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vcita: Digital Momentum of the Business

To easily navigate through the pandemic times, every business, big or small, needs a seamless digital management approach. But streamlining your business digitally is time and cost consuming, you might think. Especially, your billings and payments department.

What if, it is not the case if you chose a solution that is impactful and empowering. A modular platform to make your business digitally seamless in minutes and with a minimal cost. A complete business management partnership will help you expand your business, and not the worries.

That is what exactly vcita provides you and your company. A digital momentum, to transform it into an exhilarating business experience, for you and your clients.

And the range of sectors they are catering to is very wide. From accounting and finance to healthcare and home services, to fitness and other industries, vcita is helping them all to manage their business on the go.

Itzik Levy, Founder & CEO, of vcita has some amazing insights to share about the company’s popularity with businesses across all the domains. In Insight Success’ latest edition of ‘Top 10 Billing & Invoice Solution Companies to Watch‘, he has detailed them for you. Below given are the highlights of that insightful discussion.

Please brief our audience about vcita, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a leading provider of billing and invoicing solutions.

More than just a billing and invoicing solution, vcita is about orchestrating your business, specifically – your billing. Our purpose is to help small businesses run their day-to-day activity and manage their billing, by offering the widest range of payment workflows, supported by advanced features and automation.

vcita’s payment value proposition: vcita’s Payments solution is fully integrated with users’ CRM and calendar, streamlining the payment collection process, freeing business owners from manually attending to these issues and allowing them to focus on what they do best. Using vcita, business owners can organize and automate the uncomfortable task of collecting payments, for services and products. A secure client portal enables clients to pay anytime and anywhere. Professional-looking, branded estimates and invoices are automatically generated according to preference, and polite payment reminders are automatically sent to clients, to ensure on-time payment. A smart yet simple set of reports provides a clear overview and forecast of income.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, what challenges did you face, and how are you currently driving vcita to sustain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees?

While digital transformation was well on its way pre-pandemic, it was certainly accelerated as public safety concerns drove more businesses to offer services, products, and payment options online. For vcita, this meant that we were doubly challenged. On the one hand, we wanted to fully support our clients, and help them survive, and even thrive, though in uncertain times. On the other hand, we were facing physical and emotional challenges of lockdowns, quarantines, and working remotely.

Our team was fully obligated to our users, writing code, creating features, and integrating with other platforms, to empower small businesses to stay afloat. We communicated through video conferencing for the team and personal meetings, created small group activities when possible, and kept the offices open and fully stocked (once lockdown was lifted) so employees who weren’t able or comfortable to work at home, would have their own space.

Working and running a business in a post-pandemic world, we realized that the situation and our ways of dealing with it are dynamic. What has continuously worked for us, is trusting our employees to get the job done. And indeed, they went above and beyond, and with a sense of mission to help our clients’ facing challenges.

Digital transformation is a dynamic process and is by no means complete. As prevalent as running and growing a business online is today, it will be even more necessary going forward. At vcita, we consistently develop the tools that will empower our clients and future clients, to build a business they’re proud of.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs, who aspire to venture into the billing and invoicing solutions niche?

Working with small businesses for as long as we have, we realized that billings are a major pain point for small businesses. Lacking the digital and automated resources available to bigger brands, small business owners often find themselves managing the books and chasing payments for hours every month. This time and effort could be spent on growing the business and serving more clients.

At the same time, small businesses are quick to adjust and adopt new technologies, which opens the door to opportunity and innovation. Entrepreneurs who want to alleviate the payment process pain, need to know they’re setting out on a mission, and it would sometimes seem impossible.

There are millions of businesses, in thousands of verticals across various industries. The potential is limitless and inspiring. The great reward is knowing you made a real impact on real people.

How do you envision scaling vcita’s operations and offerings in 2022?

As customers and clients have grown to expect a seamless experience, including 24*7 online service and touchless payments, small businesses seek the digital tools which would power that customer experience. At vcita, we strive to constantly develop these tools, making new industry standards available to our users. We aim to drive small business growth, by creating and updating tools to manage expenses, cashflow, and reports, while freeing business owners from the need to chase payment for work they’ve done. This constant development along with our long-term commitment to small businesses leads to an evergrowing cohesive management platform, which is fully customizable and open to individual add-ons. Knowing our clients and the market, we strive to anticipate needs before they arise and work to create the right tools to satisfy those needs.