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USA Fulfillment: Leading Provider of Third-party Supply Chain Solutions

Today, the real success for companies is not just the profit numbers but also the number of satisfied customers they have. Gone are the days when making profits was the sole goal. Long-Creating satisfied long-term customers drive profit, creating value. Creating value for clients is now counted as a true success for companies.

In this era of technology-led industrial transformations, companies are interdependent on each other to carry out their day-to-day operations. Every business needs to partner with another service or product provider to fulfill its market propositions.

While finding companies to collaborate with, businesses need partners, such as:

  • 3PL companies known for providing quality over quantity
  • Partners interested in building trust rather than presenting empty promises
  • Creating comprehensive value instead of just focusing on profits.

In this thriving age of business partnerships, logistics service providers see massive demand across all industries.

The rise of the e-commerce segment has generated a massive demand for professional, sophisticated logistic service providers to collect, pack, and deliver the products to the customers in the quickest and most cost-efficient ways.

There is a rise in companies needing a fulfillment partner who creates value for them through maintaining high customer satisfaction scores,  increasing customer retention as well as generating valuable positive feedback. Leading the pack in delivering measurable, valuable 3PL services is USA Fulfillment.

It is a full-service provider of turnkey solutions to clients from coast to coast. USA Fulfillment offers traditional pick/pack/ship fulfillment services for B2C and B2B,, inventory management, kitting and a full range of unique solutions.

USA Fulfillment’s mission is “Working together to go beyond the expectations of its clients and associates while achieving profitability for all parties.” The company has provided “high-touch” service and solutions to small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 clients for nearly 40 years.

This expert fulfillment service provider company is led by an expert and visionary leader, Jay Stamerro. As the General Manager of USA Fulfillment, he ensures that each client receives a service that strengthens brand loyalty and increases customers’ lifetime value for USA’s clientele.

We had an exclusive opportunity to interview Jay Stamerro, where he shared with us valuable details about the fulfillment services provided by his company.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

 Please brief our audience about USA Fulfillment, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as one of the top logistics companies.

We’re employee-owned. That’s a huge differentiator because you can’t put a price on people who go to great lengths to care for the client. Our employees at USA Fulfillment have a vested interest in our fulfillment clients’ success stories. And there are plenty of success stories for both B2C and B2B clients here at USA Fulfillment!

We’re a full-service fulfillment company, and we specialize in the health and beauty care industry. Our FDA-registered facility in Delaware serves clients with up to 10,000 D2C orders per day. We also support their B2B efforts with Amazon and more than 40 other retailers throughout the US. Between our Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015 certified) and commitment to the HBC industry, we are poised to maximize the long-term growth of our clients.

Tell us more about USA Fulfillment services and what impact they are making in the logistics industry?

We invented the term “High-Touch Fulfillment.” So, our model is to work with dozens of clients, not hundreds of clients. That’s a big difference compared to the “stack it and pack it” mentality of the traditional fulfillment warehouse. Our hands-on approach to program management has provided clients with exponential growth over the decades.

On the B2C side, we have several fulfillment automation layers to ensure quality and accuracy and maximize the speed of shipping. We work with the major carriers as well as regional carriers to maximize shipping discounts for our clients.

On the B2B side of the house, we integrate with SPS Commerce, the leading EDI provider in the US. We rely on their 3,000+ retailer integrations with pre-approved label formats to leave minimal room for chargebacks. Positive vendor scorecards mean more profitability and growth potential for our clients.

Jay, please brief us about your entrepreneurial journey in the supply chain management sector and what inspired you to venture into your industry niche.

I’ve had a rich career in both the service and product industries. My last role as CFO of a manufacturer in the HBC industry has proven instrumental in understanding the fulfillment needs of our HBC clients.

I lived through the same challenges our clients face. In fact, I selected the 3PL for our brands at the time. I understand the trust that must be built with the 3PL to turn over your inventory and orders; I expect them to take the same care that our employees do.

At USA Fulfillment, we aim to build this trust while vetting all the details of a potential partnership. These partnerships are based on our philosophy of treating our clients the way we would want to be treated, something I’ve learned by actually being the client. I built a network of HBC industry colleagues and utilized them to assist our client’s growth and profitability today.

What is your opinion on adopting modern technologies in a supply chain logistics company?

The supply chain evolves so quickly that adopting newer technologies is a must. We have to make these available to help keep our clients competitive. We utilize a combination of in-house technical expertise and outside technical consulting to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

What were the major challenges you faced while in the initial stages of your business? What challenges do you face now?

Our business is nearly 40 years old, so I cannot speak personally about the early challenges. Currently, we are facing labor shortages similar to other industries. Port congestion and delivery costs are a genuine concern for our clients with overseas manufacturing. Trucking availability and cost continue to be a challenge in the US. This is where our experience and breadth of nationwide resources aid our clients’ needs.

 What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the logistics industry?

When the pandemic hit the US in 2020, there was an immediate shift in volume from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce. While the trend is normalizing, we are definitely seeing a new level of consumer confidence in e-commerce. There is certainly growth in the logistics industry.

My advice would be to focus on core competency and do it well, whether that be a unique service offering or targeting an industry. The competition is too great to compete on price alone. Create a niche and value for yourself. Build long-term relationships. Help your clients win.

What are your key takeaways in business when you look back at the USA Fulfilment journey so far?

This is rather cliché but very true: When we focus on our top-line growth and bottom-line dollars, we are putting a gap between our clients’ success and ours. It always amazes me that when we focus on running our business to maximize our clients’ growth potential, the gap is erased, and the growth and profit trajectories positively align.

When we achieve this at USA Fulfillment, our clients look at us as business partners rather than vendors. It’s a huge difference, and it’s better for everyone. At USA, we create a “Triple Play Win” for our business partners. It’s a win for the Client’s customers. It’s a win for the Client. And, when our client wins, it’s a win for USA . There is enough room for everyone to prosper when the parties collaborate.

How do you envision scaling your company operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

After a long presence in the state of Maryland, as well as Delaware, we have decided to consolidate our operations in Delaware. Moving back to a single facility model will allow us to make better use of labor and space, some of the biggest challenges in the industry currently. We are reviewing new OMS/WMS platforms to provide greater tools to our clients and efficiencies internally. We will also focus our efforts more directly on the HBC sector, capitalizing on our strengths as a company.