You are currently viewing Veeam Research Shows that Enterprises Waste Over $2 Million Each Year on Data Availability Failures

Veeam Research Shows that Enterprises Waste Over $2 Million Each Year on Data Availability Failures

Veeam Data Center Availability Report 2014 proves that enterprises cannot meet the requirements of an Always-On Business, with application failure occurring more than once per month.

Veeam Software, the innovative provider of solutions that deliver Availability for the Modern Data Center™, today announced the results of the Veeam Data Center Availability Report 2014, its fourth annual report about how organizations succeed in guaranteeing access to IT services. In the global survey, 82 percent of CIOs admit that they are unable to meet their business’s need for immediate, always-on access to IT services. This availability gap has immediate costs: application failure costs enterprises more than $2 million a year in lost revenue, productivity, opportunities and data irretrievably lost through backups failing to recover.

These costs will only increase as the global economy requires enterprises to work with partners, customers and stakeholders across time zones, pressuring data center assets to be always-on no matter the location. With emerging markets predicted to generate 40 percent of global growth within the next 15 years, missing global opportunities due to downtime can cause irrevocable damage.

“The availability of IT is more important than ever. Yet businesses globally are being failed by an IT industry that has led them to believe they have to accept downtime, and that the Always-On Business™ is nothing but a fantasy,” said Ratmir Timashev, CEO at Veeam. “This isn’t acceptable. Organizations can’t afford to lose millions of dollars from IT failures, nor can they continue to gamble with data availability. The good news is things are set to change. Organizations just need to throw away what they’ve been told for years about availability and demand better. If every organization does this, then in five years application availability will become a redundant topic as consumers and employees across the planet access what they want, when they want it.”