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Vaco SF: Managing, Building and Leading Outsourced Efforts

Sooner or later, every business irrespective of its shape and size are prone to face some sort of IT issue. As these problems pile up for an organization, IT firms need to expend more time and resource to tackle with the same. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) brings-about the best solution for Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses, and curbs-down any stress centered-around data-security or other tech issues. MSP is typically a 3rd party vendor company that offers a turnkey solution (people, process and technology) for outsourcing. Standing tall among its industry contemporaries, Vaco SF is one of the premier providers of Digital Managed Services to some of the leading digital media companies in the world.
Located in the mecca of technological innovation, Silicon Valley, surrounded by some of the most brilliant, innovative and creative minds across the world, Vaco SF helps meet business needs with its unmatched Managed Services Solutions. The company understands the significance of being flexible and agile, and its personalized approach is the combined reason why leading Silicon Valley companies choose Vaco to manage, build and lead outsourced efforts. Simply put, Vaco offers Big 4 services at discounted prices.
Consistent Actions Yielding Consistent Results
Boasting a diverse internal team that strives to be at their best, Vaco consistently manages to find new ways to improve what it does and how it is to be done. It takes care of everyday business operations and projects around content support and tech, which you don’t want to deal with, enabling you to focus solely on your core business proceedings. Its Managed Services Solutions has and continues to consistently meet the business needs of leading global companies.
Leaders who Held on to their Vision and Translated it into Reality
Jim Jhanda, The Managing Partner at Vaco, is the visionary and maverick that led the firm to what it is known as today. Under Jim’s resolute vision, unique management style and personal sales production—Vaco SF—has quickly become the elite office of Vaco.  As Managing Partner, Jim shoulders the responsibility for day-to-day management of sales, recruiting, operations, client management, and the overall strategic management of the firm.
Additionally, Jim has developed and managed several clients, and has been the #1 Producer for Vaco since 2013. He carries extensive experience with Business Development and Leadership within e-Commerce and Digital Media.
Atul Bhave, COO of Vaco, drives the offshore and operational excellence at the company. In addition, he is driver behind a number of key acquisitions for Vaco SF and expansion of the largest client. Prior to Vaco, Atul worked with GE and Wells Fargo. With a work style that is engaging but not micromanaging, Atul’s past experiences include roles in Global Business Development and Strategy & Operational Leader.
Gary Fenton, VP of Consulting Services, is the man who leads all of Vaco’s  consulting engagements. He has over 15 years of Process Excellence and Operations Leadership up to 190 spans of control. His past experiences include working at Amazon, UPS, and Pepsico.
More than Just a Name
Vaco (va – cō) in Latin means to free oneself from a master.
To the customers it caters to, Vaco is more than just a name. Incepting out of the minds of three rebellious veterans of “Big 4” firms, Vaco went on to become a one of a kind managed service company. A company where the best and the brightest are free to reach their optimum potential, where freedom is not aimed for, rather preached, and where the most brilliant minds and passionate individuals would happily spend their entire work-life.
Summed up perfectly by Atul, “Vaco is the go-to firm if you want to incubate a new workflow and build process around chaos.”
Turning the Initial Challenge into (a) Stepping Stone
For Vaco, the biggest challenge for them initially was to get its brand out there in the cluttered marketplace. As with any other companies, making sure that it had the right programs and benefits in place to keep everyone happy, while at the same time enabling them to perform at their best was a vivid challenge for Vaco.
“We had to stand out from the rest but knew balancing business needs and employee needs was important,” Jim recalls.
Vaco realized that there are things that are beyond its control, but it was imperative for the company to make sure that it builds a culture which would be successful for the company. The realization that it starts from the inside-out helped the company to create a winning recipe, one which eventually helped Vaco to stand out among the crowd.
Providing Solutions of Highest Value
Vaco is an expert in Content Review/Curation, Localization, Support, Data Management and Machine Learning. It provides project management solutions, quality management solutions, software development and testing outsourcing to ultimately curb-down the cost and delivery time of software and IT projects.
Vaco works with you to develop a customized, flexible solution that addresses your IT project, saves money, and allows you to free yourself to focus on the core business processes, which are key to attain business success. Providing IT solutions, to ultimately help reduce the cost and delivery time of software and IT projects is what Vaco does best.
With the help of its Managed Services offering, the company helps define the specific solution that best meets your needs in areas, such as Technology & IT Operations, HR Operations, Project Management, and Software Development Life Cycles. Vaco’s Managed Services include Rebadging and Knowledge transfer, SLA Management, tools automation, business analytics, incubation, product launch support, instructional design, training and documentation, QA Framework, Coaching and development, staffing validation, hiring and recruiting, Business reviews, and more.
No Cookie Cutter Methodologies
Vaco does not offer any cookie cutter methodologies – it builds customized solutions that might be different for each customer. The company works closely with clients to develop a customized and flexible solution, thereby addressing their project initiatives. It provides projects that range from help desk support to software development, to strategic project management.
Vaco provides project management solutions, quality management solutions, software development and testing outsourcing, to ultimately reduce the cost and delivery time of software and IT projects.

  • Vaco is not a BPO Company looking to offshore all work – It operates under tight margins onsite.
  • Vaco is not a “hidden cost” provider – Its pricing and invoicing process is transparent.
  • Vaco is not competitor focused – It primarily focuses on its clients and their OKRs.
  • Vaco is not self-serving – It flexes its muscles to changing business requirements.
  • Vaco is not hesitant – It listens to both its employees and clients.
  • Vaco is not chaotic – It moves fast but with an unyielding focus on quality.
  • Vaco is not unwilling – It is willing to take on any project; of any size, scope, state of maturity and any value to the client.

Rising above the Competition
Vaco’s core value proposition is its unique business model, allowing the company to provide managed services at price points 30% lower than its “Big 4” competition. Vaco SF comprises over 30 years of dedicated leaders with 60-plus years of combined MSP leadership experience, with an established culture dedicated to process improvement.
Vaco provides highly engaged employees—weekly, monthly get-togethers, quarterly all hands meetings, peer bonuses—for full-time employees. It holds a proven track record of top-tier talent for a minimal cost. Vaco SF provides a fast-moving environment, with no bureaucracy and locally dedicated support including 100 shared delivery/staffing coordinators. Additionally, the company provides on-site HR and Mental wellness support and is able to support 45 languages in the US, presently.
Adopting to Changing IT Landscape with Ease
“We are a thought leader. We have seasoned pros, deep local networks, and we are informed opinion leaders making us the go-to firm for Managed Service. Because we are located smack dab in Silicon Valley, the mecca of technology, we inspire and are surrounded by people who inspire innovative ideas. Staying relevant and being aware of the changing IT landscape comes naturally to us. We are workforce management experts and maintain business continuity and make real-time adjustments to overcome shrinkage and changing business needs,” asserts Jim.

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