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Veestro: Serving Quick, Delicious and Healthy Plant Based Meals

Human beings have accumulated a colossal amount of knowledge and wealth. Technological advancements like IoT are connecting the globe in real time with very few barriers and in an extremely cost-effective manner.
On the other hand, our collective consciousness has not kept up with the fast-paced global revolution led by science and technology. We have ravaged the world to fuel our lives and sacrificed our health for the sake of convenience. For example, institutional measures can be put in place, which distribute opportunities equally to all deserving members of societies.
Technology can be used to create a way of life which is both sustainable and healthy.
A Company with a Message 
One company which is leading change through optimism and a rethinking of social priorities is Veestro. The company delivers fully-prepared, 100% plant-based organic meals to the doorsteps of U.S. customers. Veestro was founded in 2013 and aims to nourish a hungry belly without the need for cooking, chopping and shopping. The company has registered exponential growth within a short period of time with its clear focus and has managed to achieve this feat with a team of just 38 employees.
Preparing a meal and cooking healthy food was a responsibility that rested on the shoulders of women in traditional households. Today, traditional roles are changing and have become increasingly hard to define, if not obsolete. Many global conglomerates like Google have signature policies of providing free food to employees.
Keeping these trends in mind, Veestro fulfills a very important and significant social function. It provides quick, healthy and delicious meals to customers in the U.S. The company was founded on the belief that by eating more plants, we help to nurture our health, the animals with which we share our planet, and the environment as a whole.
A Healthy Leadership 
Veestro is led by Mark Fachler, the Founder and CEO of the company. Mark graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and specialized in investment banking and private equity during his MBA stint in graduate school.
After graduation, he worked in the banking sector where he came face-toface with the intensity of a fast-paced life. During his banking career, he often found himself underfed while overburdened with the trouble of cooking a healthy meal to keep going.
Mark invested a lot of time into discovering the intricacies of the food business and acquired a deep understanding of the industry. He then successfully built an international restaurant chain in Central and South America. He also co-found and led a socially-responsible, organic personal care company.
Mark’s positive spirit is the force leading the change through Veestro. His team includes his sister, Monica, who co-founded the company and is helping Mark develop solutions to the global challenge of balancing food cost with food quality.
Digital Dinner Orders 
After a long day at work, the average person has little time and energy to spend in a grocery store, picking ingredients and planning meals. This results in the purchase of less healthy food, mainly ones that are pre-packaged.
Veestro has changed the way people go about planning and preparing their daily meals. The company allows clients to order complete meals through its website and delivers them freshly-prepared to their doorsteps. It currently also offers organic juices and-plant based meals as menu options.
Clients can select from over 50 items which cover a wide range of categories, including breakfast, entrees, soups, deserts and juices.
The company also gives special importance to delivering an environmentally-friendly meal which reduces pressure on natural resources with recycled paper packaging, and reduces waste by offering fresh-frozen food. Veestro’s menu minimizes spoilage as it can be kept frozen for up to 8 weeks.
One of the key strengths that separate Veestro from its competitors is the fresh food promise. The company chooses fresh ingredients picked in small quantities to provide the ideal level of nutrition in the body while reducing wastage.  The company is not only removing the need to cook, clean and prepare meals but delivers fully-prepared ones to your doorstep with a single click.
The Initial Hurdles 
The Veestro brand faced many challenges in its early days. The biggest of these was to get people to believe in a new way of being served a delicious meal. It was difficult for the brand to get consumers to believe the company’s products were new, original and delicious.
They relied on bloggers to get a good word out on social media. This tactic worked wonders – not only did they successfully manage to get many people to try their products, but also managed to build solid brand loyalty with some of the highest retention rates in the industry.
The company management believes that the most important lesson they learned from that initial struggle was to build a brand that was honest and trustworthy.
Veestro continues to use feedback from its clients to form its vision for the future. Based on its encouraging growth, which is at an average rate of 150% year over year the company plans to introduce a retail line of food items to U.S. stores within the next 12 to 18 months.

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