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UVision: Building Next Generation Solutions

Headquartered in Reston, VA, UVision is a technology solutions company dedicated to the creation of smart, scalable and secure solutions to create a better, smarter and safer world. UVision provides advisory services, development capabilities and managed services to drive results for businesses building custom web, mobile, IoT as well as data-driven technology products.
UVision’s clients range from startups to small businesses to large enterprises. The company helps their clients to define, create and grow next generation technology and solutions. It builds innovative solutions to help organizations transform, innovate and grow in addition to new ways to make sense of data, enhance productivity, improve the bottom line, mitigate risks and be more resilient.
UVision also helps its clients to engage their customers across the digital ecosystem including interactive applications, web, mobile, desktop, search, video, media, sensors & Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.
The company has developed and integrated solutions for organizations in mission-critical sectors such as defense, homeland security, government as well as solutions for high-tech startups and enterprises including intranet, secure mobile communications, SaaS, e-commerce, mcommerce, e-learning, asset management, risk management, gap analysis assessments and business intelligence.
It has developed solutions in legal, e-discovery, regulated industries, financial, supply chain, manufacturing, transportation, health care, education, marketing, kiosk, hospitality, travel, real estate, nonprofit and entertainment.
A Massively Experienced Leader 
Omar Uddin is the Founder and CEO of UVision. He is a technology executive, inventor, advisor, technologist, and entrepreneur with a successful track record of building innovative solutions from idea to implementation.
He has more than 20 years of experience spanning public and private sectors in the technology industry including advising startups, businesses, government contractors as well as corporations such as Microsoft and Google.
Differentiating Itself from its Competitors 
Unlike other similar firms, UVision provides on-going advisory services, early stage and enterprise assessments in addition to providing custom outsourced development services and also provides solutions for cloud and on device edge computing through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning & machine intelligence.
The company stated that one of the best projects they did was in 2014, when it was able to help develop TechMatch, an intuitive innovation platform aiming to foster and promote innovation across a number of different industries from cybersecurity, healthcare, cleantech, venture capital & startup competitions. TechMatch platform enables technology matching, searching, reviewing, business investment screening, social networking & connection. Derived from national security defense scouting efforts, TechMatch is a solution for corporate procurement, sourcing and M&A targeting of companies with relevant data. UVision was able to help turn around the platform leading to cutting costs by 90% while also paving the way for more growth. UVision was able to accomplish this by rebuilding the platform on the cloud as well as by augmenting internal team capabilities with distributed hybrid shoring teams working in an agile process to adapt to changing client program goals.
Uvision is focused on delivering intelligent, interactive and innovative solutions & services to help its clients achieve their vision, drive better decisions & deliver value to their consumers.
The organization helps high-tech companies and growing organizations to de-risk their business, avoid mistakes and accelerate a path to success through tailored assessments and advisory guidance.
UVision is bolstered by a distributed team which has collectively developed over 100 solutions with design and engineering teams specializing in data-driven technology solutions & product development. The organization provides a tiered offering of capabilities starting with advisory services, assessments, consulting services and dedicated cross functional agile teams. A distributed team lets the company tap into deep expertise in specific areas.
The organization also provides a variety of solutions through its own solutions and products as well as through partnerships allowing its clients to leverage & integrate the best of breed technologies and solutions for their organization. UVision also provides a solution to help clients with risk, regulation and compliance solutions, as well as threat and cybersecurity solutions.
When the Tough Gets Going 
UVision helps organizations develop technology development plans for new platforms and also turn around difficult business situations including derailed projects. UVision has a track record helping clients avoid failure, reputation risk & help reduce financial losses and increase profits.
UVision has been able to help clients transform, innovate and grow by cutting costs through tailored risk assessments, and gap analysis and then enabling transformation through re-engineering yielding more ROI and business value.
UVision is continuing to leverage and develop new solutions to help its clients SMEs and startups. The organization is also developing data-driven technologies as well as business intelligence and risk intelligence solutions to assess and prioritize risk and change management. It is developing new innovations in artificial intelligence and immersive realities which are important technology trends in the world today that will become even better in the future as these new technology platforms mature and become adopted around the world and throughout many industries.

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