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UruIT: Fusing Talents to Build and Design Apps

Just like any other text-book start-up story, a nearshore development company, UruIT commenced its maiden voyage from a humble garage located in Montevideo, Uruguay, and incorporated in Los Angeles, California. UruIT helps its clients with building new products, scaling their existing software, and/or migrating to the latest technology. Since 2007, it has created web & mobile solutions for various innovative US companies.
Within few months, UruIT started providing services to Microsoft. Since then until today, the clients’ list only got bigger! And the best part is, UruIT kept growing bigger and bigger at a commendable rate and never felt the need of any external funding. Nowadays, the organization consists of more than 80 employees working from Uruguay and Colombia. Also, the company has delivered over 150 software development projects in the last 11 years. According to the UruIT, its top secret was to hire top tech talents only, which in return helped them to offer higher quality standards.
Currently, when it comes to developing a new product, modernizing an existing app, or ramping up a development team, UruIT has got the needed experience and capabilities to fulfill its clients’ expectations. The organization acts like a near-shore partner for project definition, application design, and technical development for its clients.
Assisting Clients 
UruIT helps its clients, mainly small and medium businesses from the USA, to leverage an existing app or launch a new one. Depending on their goal, UruIT can assist them in translating their user’s needs, making their software smarter with Machine Learning, or supporting them to accomplish their software project on time with success. Thanks to the near shore partnership UruIT proposes, its clients can now develop their teams and business through a cost-effective, high quality service.
The Trailblazer 
Marcelo López, a Software Engineer and Columbia University graduate, is the CEO and Co-founder of UruIT. As a leader, he always tries to stay updated about the things that are going on in every area within the organization. Hence, his focus can change a lot depending on the departments that need more help. Personally, marketing and sales are the areas that Marcelo likes the most, and he also enjoys talking to clients and figuring out how UruIT can help innovative companies across the globe.
Over the last few years, Marcelo has had the opportunity to work and learn about the process of software development from different perspectives, through different roles including development, business analysis, project management and remote teams’ co-ordination. Later in 2008, he Co-founded UruIT, which eventually changed his life. Since then, the company is growing at a very fast pace, and the management has been able to assemble one of the brightest teams of Software Engineers in South America.
When Motivation is the Key 
According to Marcelo, when people are motivated and believe in themselves and in their work, they achieve great things for themselves and for the company. UruIT strives to create an enjoyable and inspiring environment, where people are glad and feel they have everything they need to be the best version of themselves. In order to achieve this goal, it’s important to keep reinvesting in the company to continue to grow.
Imminent Changes 
The management team of the company envisions continuous growth for UruIT. The company also plans to keep expanding its machine learning capabilities and it is also working on a specific service of software development for startups. UruIT also believes in the idea of reinventing constantly to keep providing better services, which in return develops Latin American talent for better good.
“We were looking not only for time zone, but also quality of developers as well as costs. We saw you guys had a lot of great reviews online and I think your customers’ validation states the quality of your developers.” CMO of Telecom Multinational.
“UruIT exceeds expectations, delivering an efficient workforce and high-quality service. Their development team is skilled and experienced. They’re professional, dedicating their time to the success of their clients. Expect a communicative team that acts as part of the internal team.” Head of Engineering for Media Software Provider.
“In addition to providing top-notch development resources, UruIT was able to scale a team very quickly to meet client needs. They continue to contribute a lot of value to many products, producing quality, testable code alongside internal scrum teams.” CPO, Building Engines.