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Manny Soman, CEO, Verista

Verista: Most Promising Life Sciences Solution Company to Admire in 2022

The Life Sciences industry is engaged in one of the most challenging and complex business environments that requires people with a high degree of domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the product lifecycle. These organizations are responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of their products, and ultimately, peoples’ lives. As such, they need to make certain that their assets are properly commissioned, qualified, and validated efficiently and correctly while meeting the challenges of industry regulations, aggressive timelines, and budget constraints.

From research and development to regulatory approval and beyond, Verista helps clients design, deliver, operate and maintain quality-critical GxP related operations so clients can focus on developing new therapies and bringing them to market faster and more efficiently. Although the firm relies heavily on process and technology, it’s still all about their people. Verista is dedicated to ensuring quality results, reducing client risk, satisfying regulatory requirements, and improving peoples’ lives.

Solutions That Achieve Operational Excellence

Verista started over 20 years ago as a niche organization providing engineering and automation solutions to the manufacturing environment. Since then, the company expanded its business to meet their clients’ growing needs across the entire product lifecycle, to include quality and compliance along with consulting capabilities.

Today, clients seek Verista to be their trusted advisor, helping them solve some of their most complex business challenges. The organization recognizes that there’s no one size fits all approach to improving operational performance, reducing organizational risk, and increasing overall productivity. For mission-critical projects, they support clients with proof-of-concept through to operational delivery and integration services.

An Employee-Centric Culture

For Verista, their colleagues are their greatest assets. Their deep domain expertise means they are uniquely qualified to deliver trusted and quality results at strategic and tactical levels in every stage of the product continuum. The company invests heavily in its colleagues development, and believes its employee-centric culture is what allows them to offer unique value to their clients.. This includes internal training and career development programs through Verista University, tuition reimbursement, industry certification reimbursement, and advanced training via their technology partners.

While most competitors look for lower cost resources and run as staff augmentation firms, Verista understands that the stronger it builds its colleagues, the stronger relationships it can build with its clients. Their delivery teams excel at providing client solutions and value – consistently with trust, integrity, and transparency.

Ensuring Safety with Compliance, Validation and Data Integrity Solutions Verista is a world-class provider of business, technology, and compliance solutions that span the entire drug development lifecycle, from R&D to clinical, commercial, and manufacturing. With clients small and large, many of which have multiple divisions and geographic locations, the company’s mission is to enable life sciences clients to improve lives. They do this by accelerating their client’s ability to bring safe and compliant products to the market faster.

Solutions that Bring it All Together

To help solve its clients’ critical and complex challenges throughout the product lifecycle, Verista’s experts specialize in 3 core areas:

  1. Quality and Compliance
  2. Manufacturing Solutions
  3. Life Science Consulting

At its core, Verista helps facilitate that every therapy its clients develop, commercialize and ship for patients is compliant, safe, and of consistent quality. The company does so by helping them bridge the chasm between their IT, systems, technology, operations, and business functions – delivering integrated and compliant solutions across the spectrum. It delivers the expertise and solutions that bring it all together from individual devices to capital equipment to site and enterprise-wide systems.

Pandemic Effect on Business

The pandemic has changed our minds and reality. What used to take 10 years to bring a molecule from R&D to manufacturing can now take months. The concepts of what we’ve traditionally thought of as product velocity and speed-to-market are being shattered. To meet these new demands, organizations must alter their business, operational and staffing models when it comes to their quality and compliance programs. The new norm is expedited turnaround time to deliver quality, safe, effective, and compliant products.

No doubt the pandemic has been a strain on everyone, especially with recruiting and training resources to support the manufacturing expansions required for the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and antiviral medications. Our colleagues, along with our clients, have been working longer shifts and take a lot of pride in knowing they are part of the solution for improving lives.

From a product speed-to-market perspective, automation and digitization transform clients’ operations. Everything that can be done on paper is now being digitized and standardized across sites and the world.

Verista advises clients to select the right technologies for the right applications and then develop, build, and implement them across their operations. Specializing in compliance and validation services means the organization is helping life science companies achieve their goals to launch safe and effective products faster.

Future of the Life Sciences Market

The main issue facing pharma and devices companies is: How can products be produced faster and to regulatory standards without compromising quality, safety, and efficacy? Even before the pandemic, organizations struggled with speed-to-market from R&D to manufacturing. The key to the puzzle is a well-governed, transparent, and collaborative model that supports dynamic and effective decision-making. Verista can help manage, automate, and validate individual and enterprise-wide data, systems, equipment, lab systems, equipment and manufacturing operations to ensure organizations comply with regulations while facilitating faster and smarter operations.

To achieve this, Verista is spearheading the push toward digital transformation. Legacy processes and systems are being replaced with streamlined digital solutions that enable data to get from R&D and the manufacturing shop floor to decision-makers in record time. For example, Verista helped a top 5 pharma client implement Veeva Vault as their regulatory information management system (RIMS), resulting in a faster time to IND submission. They can now complete their fully compliant dossiers faster by evaluating and streamlining their processes, meaning their molecules get to market faster.

Serving Communities to Enrich the Ecosystem

Core to their values, Verista’s employees give back to the communities they serve whenever possible. Employees are given time off as part of their benefits for volunteer activities. Verista has close ties with Life Sciences Cares in Boston and Philadelphia to support many of its programs, such as donating and packing lunches for inner-city children, volunteering at homeless shelters, and supporting other educational programs for children.

Sharing the thoughts of Manny Soman, CEO, “Volunteering is one of how we feel we can give something back to our local communities and respond to their needs. We have to remember that success is not only defined by our business achievements, but also how well we serve our communities and enrich our ecosystem.”

Growth Strategy Ahead

Verista’s growth strategy is primarily driven by listening to clients’ needs, keeping abreast of regulatory changes, and staying a step ahead of industry trends. This includes expanding its geographical reach, developing strategic partnerships with technology providers, and an M&A strategy that extends its core capabilities for its clients.

The Souvenirs

“Verista is a very uniquely designed service provider. Apart from what you need as a client, they have excelled in the art of engagement at a more personable level, which makes a client’s experience more effective and seamless. This is a rare find.” – Director of Quality Information Management Systems, Top 50 Pharma

“Verista won in our bidding process because it was able to offer strong technical capabilities in a short timeline. It has a great specialist expertise that could serve exactly when we needed.” – Vice President, Biometrics, Top 30 Pharma

“I’ve worked with a number of Verista engineers over the years on both long-term sustainment projects as well as short-term capital projects. One thing that’s consistent is Verista’s ability to provide resources that understood the specific problems I had and do whatever is needed to resolve them. They’re at the top of my list to call when I need something done right the first time.” – Engineering Manager, Top 50 Pharma

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