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Verified Steps to a Fear-Free Future

A fear-free life is a healthy and productive life. It is a very common thing when humanity is the point of discussion, that fear of the future is inevitable. Even with the money that is screaming loud from the banks, your treasury boxes and in any format you have stored it, the fear of what will happen next, most times, deters one from enjoying the moment.

There is a saying that goes,
“Live today like there is no tomorrow.”
This idea is believed and accepted by many people, but it doesn’t guarantee the true satisfaction of what it could have been when there is no atom of fear.

Fear; being the state of uncertainty about the next minute or hour, is the very opposite of courage.Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to control fear.” Being courageous doesn’t mean that you have complete control over your state of mind, because it is likely impossible to control what comes in and goes out of the mind, but you can be in charge, if you know the three main divisions of the brain – the Conscious, Subconscious and the Superconscious. The subconscious is in charge of action and instant response, so if you can be in charge of what comes to this level by giving a counter sentence when the brain says its own, then only you have started a successful journey to a fear-free life.

Medical Approach To Fear

There is a research that is already going on that could lead to new ways to identify and possibly treat individuals who are experiencing fear of uncertainty. The finding clearly states that people who have difficulties in coping up with uncertainty or having the ambiguity about their future may have an unusually large striatum. The striatum is an area of the brain that is associated with general anxiety disorder, as published by the American Psychological Association.
According to Kim, “People who do not easily tolerate an uncertain future had a relatively enlarged striatum.” To be free from this occurrence, the natural approach is to do things which please you; like taking your favorite food, taking part in exercises and going out for exhibitions to relieve the mind and focus on what is important.

Stopping Fear at Early Stage

Now your question might be, what can I do to completely stop this fear? Should I have never been born? But the answer to these questions will give you hope. You have only three things to watch over;

  • Utilize “Time,” when you have it.
  • Build a “Team of Helping Hands.”
  • Be Action Oriented and “Work Hard.”

Utilize Time when you have it

Time is a recycling element of existence. It comes and goes but we remain. How much time you have doesn’t matter, it is how you utilize the time that matters. Do you leave what is supposed to be done today for tomorrow or do you face it and get it done? Your answer determines how free you will be from the grip of fear in the near future. Endeavor to get rid of procrastination and be action minded.

The common thing in the life of most successful people is the fact of always seeming to be in a rush.” This doesn’t mean they are rushing life but it simply highlights the importance they give to that treasure called time.
Time cannot be enough, but what is most important in your life will always get the higher share of your attention and resources. That is the interesting thing about time.

Build a “Team of Helping Hands”

The success of every business depends on how many people you serve. How satisfied they were to come back for more of your services. To meet up with the mass needs, you need the ideas of more than one person, experiences of these individuals and their practical involvement to help move the industry to a higher esteem. As a leader or a potential leader, learn how to appreciate the efforts of people around you, motivate them in every way possible, and give them the room for self-initiatives. This helps to increase the productivity in people to get them involved to move whatever goal you are going after. Look for diverse abilities and skills to unite and build a stronger firm.

Be Action Oriented and “Work Hard.”

A dreamer is better appreciated when he/she wakes up and takes action to actualize his/her aims and dreams. It is not enough to dream, have/make a wish, aspire for a certain desire or even have a magnificent imagination. But the point is what you did to materialize your aims, wishes, and goals. Sometimes when you are doing something to achieve your goals, it becomes difficult or proves futile, but if you keep up the hard work and exercise a calculated patience, surely you will reach to the fruitful finishing end.

Take a collective quota of what has been highlighted above, the three of them, if followed effectively with no form of excuse, soon your future will be free of those uncertain fears. No one is coming down to do them for you. You are alone in making them happen. Do not look behind for what did not work well, rather look forward to what can make a change and difference. You were not born with fear, you allowed it to grow, and you can still let it go, to live a fruitful life.