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Vee Technologies: Putting Business Processes into High Gears

Vee Technologies, founded in 2000, dually headquartered in New York in USA, and Bangalore, India, is a fast-growing global business process management firm that helps companies realize extraordinary outcomes in BPM. The company delivers total back-office processing solutions to help organizations of all sizes reduce costs by enabling them to focus on their core business. By working as a trusted, extended arm for customers with their critical and strategic processes, Vee enables organizations in a wide range of industries to achieve their most critical business objectives faster and more efficiently than ever before.
The Pioneer behind Vee Technologies
Chocko Valliappa, Founder and CEO of Vee Technologies, is a fourth-generation global entrepreneur. His trust with the spirit of entrepreneurship started early with his great-grandfather, whose textile company grew to become one of the world’s largest textile groups. Chocko showed an early interest in the industrial engineering and built a new facility where all the employees were on roller-skates. His first entrepreneurial venture was setting up India’s first IT incubation center for global companies- VSTP. He started this in 1995, and companies like Verifone, Cisco, and Oracle came on board to India. The success of this venture inspired him to launch his own business process management firm, Vee Technologies and has seen it grow in strength to emerge as one of the largest companies in the strategic services business.
Chocko plays an active role in the educational trust of his family which owns and runs a research-focused university- Sona University. He is a researcher himself and has done research that permeates Chemical (polymer science) and Textile engineering. Chocko now has several R&D projects in Computer science and healthcare technologies. He leads a team of 200 PhDs in Sona and is possessed to make Sona to a world-class R&D center.
His special project is Sona Yukti, a non-profit venture that aims to empower the youth with vocation skill-based training. This venture is a non profit company focused in bettering lives of the under privileged earning less than $1.20/day and enhancing the lives by taking them to $5/ day.
He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization. And is one of the founders of Entrepreneurs Organization Bangalore chapter and a former Area Director for South Asia.
Special Focus in Healthcare Sector
Vee Technologies provides complete revenue cycle management services for the U.S. healthcare industry. This includes medical billing, medical coding, and insurance payor services. Vee is HIPAA compliant (one of the first companies globally to do so) as well as compliant with SOC2/Type 2 audits. Vee Technologies is ISO certified for quality and security. Over the years our experiences enable us to today provide advanced healthcare analytics for auditing, such as DRG validation, revenue cycle analytics, and pre/post bill revisions. This has enabled greater streamlining of revenues for both payers and providers, leading to greater collection of revenue within a shorter period of time. These extraordinary efforts helped a rural hospital recover $15 million which they did not know they could get. This helped a University hospital handle legacy systems and manage EPIC implementation and enabled an insurance company to save 14$ million annually in claims processing. Their flagship offering for Medical Billing services includes Medical and Claims Processing, Invoice Processing, Healthcare BPO. Additionally, the company also offers just in time strategic services in the areas of Engineering, Finance and Accounting, Logistics, Media Analytics and IT Services.
Vee Technologies along with Sona College developed Diagnostic model of CDSS. CDSSs are designed in such a way that healthcare practitioners predict patients’ conditions and compare them against medical guidelines to diagnose accurately without missing anything, prescribing medications and treatment plans.
The healthcare industry in the U.S. is poised to be $2.8 trillion. As the industry moves to outcomes based pricing Vee Technologies is one of the few in the healthcare industry whose experience transcends the Payor Provider divide and is able to offer solutions to accountable care and managed care providers. Vee’s Population health team is able to offer analyses risk and offer value added analysis for care providers to best use the facilities, resources and serve the patient better.
The company believes in quality education being the driving force and DNA of their growing team. To this end, their greatest differentiating factor is their own University- Sona University. Vee is able to ensure the best manpower for services through the recruitment of the brightest students from Technology College in India. Ranked among the top 5 private colleges in India, Vee Technologies and Sona College of Technology conducts world-class certification courses in medical coding and medical billing where only the best students from the life sciences and paramedical streams are selected for healthcare vertical.
Clients are benefiting from their expertise through streamlining processes, improving collections, reducing loss, and substantial savings.
Committed to Clients’ Success
The brand promise of the company is extraordinary outcomes with great emphasis on quality. Vee Technologies focuses so much on quality that it has integrated the quality levels on the contracts with customers as Service Level Agreements. “We focus on adding value to exceeding our customer’s expectations. We believe that the customer is key and prides itself on offering maximum value for clients,” says Chocko.
Vee Technologies has been rated as No. 1 in customer satisfaction in the recent IOAP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals) published in the Fortune magazine. They have done this by offering being local while offering global solutions. We are close to the customer and understand their needs in an innate way.