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VALOR SYSTEMS, INC.: Redefining the Benchmarks of Public Safety and Security

Taking into consideration, the drive to ceaselessly transform the ever-evolving Incident Management ecosystem, formulation of contemporary public safety and security strategies, delivery of reformative solutions and services, and a profound knack for innovation, Valor Systems, Inc. has been recognized as the most trusted public sector solution providers.
For 24 years, Valor Systems has provided solutions and services to the State and Local Public Safety Agencies, the Private Security market, and the United States Department of Defense, with absolute commitment. The organization takes pride to have served numerous market segments as a trusted Incident Management resource for Law, Fire, EMS and Security. When it comes to the question of customer satisfaction, the organization has successfully and efficiently maintained relationships from the first year of its sales with reinforced commitment towards its vast and diverse clientele.
The organization has always been extensively agile and customer-driven. It evidently comprehends that the world is changing, and public safety and security needs and requirements are growing more complex every day. Valor also understands that as a solution provider, it must be willing, and be efficient to adapt quickly to any and all kinds of public safety and security needs. Retaining the essence of its motto, “We listen. We learn. We deliver,” the organization, before demonstrating its Incident Management System, makes sure to completely understand where the client agency has come from, both technically and operationally, the current environment of the client, and what vision they hold for the future. Valor Systems also recognizes that agencies of all sizes have distinct requirements. Whether an agency operates independently, or in a consolidated model, a true solution provider must identify the differences and deliver a solution that adapts to the clients’ versatile needs, and that is what Valor Systems asserts and follows.
The spotlight is now on an Incident Management System developed by Valor Systems, that is flexible enough to empower an agency to build and configure new user defined fields and business rules that keeps up with future requirements.
Personifying Optimism and Excellence 
William Rendina aka Bill is the Chief Visionary Officer at Valor Systems, Inc. He acknowledges the endless possibilities one can achieve with the right team. Bill has undergone the enlightening process of self-development through his tenure and numerous positions held in fortune 500 tech companies, allowing him to fully understand responsibility and accountability at all levels. Bill’s passion for public safety and security is contagious, and that has pushed the organization’s team to exemplify total commitment to this special industry. Serving as the CVO allows Bill’s creativity, vision and passion to merge and develop into new products. He has also presented in various speaking engagements on U.S. Military Bases and Crisis Preparedness Symposiums at Fortune 500 Companies.
Crafting Innovation 
Valor Systems has ceaselessly focused its efforts in developing and delivering Dispatch and Records solutions with an exceptional User Experience. The organization has palpably realized that a great user experience is imperative, while serving a role wherein a dispatcher works extended hours at the console, to the field officer who needs timely and accurate bi-directional information on a smartphone.
Valor Systems has also taken initiatives to eliminate silo applications and deliver a ‘unified’ User Experience across various technologies for the dispatcher and all field personnel, offering maximum efficiencies throughout their operation. To help solve cases, agencies utilize a newly developed Valor Link Analysis to visualize and connect incidents, people, vehicles and more.
A Triumphant Voyage 
Through various experiences, Valor Systems has learned the value of offering a solution that scales to various markets. The organization also realizes that many agencies work within a common public safety framework but have many unique requirements. Similarly, mandates and various needs are based on the size of area serviced, demographics, geography, and whether state, local or federal.
Pertaining to this, Valor Systems has a strong track record of serving Public Safety Answering Points with 2-20 dispatchers, to U.S Military Bases around the world, and many Fortune 500 Companies, one of which dispatches across 27 countries. All of this achieved with the same scalable and configurable software.
Valor Systems also comprehends that often times, vendors say anything to win the business. Shedding light over this issue, the organization believes, vendors should “earn” the business by engaging in a fully-functional, no-cost, trial of the software as proposed. This allows the agency to clearly understand Valor Systems’ approach to their specific needs and ensure that expectations are met. The organization has delivered many successful implementations from start, to go-live, within a one-week period and without any prior commitment from the potential customer.
Valor Systems believes it is important to immerse oneself in the environment of public safety officials. New solutions cannot be developed without understanding challenges which the first responders and other emergency personnel face in their daily operations. Valor participates in security and safety training courses to help define new solutions for multiple stakeholders across an enterprise.
Where many of the organization’s competitors have merged and offer competing systems within the same company, Valor System remains focused on developing scalable, configurable, customer-driven solutions. It has achieved this by listening to customers, staying ahead of the competition, and with focus on a single-code base Incident Management solution, Valor Systems will retain its position as a true leader in public safety and beyond.
A Gratified Clientele 
“When it comes to providing a Computer Aided Dispatch solution, Valor Systems makes it happen. Too often, we have encountered organizations, on other projects, that promise to meet the needs of the DOD only to disappoint. Valor Systems, has met the unique Navy requirements to insure the safety of our overseas installations and the people who call it home.” – Mr. Brad Krull, Technical Project Leader IV, Navy Emergency Response Systems
“Valor Systems is one of the few vendors we partner with who consistently deliver what they promise.” – Mr. Peter DeNutte, Assistant Director, New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Communications – Department of Safety
“Valor Systems has proven to be extremely responsive to our needs, and have implemented many new concepts as the system has evolved.” – Mr. Michael Kindle, 911 Services, Macon County, Missouri