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Venture Pointe: A True Technology Partner

Based in Jacksonville FL. Venture Pointe is a Managed service provider, providing IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a leadership that consists a massive fifty years of combined experience, the organization is staffed with technical experts who are trained to all levels of technological needs. By staffing the most qualified people possible and maintaining a stringent in-house training program, Venture Pointes’ team has seen and fixed nearly every IT problem that can arise since its inception. Each member of the support team is dedicated to providing the best customer service and represents themselves professionally in both their appearance and in the way, they approach each individual customer.
Venture Pointes’ IT service company works closely with its clients to analyze their network and business structure so that it can create a custom-fit, vendor-agnostic solution that meets all security & connectivity requirements. In fact, in recent surveys, most of Venture Pointes’ customers agree that Venture Pointe not only understands their needs but also feels that it is capable of growing with them as an organization.
Being a Different Entity in the Crowded Market
Venture Pointe prides itself on some pretty basic principles that a lot of MSPs seem to overlook. The organization always listen to its customers and tries to deliver accordingly, and constantly provides clear non-technical communication to its clients regarding their networks, business relationships and technical needs. By proving its commitment to the clients’ success every day, Venture Pointe quickly becomes their go to source for all technology and communication based services or needs. Each of its clients understands that Venture Pointe truly lives by its tag line “A True Technology Partner” who is genuinely interested in their success as a business.
Leaders who Took the Charge
Venture Pointe was founded in late 2012 initially by two friends, Josh Lee and Nick Revels, later in 2013 was then joined by Jim Satterwhite, who had worked with and also a friend for several years.
Josh having the enterprise level technical experience, Nick with the operations level technical experience combined with a proven track record for client/customer management and development, and Jim who brought large operation process management and development combined with financial oversight, provided a base for success and company development.
Providing Vetted Level of Service and Technology
All the customers of Venture Pointe know that the organization is providing a truly vetted level of service and technology. The organization actually speaks with most of its clients on seemingly a daily basis. While this is something most MSP’s try to move away from and automate processes to the extent that their customers hardly know they are there. Venture Pointe becomes so ingrained in the day-to-day activity and planning as a reliable resource, the company in most cases can anticipate issues and direction for a very broad range of customers.
Later on, by supporting that deep level of involvement with well-trained technical staff, operation execution, and with no issues around invoiced expense, i.e. Venture Pointe doesn’t provide any surprises with unforeseen expenses like its competitors, the organization rates very high in all levels of client satisfaction. In fact, for the previous two years 100 percent of the clients think:

  • Venture Pointe understands their needs as a business.
  • The organization is capable of helping their business grow.
  • All the clients would recommend Venture Pointe to a colleague or friend.
  • Each of the clients are more than satisfied with the services from Venture Pointe.
  • When it comes to communications, all the customers have rated the organization very well.
  • Additionally, customers are very satisfied with Venture Pointe as their IT partner & the speed and efficiency at which the organization.

All the above are reasons Venture Pointe has NEVER lost a customer as a result of performance or to any competitor. Also, those are some of the reasons why Venture Pointe has been selected in the MSP Mentor 501 rating of the top managed service providers worldwide the past two years and receiving recognition by the TechServe Alliance being named in their small enterprise category for the 2017 Excellence Award.
Tackling Rough Patches and Drawing the Future Roadmap
Just like any other startup, Venture Pointe took a lot of time in order to ensure it had solid operation processes and rock solid technical environments prior to building the customer base. However, the organization has never said it that it hasn’t changed some processes while growing up. But at first it grew operationally and technically, then began to grow its client base strictly organically and methodically. Only once it reached the point where Venture Pointe felt ready for the next level of growth, it then began all its active marketing and proactive sales based growth.
When it comes to the future, Venture Pointe hopes to see an increase in staff levels for all groups; tech support, enterprise management, operations, and finance. Additional corporate structure definition in preparation for several large client deployments and Venture Pointes’ continued movement into more states with its support model. Venture Pointe currently supports operations throughout the state of Florida, and extension of Florida-based clients in other states reaching into nine states and one off-shore operation. Currently expansion of the infrastructure is a high priority for the organization especially in 2018. Presently, Venture Pointe utilize three data centers, among those two are in USA and one in Canada. The organization manages its own Cloud Environment, choosing to not be dependent on external services and someone else’s up time.

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