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Valuehire: Redefining Recruitment Processes with Technology

Valuehire is an effective and easy-to-use cloud based recruitment software designed for recruitment agencies and staffing firms in any industry or location. Based out of New Delhi, India, Valuehire was among the first to launch a subscription-based offering in the local market in 2012. Currently, the company primarily serves recruiters across India, Asia, and the Middle East regions. The key features include client and contract management, contracts and invoicing, jobs management, candidate database and search, Application Tracking System (ATS), reporting and alerts. Giving high priority to customer feedback is part of the company’s DNA and the product can be customized according to customer demands.
Company Background
Dhruv Gupta, Founder and CEO of Valuehire, returned to India from the US in late 2010 after working for more than a decade in IT project management. He always wanted to do something of his own and realized that there are a few things which would always be in demand such as housing, fashion, food, and jobs. He decided to focus on recruitment and in subsequent conversations with several recruiters he understood that they were still heavily dependent on using Excel and shared folders to manage all their work. Market research indicated that there were thousands of recruitment agencies in India and a few hundred thousand around the world with a majority being small companies who were yet to embrace cloud-based technologies. Even though there were international products already available with similar offerings their price points were too high or they were not customized for international markets.
To provide a better alternative to recruiters, Valuehire was built as a SaaS/Cloud-based product offering. Today, Valuehire empowers recruiters and helps make them more efficient and responsive to their candidates and clients. With its enhanced search and matching capability options, recruiters can better address the ‘candidate-job fit’ problem and close more jobs quickly.
Benefits to Clients
The primary benefit which Valuehire offers is migration from manual processes to a workflow-based application where user data is secure, centralized, and searchable. For a recruitment business, this can help them earn more revenues due to increased team productivity, better management of client, job, and candidate data, and instant reporting.
Being offered as a subscription service makes it very affordable because customers don’t have to purchase, install, and maintain expensive software and hardware. One only needs to pay on a per login basis based on the size of the team and chosen plan.
As a self-service application, recruiters can start using Valuehire within minutes to manage their entire recruitment business. More established agencies can even opt for paid customizations and integrations with third party tools to streamline their business processes.
Another key benefit is that recruitment agencies can themselves choose which features and data each person in their company can use with just a few clicks. For example, a recruiter may only view her assigned jobs, not add or edit any job, see only candidates uploaded by her team, access three reports, and not see invoice details. So by simplifying the user’s interface while providing flexibility in access control, Valuehire can be used by both small agencies with a couple of recruiters in one location to larger agencies with teams in multiple cities or countries.
Last but not least, the team’s interactions with hundreds of recruitment agencies over the last six years has enabled them to share best practices and insights into growing a recruitment agency more effectively with their customers.
Future Plans
During the last couple of years, the IT industry has seen massive developments in mobile technologies, AI, and machine learning. With these constant changes taking place, HR technology vendors have been quick to incorporate new technologies to sell their products. However, the reality is that the adoption of technology by recruiters and HR executives has been traditionally slower as compared to other industries for various reasons. Mr. Gupta shared his views on this and said that one must wait for a new technology to become more mainstream, and the needs of younger recruiters should be given higher priority as they will become the primary decision-makers in their companies in the coming years.
Valuehire plans to stay focused on their core recruitment software product as they believe that even now a majority of recruitment and staffing agencies still depend on Excel and folders to run their business, so the opportunity to convert them remains large. Technologies change rapidly but customers don’t, so one needs to constantly stay aligned with customer needs and demands.

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