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UST Global: Bridging the gap between Insights and Actions through digital levers

CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella had once said that “Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data (and) all of this will be mediated by software”. That statement alludes to the immense potential software technology has to transform our lives.
Software industry giants are ideating various innovative platforms to change how we work, play, and interact. However, to really make an impact in the market, their products have to be especially relevant and duly transformative.
UST Global is a digital technology service company that provides next generation digital solutions for Global 1000 companies. It aims to transform the lives of its clients and their customers through the power of digital technologies. The company’s design capabilities bridge the gap between insight and action through digital levers like mobile, social, analytics, cloud, cyber security, and augmented intelligence.
UST Global is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California and has over 17,000 associates operating in 25 countries across four continents.
Strategized Software Acceleration for Every Business
UST Global develops cutting-edge technologies for unstructured and complex business problems by emphasizing three key business ideas: Digital Technology Services, Innovation and Incubation Business, and Products and Platforms. It creates flexible solutions that leverage organizational process.
Innovation PodTM is UST Global’s unique business acceleration method that provides profitable digital solutions to stakeholders. The company discovers and develops the ideal platform for each client by investing between 6 to 12 weeks on research before going to the drawing board.
It also facilitates Infinity LabsTM and ecosystems for further innovation, and reduces cycle time from ideas to minimum viable products. Such exercises validate innovative concepts while minimizing the investment of expense and time by stakeholders. This approach has been extremely effective and is commercially utilized by many Fortune 500 companies.
Distinguished Business Models
The business model of ‘Fewer CLIENTS, More ATTENTION’ has been the key differentiator of UST Global since its inception in 1999.
The company follows a transactional vendor delivery model, which helps it to seize the opportunity to design business as a human experience in these digital times. It brings a human-centered approach to design which enables customers to intuitively adapt them.
The innovative approach and creative audacity in creating software ecosystems which is part of the UST Global brand sets the company apart from its competitors. Its combination of deep consumer insights and technology empowers UST’s clients to fast-track their businesses digitally.
The Creative Catalyst
Sajan Pillai is the CEO of UST Global, a member of its Board of Directors and the primal catalyst behind the company’s growth and acquisitions. He founded the company with a team of just 20 employees in 1999; since then, it has prospered under Sajan’s leadership and today UST Global employs more than 17,000 specialists at state-of-the-art centers across 25 countries.
Sajan fosters the core value of innovation at his company and ensures an environment of ongoing change and improvement – this has helped UST Global to consistently attract the most dedicated and talented people. Sajan inspires them to uncover new, measurable, and sustainable ways of providing value to clients.
He is currently leading UST Global to digitally disrupt and transform global businesses. His efforts have been rewarded with his recognition as one of the elite 100 CEO Leaders in STEM by STEMConnector. Sajan is equally passionate about social capital and education, and has spoken extensively on subjects like educational media in the U.S.
When we started, we figured that, in order for a company to be successful for the next millennium, you need to have a purpose larger than oneself — something beyond a traditional sense of business operations – and hence our mission of Transforming Lives; which continues to guide us on this amazing journey,” he says.
Sajan believes that a curious and positively-developed solution mindset in promising entrepreneurs is indispensable for success – those traits enhance learning abilities and connect the individual to the ever-changing rhythms of the industry and their respective clients.
Transformative Features
The software industry has always attracted talented and capable individuals, and that creates an atmosphere of stiff competition that foment change.
UST Global’s formula for success is to focus on key essentials while introducing a new service. It delivers speed and agility in customer experience while building social capital among the operating organizations. The company creates jobs, trains employees, invests in human capital development, and spurs technology innovations to transform the corporate world.
Additionally, it partners with clients to pre-empt digital disruption by creating digitally-enabled experiences that uncover and expand new ways to create business value. The company is well-positioned to enable client success, and pivotal power features like digital transformations, human-centered innovation and its acceleration abilities are the key drivers.
Upcoming Future Products
High fidelity in digital consumer insights and augmented intelligence have motivated business transformations in collaborating companies, UST aims to improve the relations in the coming future.
UST Global is aware that the society is changing one algorithm at a time. Thus, it relies on the ‘3A’ model – AI, Algorithms and Analytics – to make a meaningful difference to its customers and to communities across the globe.
Sajan Pillai’s goal is to transform the future of 3 billion lives by utilizing technology and futuristic software models. With him at the helm of UST Global, the goal edges a step closer every single day.
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