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Useful Statistics for 2021 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers are here to stay for long. Since its fast growth in the 2010s, affiliate marketing continues to be one of the most successful strategies to drive sales and make passive income.
This article is gladly going to share some of the most interesting statistics about the affiliate marketing business. This post is perfect for those who want to learn about the significant impact that affiliate marketing has on B2C and B2B businesses globally.
Here are some of the top affiliate marketing statistics that you for sure will want to share with your colleagues:

Affiliate Marketing is Simply a Multi-billion Dollar Sphere

Statistics for 2021 Affiliate Marketing
According to Statista, affiliate marketing is simply spreading in the U.S. Globally, it was decided in the Awin Report that sponsors invested $13 billion in affiliate marketing in 2017. Together with the consistent upward trend, these numbers show that affiliate marketers will likely proceed to thrive in the 2020s and beyond.
Advertisers, or even the merchants, who run affiliate programs or have entered affiliate networks can leverage affiliate content to build their brand recognition, encourage customer action, and drive more traffic. The important thing here is that all of this comes without the typical cost of customer acquisition.
This trend is in line with the overall rise of online shopping and the deterioration of brick-and-mortar retail, and it is only increased by the current pandemic. As a lot of people spend more time online, they have also begun to look for alternative sources of revenue, giving rise to this sales trend.
The Largest Affiliate Systems Have 100K+ Active Members.
Many small companies lack the financial resources to buy online marketing efficiently. That’s why the production model provided by affiliate marketing is a valuable tool for them to drive both brand recognition and actual sales. Nothing is taking larger businesses back from using it, too. Thanks to the low bar to entry, thousands of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) and larger enterprises rely on affiliate marketing as extra traffic and sales channels.
You might also have come over some polls on affiliate marketing conferences where affiliates were asked about their annual revenue. However, these samples usually are not large enough to make any reasonable estimates. Besides, many affiliates use affiliate marketing as an additional source of income and dedicate only minimum effort to the channel. Some concentrate on one affiliate program only, while others prefer multiple affiliate products through various companies and networks.
When looking at affiliate sales data alone, there’s little value in determining the average order amount. The range is simply so scattered. It also counts whether those are recurring or one-time payments. Thanks to the subscription-based pricing model in SaaS businesses, most affiliate payments are regular, which adds to the total affiliate earnings.
Where to Get Started?
All of the data supports the result that affiliate marketing is a great channel that drives the price for merchants through sales and brand recognition. While the generated clicks and products can often go unrewarded, many affiliates have been directed to establish a particular brand for themselves, allowing them to earn a large share of their income from affiliate marketing.
This is where ClickBank can help. As a global retailer with its affiliate marketplace, it sells digital and physical goods that are simply created by the passionate entrepreneurs of the team. With each click and every single sale, their goods improve the lives of millions of customers from around the world. Feel free to dive into this catching world and pave the path to a possible source of passive income.

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