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UVision: Defining Next Generation Technology

At present, technology is involved in every single market segment and vertical, so it comes as no surprise how technology is changing every aspect of the business world. These rapid advancements that have impacted the world are remarkable and have revolutionized business operations. By adopting next generation technologies, UVision helps innovation-minded organizations to develop a competitive advantage. In this era of digital evolution, UVision has defined its purpose to build smart, scalable and secure next generation technology solutions for consumers and organizations.
Headquartered in Reston, VA, UVision provides advanced technology solutions, R&D, consulting and advisory services for clients spanning from small business, enterprises & government. UVision also builds game changing products for consumers and enterprises. UVision aids the evolution of next generation technologies through custom data, web, mobile, IoT, AI & cloud technologies. By leveraging agile processes, a multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, design thinking and results driven execution, UVision excels in developing ideas and concepts into market-focused technology products and customer-driven solutions.
Delivering Smart Solutions 
UVision develops custom solutions and implements advanced solutions to help its customers transform, innovate & grow their organization. They begin by assessing their needs through strategic gap analysis assessments and by tailoring strategies and roadmaps as well as advisory services. It provides superior capabilities to help small and large organizations alike in building smart, scalable & secure technology solutions. Using cutting edge technologies, it develops new products to accelerate innovation for organizations & improve people’s lives to drive meaningful change in the world.
The Company’s broad range of solutions includes:

  • AI, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence
  • Big Data, Analytics & Data Science
  • Custom Web, Mobile, IoT & Enterprise Software
  • Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS & IoT Platforms
  • Threat & Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Regulatory Intelligence & Compliance Solutions

UVision utilizes advanced approaches to help organizations make sense of data, enhance productivity, improve bottom line, mitigate risks and be more resilient along with full application life-cycle management. It also helps its clients to engage their customers across a broad and ever-growing digital ecosystem that includes interactive applications, social media, search, video, media, sensors and IoT platforms.
An Ingenious Mind 
UVision has grown under the leadership of Omar Uddin, the Founder and CEO. Apart from being CEO, Omar is also a technology executive, inventor, advisor, technologist, and entrepreneur with a successful track record of building technology solutions from ideas to implementations. He has gathered more than 20 years of experience spanning public and private sectors and in the technology industry including advising startups, businesses, government contractors as well as corporations such as Microsoft and Google.
Under Omar’s leadership, UVision has developed and integrated solutions for organizations in mission-critical sectors such as defense, homeland security, and government as well as solutions for high-tech startups and enterprises including intranet, secure mobile communications, Software as a Service (SaaS), e-commerce, m-commerce, e learning, asset management, risk management, gap analysis assessments and business intelligence. Drawing from his extensive background in emerging technologies and experience in multiple platforms, architectures and projects in various industries, Omar has helped define UVision’s management, engineering, development and technology consulting approach.
A Novel Approach 
UVision provides clients a tiered approach of assessments and advisory services in addition to consulting and application development services combined with various technology solutions. Tailored assessments and advisory services help clients de-risk organizations by avoiding mistakes, accelerating a path to success as well as to help them streamline their process, reduce cost and improve bottom lines. UVision also provides solutions for cloud and on-device edge computing with secure architectures and smart systems built with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning & machine intelligence.
Uvision combines smart systems, scalable platforms and secure solutions into every new project and opportunity. It is not only limited to IT, IoT and software stacks, but also help its clients by leveraging proprietary technology solutions including patented technologies from their own portfolio as well as through partnerships.
A Flexible Strategy 
Over 14 years of operation, UVision was required at times to alter strategic plans due to changes in markets, competition and to pursue bigger opportunities. In turn, this often led to changes in personnel, capabilities, IP and offerings as well. According to UVision, developing new products and working with constrained resources is a common, but challenging task. Thus, the company adopted a hybrid of flexible strategies and methodologies combined with learning, agility and continuous innovation. This strategy helped the company grow and stay relevant by creating new models for the problems.
Leveraging Technological Advancements 
Advancements in AI, analytics, machine intelligence and cloud computing have made it important for small and large companies to build, support & grow often by acquiring or developing critical game changing advantages over competitors.
UVision helps organizations prepare for their new concepts and new growth strategies by working in a consultative and collaborative approach to solve difficult business challenges. The company enables its clients to improve operations and develop strategies for reducing costs through tailored strategic planning and risk identification. By doing so, UVision empowers clients to grow through data-driven solutions and reengineering, providing capabilities and resources with more ROI, business value and new opportunities. Through this process, clients are able to leverage a variety of solutions that leads to results & value for their end customers.
Future-driven Vision 
UVision is focused on developing and integrating solutions to enable clients to engage their customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and transform their business using innovative methods such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, VR and AR, and the Internet of Things. UVision also aids clients in maintaining compliance within their operations and platforms through compliance mapping & auditting solutions that can benefit the entire organization for governance, risk and regulatory compliance concerns. UVision is also developing innovations in information intelligence, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and immersive realities which are important technology advancements in the world today. By doing so, the company is aiming to provide more useful solutions and value to people and organizations in the future.