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Vaios Vaitsis: The Clairvoyant, Fabricating the Vital Needs of the Customer Experience Optimisation

When one studies great entrepreneurs, there are individual traits that will stand out; however, there are few traits that are common amongst most. These traits sometimes are a gift and sometimes attained, but in both the cases, observing the need of industry is mandatory to succeed in entrepreneurship. Vaios Vaitsis, the Founder and CEO, of Validata observed such industry needs and established a platform that caters one of a kind and unique services.
The Commencement of the Platform
Vaios possesses profound knowledge in data life cycle management, project intelligence, and test analytics software.  He acquired these skills by developing software for companies through the development of global partnerships and channel sales. Prior to Validata, he was the Founder, President, and CEO of two successful startups, where he was responsible for developing channel sales & franchising alongside with talent acquisition and team building.
Strength of Vaios lies in his ability to observe the needs of clients and the industry. He has the ability to adapt to unpredictable circumstances and a unique understanding of market accelerators. Leveraging extensive knowledge and experience of the application lifecycle management (ALM) over three decades, he saw the need for the model-driven, integrated ALM solution coupled with the automated testing capabilities. Based on his understanding and vision, he established Validata in 2004. With thirty years of experience in the two startup software industries, and unique expertise in the field of software test automation, he is a progressive entrepreneur in the software industry.
Validata- Platform for the Open Enterprise
Vaios’s vision was to make the most mature, easy-to-use platform for the software industry. Envisioning this vision, Validata, a script-less, no-code platform, radically accelerates the delivery of digital testing. It is powered by the industry-leading model-based test automation, agile test data management, provisioning, service virtualization, and many more services. The platform offers a unique approach, focused only on the thing that matters: The End User. It validates, predicts and monitors the user experience both before and after each release, across the multiple channels of engagement focusing on testing the true, end-to-end user journey.
It is a platform that provides unified DevOps and Continuous Testing. This platform is capable of integrating itself with both open source and commercial software such as HP QC, CA clarity, Atlassian Jira etc. while delivering a ‘single version of the truth’ across all the projects. It enhances DevOps pipelines, linking business, development, and operations enabling faster product delivery with visibility ensuring optimal digital experience and delighting customers by meeting their goals. After observing the software future, Vaios made sure to integrate AI, machine learning with Validata to make it more intelligent, and be able to automatically search for bugs which further increase the user experience with better quality alongside with the increased productivity and lower costs.
“Packaged applications like core banking systems are the core of critical business processes and intelligent test automation is now a critical business requirement to unlock and accelerate digital transformation,” says Vaios
“We have reached a critical point where everything that companies did before is no longer enough. The rise of Digital Technologies, web and mobile apps is changing the behaviour of banks with a dramatic change identified in end customer experiences, operational processes, and business models for engagement. “
In this digital application economy where most of the testing today still being manual or semi-automated, Validata’s breakthrough technology enables QA and DevOps teams deliver quality at speed and increase test coverage and scalability in a way that manual testing or traditional scripting could never have done before.
Embracing Challenges as an Opportunity
Vaios started his journey in the market that had less knowledge about automation. The initial establishment of his business did not go hand-in-hand with investors. Industry’s sceptical nature about the venture of world of robotics and automation kept these investors on hold. Banks were reluctant in initiating a cultural shift and embracing a change. They were also reluctant in adopting new technologies and ways of providing services, especially to the new companies. At the same time, Vaios also had to compete with the established technology giants. However, he embraced these challenges and his success and the company’s growth successfully proves company’s early critics wrong.
Observing the Industry Needs
The software testing industry was lacking innovation in the last decade. Organizations were adopting immature solutions which were limited in integration capabilities, end-to-end testing coverage, and preventing fast ROI. This situation resulted in an increase in the overall cost of ownership. Consequently, test automation was failing because it was expensive to maintain and withstand the manufacturing process.
Vaios perceived that, if a software vendor could produce repeatable testing assets, it would eliminate the additional costs of the automation script maintenance which are a resource-intensive and expensive every time an application undergoes a change. Clients will be able to adopt test automation as a strategic long-term solution and benefit from lower costs and faster ROI.
A Unique Philosophy
Validata and Vaios, both are all about customer satisfaction and try to get themselves in the customer’s shoes to gain competitive edge. Vaios says “’how we have always done it’ mentality will only hold you back”.
While describing Validata’s vision, Vaios says “We drive innovation. We hire smart, innovative people with a track record of doing smart work. There is no room for primadonnas. We all strive to remain humble and deliver great work that makes us proud”.
Self-Motivation is the Real Key towards Success
Vaios always tries to lead company with his enthusiasm and passion. He thinks that “the real motivation comes from inside and feeling passionate about what you do”. According to him this is the most prominent way to hold the roots of success.
Priming the Company for the Future
The company looks further to invest in recruiting new people and opening new offices across Asia and the US to support their rapidly evolving client base. Vaios sees Validata even further on its current way to consolidate its position as a global leader. He knows, to stay on top, he needs to stay ahead of all technological trends and continuously turn ideas into innovations.
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