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Upstream Works: Delivering Omnichannel CX

Organizations worldwide are in search of solutions that can attract and retain global clients in a highly competitive economic landscape. Customer Experience (CX) is the key differentiator, and businesses are developing strategies to improve and simplify the service they provide to their valued clients. Upstream Works stands as a leader in omnichannel desktop software that helps organizations by empowering agents and optimizing the customer experience, delivering rewarding business outcomes. Upstream Works provides a single, intuitive agent interface with comprehensive management tools, enabling exceptional customer experiences across all channels, interactions, applications and platforms. For over fifteen years, the organization has been providing solutions to multinational brands across all industries.
Numerous Unique Verticals, Single Omnichannel Solution 
Upstream Works delivers best-in-class solutions to all verticals. The depth of experience, solution flexibility, and integration capabilities make it the solution of choice for contact centers in Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Logistics, Business Services, Telecom, Education, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, and Government organizations. With deep and broad integrations, the Upstream Works desktop streamlines interactions and provides additional value by leveraging existing infrastructure. Its capabilities include features that help identify social engineering, and equips agents with tools to assist in identifying and reducing fraud.
ABC Empowerment 
The organization aims to improve and simplify agent and customer engagement. The company focuses on complete ABC empowerment – Agent, Business, and Customer. Its intuitive tools, easy access to information, and personalized engagement increases agent productivity and efficiency. It simplifies the agent experience and helps them be more successful in the interactions they service. Businesses benefit from increased process efficiency through improved and consistent cross-channel reporting; optimized outcomes as a result of cross-sell/upsell opportunities; and long-term value from increased customer retention. Customers receive a personalized experience, faster resolution, and are serviced on their own terms, resulting in greater satisfaction and loyalty. The vision of the company is to improve agent and customer engagement, starting with the agent. Upstream Works equips contact centers with tools to offer personalized and proactive customer engagement. The solution helps organizations provide smart omnichannel choices to customers, so that whatever their communication preferences, demographic, or industry, they enjoy consistently rewarding experiences.
Vision and Thought Leadership 
Behind the omnichannel solution is Upstream Works President and CEO, Rob McDougall. McDougall is an accomplished contact center leader and catalyst for change. Implementing his vision is a collaborative team of creative and adaptive people, who translate the ideas into successful, innovative projects and implementations. Rob leads the strategic vision and operations of the company with an unwavering focus on omnichannel innovation and a passion for exceeding partner and customer expectations. McDougall describes his focus as maintaining a great corporate culture, growing the business, and continuing to use his passion for omnichannel transformation to improve the customer and agent engagement experience.
Flexible and Future-Proof Solutions 
Most contact centers have multiple databases, systems, and applications, which can range from order fulfilment, CRM, and legacy systems to Call Recording, and Workforce Management. Upstream Works offers the ability to leverage and integrate seamlessly with those systems through the desktop. The integrations are extremely pragmatic and include capabilities such as application pop, click-to-dial, and bi-directional data exchange. By leveraging existing infrastructure, contact centers can avoid the more traditional model of forklift replacements. The future-proof omnichannel solutions that Upstream Works provides enable businesses to easily add channels, seats, integrations, or capabilities as needed. The solution flexibility is unparalleled, suitable for both on-premise and hosted deployments. Its feature set and capabilities are a result of working closely with customers and partners, listening and responding to their challenges. Through its strong partner ecosystem, the company has a reputation in the industry for delivering projects on-time and on-budget.
Turning Challenges into Opportunities 
Technology is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace, and the customer landscape is constantly shifting and changing. The key to the success of Upstream Works lies in its ability to adapt. It is able to do so through effective, collaborative team work in an environment which is cross functional, agile and fast paced. The team has a common goal of improving the agent and customer experience, and team members are committed to challenging each other with new ideas and innovation in order to turn complex challenges into opportunities.
The Future of Omnichannel 
The prime focus of Upstream Works solutions is improving agent and customer engagement. Automation plays an increasingly significant role in customer experience, with bots and self-service becoming more widelyadopted. Customers now have better insights about a product in real time. When they do reach out to a business, it’s because they have a more complex need that requires assistance. Agents, then, need access to information and services to succeed in their role as an expert. Upstream Works provides immediate, effortless access to data and information, helping agents provide rewarding customer experiences even in response to complex inquiries. The organization plans to continue building and leveraging its relationships with clients and partners to further develop features and capabilities that will enable their continued success.

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