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V Zone International

V Zone International: The Trace of Your Fleets and the Trail of Your Assets

V Zone International, LLC is a technology solution provider company popularly known as “Fleet-technology Brainboxes”. V Zone International is Preeminent in Fleet Management, GPRS based Vehicle Tracking & a homogeneous Solutionist globally since 2010, Headquartered in Dubai. The company has the great product list, VZoneTrack series, which has proven a history of more than 8 years in the GCC. This helps clients’ to enhance the efficiency of their business operations; the company’s clients are delighted to use their industry’s best GPS Vehicle tracking and fleet management system. Recognized by Dubai police and Telecom Regulatory Authority of UAE, V Zone International has a significant history of official GPS partners with many reputed organizations in the GCC.
Like hundreds of other smart and clever organizations who have decided to put a stop to the misuse of their resources and have now chosen to become a customer of V Zone International. By using V Zone International’s reliable and well reputed GPS Vehicle tracking, monitoring and controlling systems help clients utilize time and resources in the best of all manners without wasting a penny. V Zone International has a wide product range starting from the basic trackers for the rent-a-cars to the in-vehicle Camera and high-tech solutions with GPS based live video feed systems added with high-end security measures. First time in GCC, V Zone International developed the Biometric Driver ID solutions for the foolproof tracking of the users’ fleet with fingerprint-based driver identification inside the vehicle. Also, the company is a pioneer in the Emirates ID based solutions in-car fleet management and tracking solutions. Automatic Passenger Counting System for Transit Video Surveillance System, which contributes highly to the manpower supply organizations as well as the schools. V Zone International’s applications and devices are programmed to guarantee savings on Money, Time, Resources, Manpower, Maintenance and Business operations.
The Architect behind V Zone International
Dr. Anwar Mohammed is the Founder and CEO of V Zone International Group. He spent his early career in the 1998’s in the education sector. Starting as the founder of multi-purposes English School in Rural Villages of India, he spent most of his time on diversification in the education field. Later he shifted the focus to Management field and migrated to UAE. Starting his career with a biotechnology firm as Finance and Administrative Manager. Two years later, he focused on startup business and interested in GPS Tracking Services.
Dr. Anwar Mohammed’s vision is to integrate more friendly smiles into any theme of work that is to be undertaken and develop inspirational solutions and service applications that serve more than monetary benefits and are in tune with elevated goals towards humanity. Dr. Anwar Mohammed was born in 1978 and holds a post graduate degree in commerce with additional qualifications in Business Management. He is a Ph.D. holder in business management.
Extraordinary Innovative Solutions
VZoneTrack provides 360° solutions for the growing organizations with the unique demand. It has GPS tracking solutions, which helps the client to track the fleet in real time as well as the history of the fleet movements. The comprehensive reporting system was developed by in-house R&D team who constantly improves the current system based on the client feedbacks and develop the innovative features like Biometric Driver ID solutions, Emirates ID based solutions, Mobile DVR based camera solutions etc.
VZoneTrackFB (Fleet Budgeting) foresee the cost of the individual fleet activities and related costs. The fleet manager can budget the cost at the Q1 of the financial year and reconcile at each upcoming period based on the real-time data from VZoneTrack.
VZoneTrack4D contribute greatly to the FMCG industry in the GCC market with the Plan-Execute-Monitor-Improve cycle coupled with an ingenious algorithm; helps to reduce the operational cost of the organizations with the route planning, on-time delivery, and improved supply chain process. Annual savings are in millions for their clients and the product is greatly accepted as a key parameter in the growth of the organization.
One of the key issues faced by the manpower supply and MEP companies leads to the development of VZoneTrackT&A. The entire manpower and resource planning can be done through this software. The software ensures that the demands from the client are met with on-time arrivals of an employee at the sites and the Real-time view of the operations through the Key Performance Index based dashboard. The employee attendance at entry and exit is recorded electronically and any delays and absentee are notified real time to the control center.
VZoneTrackFM (Fleet Maintenance) takes care of the entire fleet workshop activities and related cost. The fleet manager has a clear idea about the maintenance due dates for the services and other related reminders. This feature alone contributes to the saving of about 10-20 % of the parts and maintenance cost.
Mobile data terminal integrated with RFID, CANBUS, Fuel sensors, navigation, ADAS, driver behavior are some of the add-ons that come with the current system. Car License Plate Recognition Camera With HLC and Smart Electronic Shutter Speed are utilized in special projects.
Customer Oriented Approach
The unique features designed by the VZone R&D team is focused on the client requirements and the related cost savings in terms of Money, Time, Resources, Manpower, Maintenance and Business operations. VZone clients either can reduce the size of the fleet or take more business operations from the existing fleet by improving the efficiency of the operations.
Future Roadmap of V Zone International
The in-house R&D team of V Zone International constantly monitors the challenges in the industry and conducts a seamless contact with the clients, whose feedbacks are the backbone of the recent developments of the innovative features. The latest 5G development calls for a high-speed MDVR solution. The company is also upgrading its current products to IoT platform. Also, Advanced Research on the Front Line of Artificial Intelligence over VzoneTrack is in the Labs.