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Domenic Serafino | Chief Executive Officer and Director Venus Concept, Inc

Venus Concept Inc.: Setting Undisputed Benchmarks in the Medical Aesthetics Market

Humans in the 21st century have discovered ways to leverage technology to our benefit and comfort. From automated critical business processes to automated smart home devices and cleaning robots, we have made almost everything available to us, just a button-click away.
Delivering this ease of access and convenience to every consumer became a unique selling point for companies with capabilities and potential to innovate products and solutions that carved a niche for themselves. The following article brings into spotlight one such company that has set benchmarks of excellence across the world.
Venus Concept Inc. is a leader in the global medical aesthetic market, specifically with their revolutionary robotic hair restoration technology. The company’s goal is to help customers build a strong and sustainable business. In addition to offering cutting-edge technology and treatment solutions, it also provides creative and comprehensive services that address the important challenges customers face and enables them to improve their overall probability of success.
The company’s foundations have been built on the core values of:
Freedom to operate.
The company operates with the goal of being a leader in the aesthetic and medical technology industry while remaining agile and adaptable to change. It measures what is working well and what isn’t and then learns from its experiences to continuously improve and evolve.
Pursuit of excellence
Venus Concept is always excited about new ideas because they challenge the status quo. It strives to stand apart and constantly aim to drive the business forward, whether it is by launching innovative products or developing new services to help accelerate customers success.
Value one another
The team believes a company is only as good as its people. Venus Concept employees are like a family of 400 people spread out globally. All of its teams work with a shared respect for one another, mutual trust, and a common commitment to the success of its customers.
Pride in what we do
The team is passionate about what they do, about their purpose, and about what they can accomplish. They truly believe in each and every one of their products and services and are proud of how far they have come.
“Venus Concept is considered the industry leader when it comes to robotic hair restoration systems, and we are constantly looking at ways to develop innovative robotic solutions for the aesthetics space,” says Domenic Serafino, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Venus Concept.
Ingenuity and Expertise
Domenic Serafino brings over 25 years of experience to the medical device industry. He was a partner and President of Canada’s largest laser distribution company, Sigmacon Group, for over six years. In 2001, he joined Syneron as President for North America, and was instrumental in taking the company public on Nasdaq in August 2004. During Domenic’s tenure at Syneron, the company grew from $0 to $1.3 billion market cap in less than five years.
Domenic Serafino has spent most of his career in the aesthetic and medical technology space. He has been involved in the aesthetic device space since its commercial inception in the early 90’s, growing his personal experience and reputation in parallel to the industry itself.
He is considered a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and an industry expert by his peers. He is routinely approached by private equity firms, public market analysts and other companies in the industry looking for investment advice related to various opportunities.
We asked Domenic for his advice to young entrepreneurs that aspire to enter into the robotics space, to which he says, “Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely and it is certainly filled with self-doubt and constant re-assessment. That said, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing your business grow from an idea to a successful private or public company. Ultimately, the secret to being a successful entrepreneur is grounded in strong relationships and loyalty from those you choose to surround yourself with. Clear messaging with a constant eye on integrity, loyalty and delivering on your promises is the key to success in my opinion.”
Redefining Quality
Venus Concept’s catalogue of products and solutions is as follows:
Medical Aesthetic Devices and Technology
Venus Concept is a leading provider of medical aesthetic technology, with a range of non-invasive and minimally invasive systems designed to safely deliver the results patients want. Its medical aesthetic machines are also designed for optimal function in both large and smaller-scale medical practices.
VERO Hair™: A Comprehensive Hair Restoration Solution
VERO Hair™ is the world’s most comprehensive hair restoration solution that combines advanced, proven robotic ARTAS® and automated NeoGraft® technologies with a full range of post-sale support programs, tools, and services. The company delivers exclusive, customized hair restoration solutions to its customers to facilitate the sustainable growth of their business.
ARTAS iX™ Robotic Hair Restoration System: The Most Intelligent Hair Transplant Technology
The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System is the world’s first intelligent hair transplant platform to integrate state-of-the-art KUKA Robotics, Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence technology. This robotic hair transplant machine offers precise, efficient, and repeatable harvesting with simultaneous recipient site making and implantation functionalities in a single, compact platform. The advanced technology behind the ARTAS iX™ system continuously enhances both physician and patient experience and satisfaction.
Preceptorship & Clinical Training
VERO Hair™ offers extensive training programs to help their customers stay ahead of the curve on treatment protocols and customer demands, regardless of their level of hair restoration experience.

