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VCS Pioneering Time & Labor Management Solutions the Pubic Sector

In an interview with Insights Success, the Founder and CEO of Visual Computer Solutions, Guy DiMemmo shares the key insights over his organization’s delivery of reformative software solutions with an implied emphasis on disruptive innovation and a state of being au fait i.e. having a detailed knowledge of with contemporary technology. Considering these influential and inspirational traits, Insights Success recognizes Visual Computer Solutions as one of the most trusted public sector solution providers of 2018.
Below are highlights of the interview:
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision. 
VCS strives to provide the public sector with state-of-threat Time and Labor Management software, in an effort to improve the efficiency and quality of their workforce. Our ultimate goal is to create unparalleled software solutions that address the rapidly changing technological requirements and governing laws of the public sector.
What are the cutting-edge products and solutions offered by Visual Computer Solutions? 

  1. POSS for Police: POSS is Public Safety’s top choice for time and attendance software that handles unique challenges due to the complexity of shift patterns, rotations, minimum staffing requirements, FLSA labor laws, agency/union rules, etc., and gives users the ability to customize the scheduling system to their precise needs.
  2. COSS for Correctional Agencies and Jails: COSS is the only corrections scheduling and time & attendance solution that exists in the marketplace today. As requested by Correctional Administrators who best understand the complexity of their mandated rules and laws, COSS was designed to include the ability for customization to a facility’s unique requirements.
  3. FIRES for Fire and EMS Agencies: FIRES is an indispensable management tool for supervisors who are responsible for managing the complex and variable schedules of Fire and EMS agencies. The flexible, userfriendly screens automate everything from calendaring, overtime and certifications to payroll, reporting, and broadcast messaging.
  4. AION for Government: AION is a fully integrated scheduling and time/attendance solution for municipal scheduling needs that automates the labor-intensive processes involved with the management of employee time and attendance. With the ability to integrate civilian and non-civilian time keeping needs, AION allows for accurate schedule creation that aligns labor with need while observing all municipality regulatory policies and compliance issues.
  5. Jobs4Blue – Managed Services for Extra Duty: Powered by POSS, Jobs4Blue’s mission is to simplify extra duty management by eliminating the daunting and time-consuming administrative tasks that are typically associated with this process. Jobs4Blue acts as a liaison for the administration of extra-duty jobs, so the extensive man hours and labor costs that typically consume public safety agencies’ time can now be better spent to protect and serve their communities.

Give a detailed description of your influence over the company and the industry. 
Influenced by industry leaders in the public sector, I took on the task of creating a software solution to combat their workforce and scheduling challenges. In 1998, I developed VCS and its flagship solution POSS, the very first computerized system for police scheduling.
POSS was an instant success when it hit the market just a few years later, guiding VCS to almost exclusively service the law enforcement industry. The immediate success of POSS enabled us to take further steps by creating additional products that serve the diverse needs of each government entity. We’re dedicated to running the public sector’s entire behind-the-scenes show so they can remain focused on the frontline.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company. 

  1. Initially created as a solution to assist a local police department, POSS quickly became a phenomenon, now embodying the phrase “the sky is the limit.” In 2016, VCS topped Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing private companies, and POSS is currently powering more than 700 police departments across the U.S.
  2. We’ve learned that technology needs to be ever evolving in order to meet the changing needs of today’s public sector workforce. VCS prides itself on listening to the issues our clients are facing and responding accordingly with software that resolves them.

What are the challenges faced while providing public sector solutions and how is Visual Computer Solutions serving to tackle them? 

  1. Through thorough research and working first-hand with members of the industry, VCS has developed a deeprooted knowledge of “the way things work” in the public sector. We’re completely immersed in the public sector and know not only how to handle – but the precise way to handle – any time and labor management hurdle that may arise.
  2. Hot topics like Overtime and Extra Duty management are challenges within the industry that are easily handled through automation and logic inherently built within the VCS platform.

According to you, what could be the potential future of public sector solution providers and how does Visual Computer Solutions envision sustaining its competency? 
The future is bright as the public sector has really come to understand the importance of technology in the management of their workforce. VCS prides itself on its ever-evolving nature, which means that as the industry grows, we will continue to grow alongside it by always meeting the changing needs and demands of the public sector.
Where does Visual Computer Solutions see itself in the long run and what are its future goals? 
VCS pioneered time and labor management solutions within the public sector and will continue to be the front runner. After experiencing much success within this industry, VCS’ goal is to expand to include HCM offerings for any business looking to efficiently and effectively manage its workforce.
Client Testimonials: 
Since implementing POSS our payroll processing is much faster and efficient. We were additionally able to get rid of all handwritten slips that we had been using for sick time, vacation time and overtime requests which has resulted in a tremendous cost savings for the department. The amount of report options available in POSS is incredible. The system is truly invaluable to us.” – Norma Zamudio, Arcadia Police Department, CA
POSS has enabled Atlantic County (a department of 250 employees) to save more than $70,000 per year simply by effectively managing payroll and overtime while paying for itself in the first year alone.” – Sgt. Anthony Minetti, Atlantic County Department of Public Safety, NJ