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vCloud Group: Virtual Networking Made Simple

The last few years have been marked by a phenomenal increase in the adoption of cloud computing. More organizations are realizing that cloud technology gives them the power to streamline their operations, the flexibility to access data at any time and place, and the freedom to break free of the traditional limitations of business communications.
This potent trifecta of power, flexibility, and freedom is at the center of every solution that Melbourne-based cloud computing specialist, vCloud Group creates for its clients.
A Strong Foundation
The rise of cloud computing as the preferred solution for business has fueled a corresponding surge in the number of cloud solution providers. In this increasingly crowded and competitive environment, vCloud Group sets itself apart with a three-pronged foundation to client satisfaction.
The first of these is an unwavering commitment to providing a completely integrated solution. vCloud Group does not outsource any of its services – its clients can oversee, manage, and modify their cloud infrastructure through a single point of contact. This simplified philosophy improves transparency and enables every client to make better business decisions.
The second prong of vCloud Group’s service strategy is their comprehensive support framework. Apart from the standard phone, web, and email help options, clients can also allow remote access to specialists using any device through Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, or BlackBerry operating systems.
vCloud Group’s third prong is perhaps its most powerful – pricing. By providing their advanced expertise, industry-leading internal R&D developments, and proactive support at competitive prices, the company has leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes.
This means that many traditional limitations no longer apply; their clients have access to technology that is otherwise solely within the reach of large enterprises. These three factors are supported by vCloud Group’s software, which is based on VMware. The industry’s top engineers ensure peak performance and high speed through an advanced network that allows clients to access their resources instantly from any device and any location.
Meeting Challenges Head-on
As is the case with any technology in the first stages of implementation, the cloud computing world is still susceptible to significant paradigm shifts. This volatility has the potential to wreak havoc on providers that do not have a strategy to dampen the effects of such changes.
vCloud Group does, and central to the company’s efforts is its Research & Development department. In-house R&D allows vCloud Group to internalize technological progress in a way that its competitors cannot. It gives them the foresight to anticipate shifts and adjust their platform and strategy to align with the projected changes.
For their clients, this translates to uninterrupted connectivity, seamless workflow, and access to the most advanced and effective cloud technology solutions before any of their competitors.
vCloud Group is no longer just another cloud services provider. The company has evolved to be at the forefront of IT technology, shaping the future of the industry, and paving the way that others will follow for years.
Proactive Management
Strong and informed leadership is critical to any industry-leading company. Charting the company’s groundbreaking course is vCloud Group’s founder and CEO, Trevor Mifsud.
An accomplished computer systems engineer, Trevor has spent almost three decades in the IT industry. His leadership extends beyond vCloud Group; he is also the founder of managed services provider, Associated Computer Engineers (ACEIT).
vCloud Group first made a name for itself in software development and IT networking. This gave the company penetrative insight into the limitations of central repositories of information, like physical servers. Trevor initially focused on backup, security systems, software development and business continuity. This changed with the surge in demand for cloud solutions.
The quick change of tack towards cloud technology alludes to one of Trevor’s key strengths – his holistic understanding of the world of IT. This ability has elevated him from being just a participant in the industry to the status of a thought leader. His talent for farsighted planning gives vCloud Group the edge it needs to maintain a lead over its competitors.
This advantage was demonstrated to the world when the company incorporated SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) based on MPLS networking months before the rest of the industry.
Molding the Future
Few people doubt, that cloud IT services are the future of computing, particularly in the world of business. While vCloud Group has already established itself as one of the most innovative and reliable players in the industry, Trevor’s leadership ensures that complacency does not set in. He places extraordinary emphasis on the R&D aspect of their abilities, and this has already proven to be invaluable.
Trevor is quick to point out that the focus of their research is not solely on cloud computing. Instead, they are driven to develop technological solutions that allow their clients to succeed, without limiting themselves to any specific field. vCloud Group’s clients may come from a range of industries but they have one thing in common – they never compromise with business processes and communications.
Today, vCloud Group has formed long-term business partnerships with more than 20 companies across Australia. It is also surging ahead with new collaborations both within Australia and across the world