  • World-class clinical and business education
  • Peer-to-peer training by top hair restoration surgeons, and a continuous mentorship program
  • ARTAS® Quick Starts and/or NeoGraft® In-Services with on-site and remote case support
  • Virtual support programs, online learning platforms, conferences and webinars

Marketing Tools and Patient Leads
VERO Hair™ provides additional support to help drive patients to partnering clinics, matching supply with demand for hair procedures and establish a strong brand for these clinics.

  • Complimentary marketing assets for each partnering clinic
  • Business listing in the Clinic Finder on
  • Patient education and consultation tools

Business Development Training & Support
VERO Hair™ offers a range of post-sale practice development programs, both in-person and online, to help their customers maximize the opportunities for success.

  • Step-by-step business development program
  • One-year continuous mentorship
  • Expert Practice Development Managers
  • Ongoing account management support
  • Reward programs

VeroGrafters™ Program
VeroGrafters™ are available on-demand and will assist physicians during an ARTAS® and/or NeoGraft® hair restoration procedure, helping to ensure patient care and optimal results.

  • Certified, insured, reliable technicians.
  • Extension of the clinical staff
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Easy booking via VeroGrafters™ app

Comprehensive Warranty Program
Venus Concept’s industry-leading warranty program is designed to protect their customers against unforeseen technology malfunctions.

  • Comprehensive warranty coverage
  • Technical support available on demand
  • Temporary device if required during repair.

Easy Upgrades to New Technology
Smooth upgrades to new technology and software upgrades to ensure that Venus Concept customers are always offering the most advanced treatments.

  • Seamless access to the newest technology
  • Immediate upgrade anytime on demand
  • Prevents technology obsolescence.

On the path to greatness
Venus Concept, like most companies doing business in a COVID-19 environment faced many unknown challenges during 2020. Being in the business of selling aesthetic devices to clinics whose clients are typically those with disposable income looking to improve their appearance and well-being, the company needed to be very aware of the fears that its customers faced.
This forced Venus Concept to take a long, hard look at the various programs it was developing to support its business and choose to maintain programs that are critical to the long-term health and success of the company and its partners.
Further, throughout the course of 2020, the company significantly cut operating expenses, streamlined its internal organizational structure, restructured its long-term debt, and completed an equity financing. The team at Venus Concept believes that these actions protected the company during the peak of the pandemic but also put it in a much more attractive financial position moving into 2021.
Currently, Venus Concept is ardently focused on making a meaningful difference in the industry and not just be another device company. “We want to change what is considered by many to be a very crowded and commoditized energy-based solution aesthetic space. It is our intention to merge the well-established energy-based solutions available today, which are delivered manually, with advanced AI, machine learning algorithms and cutting-edge robotic solutions that offer predictable clinical outcomes,” Domenic expresses.
What Clients say…
“The ARTAS robot is the most sophisticated, semi-autonomous, surgical instrument on the planet. For our patients, they have something that’s super accurate, super consistent working on their scalp. The first graft is going to have the same quality as the thousandth graft. The micron-level precision that the robot has is amazing!” – Dr Alan Bauman MD, ABHRS, IAHRS, FISHRS, Boca Raton, Florida.
“I wouldn’t have a strip surgery even if it’s free. I would never have another strip personally and I have had strip and ARTAS procedures done on myself. For the patient, if you can get good grafts with very low transection rate by a robotic system, you’ve hit a home run.” – Dr William D. Yates MD, FACS, ABHRS Chicago, Illinois.
“One big advantage ARTAS has over other technologies is preservation of existing hairs during site making” – Dr. Gregory Turowski MD, Ph.D., FACS Chicago, Illinois
“The ARTAS technology allows us to do this faster, more precisely, more reliably.” – Dr. Brian V. Heil MD, FACS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
“… the ARTAS is a quantum leap above the other FUE devices on the market …” – Dr. Ken Anderson MD, FISHRS Atlanta, Georgia