Visionary Leadership 
The VICIdial Group has proved its leadership role in the contact center industry over the years. The chief growth driver and solution developer behind its success is Founder and CEO, Matt Florell. Matt created VICIdial in 2003 with a group of independent professional consultants. The VICIdial Group began offering its VICIhost solution under his leadership in 2007. The goal was to provide an array of professional products and services to the rapidly-growing national and international VICIdial user community. Matt has extensive experience in this vertical and is particularly enthusiastic about IT management, VOIP (IP Telephony), software development, project management, Linux, web development, and executive management. He is known by associates as an experienced leader with both personable and professional traits. With hum at the helm, VICIdial has made a significant impact on the telephony industry. Matt has even presented numerous projects at the U.S. Astricon conference and has been awarded a Fellow of Astricon for ten consecutive years.
Dedicated, Customized Hardware Servers 
The VICIdial Group offers two unique lines of certified hardware, which are capable of meeting the needs of every type of call center. SMB (Small to medium Business) Hardware: This contact solution hardware is specially designed for small- and medium-sized businesses. It can usually accommodate up to twenty-five outbound agents or forty inbound agents. Enterprise Hardware: This hardware can facilitate more than one thousand outbound agents or fifteen hundred inbound agents. VICIdial even accommodates special full line accessories that enrich its systems. This list includes T1 interface cards, codec compression cards, channel banks and USB/PCI Express timing devices. Overcoming Impediments with Innovation When VICIdial was first conceived, even conventional platforms with limited capabilities were very expensive. That made it extremely difficult to assure clients that VICIdial’s promised versatility and affordability were genuine. Matt overcame these initial hiccups and proved his company’s reliability with its resourceful inbound and outbound communication facilities, and real-time solution offerings. VICIdial initially relied on specific product up gradation. Today, it also delivers dedicated features like High- Level Data Encryption, which were unheard of not very long ago. Such innovative advancements have reinforced VICIdial’s position as an industry leader.
Future Plan to Offer Adapted Features in Unexplored Territories 
VICIdial has always provided expert solutions in designing, configuring and enhancing communication systems. The company aims to continue to reinvent its service offerings through innovation. The company’s primary focus has been on expanding its platform in unexplored territories and it intends to expand its customer demographic through progressions. It also intends to deliver more efficient hosted-only special offerings for its clients while staying ahead of the competition by adding new features and functionality to its platform.

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