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Upland Software: PSA Innovation with the Tenrox platform

In recent years, businesses have evolved to operate faster, in a more dynamic and complex landscape. New approaches are being introduced that combine the best of project and financial management, social collaboration, automation, real-time business intelligence, and much more. When combined, these systems help knowledge workers to become more efficient and adept, transforming how organizations operate to become more nimble, and with greater ability to stand out against their competition.
Upland Software is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise work management software. Its family of applications enables users to manage their projects, professional workforce, and IT investments; automate document-intensive business processes; and effectively engage with their customers, prospects, and community via the web and mobile technologies. With more than 4,000 customers and over 450,000 users around the world, Upland Software solutions help customers run their operations smoothly, adapt to change quickly, and achieve better results every day.
Upland understands that to compete in today’s business environment, people need to access, analyze, and act on information in real-time and collaborate with team members around the globe. Its products provide enterprise work management solutions that are purpose-built for the challenge at hand, not bloated suites or costly on-premise software. And because its products are cloud-based and architected for performance, scalability, and security, Upland keeps its people connected anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
Professional Services Innovation 
Tenrox is Upland’s powerful yet intuitive Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform that helps organizations to better plan and manage projects and optimize the utilization of their team. It helps improve billable utilization, provides insights into resource capacity aimed at reducing bench time, keeps costs in check, ensures on-time and accurate invoicing and accelerate revenue recognition.
Tenrox is equally recognized as one of the most complete enterprise timesheet solutions on the market, giving its customers the utmost flexibility to implement complex timesheet compliance policies, configure timesheet routing workflows specific to their unique business needs and customize timesheet templates according to the different employee types and requirements.
Tenrox delivers excellence to its customers and is trusted by international Services Organizations such as AKA Enterprises, Autodesk, FICO, and JDA Software.
But, Tenrox is more than just PSA software. It is a platform that provides end-to-end functionality for Professional Services Organizations, that includes sales enablement, customer reference management, and knowledge management. In addition, it provides built-in analytics and integration capabilities.
Imparting Leadership 
Mounir Hilal is the Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President at Upland Software. With over 20 years of experience in the Professional Services (PS) space, Mr. Hilal has worked closely with Upland enterprise clients to drive maturity around their practice and define their long-term strategy. As a PS practitioner himself, Mr. Hilal leads Upland’s global Professional Services group, delivering outstanding financial performance with great customer outcomes.
Mr. Hilal is an active participant with industry analysts and leading organizations that define the PSA market, including PS Village, PMI, and TSIA. He is an active speaker, and has presented at PMI events, as well as internationally. At the recent event in London, UK “Innovation through Integration,” Mr. Hilal shared his vision on Digital Transformation. He is also a major contributor to the books “The Rise of the Project Workforce: Managing People and Projects in a Flat World” and “Professional Services Automation: Optimizing Project & Service Oriented Organizations” Both of which were at the forefront of establishing the PSA market, sharing a strategy and vision for professional services automation.
Anticipating Trends in the Professional Services Industry 
With an increase in fixed bid projects, companies need to be attentive to how they run their projects, and maintain profitability:
As more companies move to implementing fixed bid projects, they face increasing pressure on margins. For them to remain competitive, they must look for creative ways to deliver results more effectively. That’s where Knowledge Management comes into play. In March 2018, Upland announced the integration of its KCS v6 verified knowledge solution into Tenrox, giving organizations the ability to embed their own services playbooks, project know-how and corporate compliance policies within their PSA environment. Team members can search, find and create “best practices” and “lessons learned” content, to ensure greater collaboration, elevate project quality, improve profit margins, and be compliant with corporate policies.
Recognized by KM World Magazine as a Trend-Setting Product of 2018, Tenrox is the only PSA with embedded knowledge.
Desire for better business intelligence
Upland recognizes that business intelligence is a key function for companies today, and created a strategic offering called Upland Analytics for all of its products. Built right into each of the products, Upland Analytics allows customers to visualize their data and make insightful decisions about their business. For Tenrox, Upland Analytics comes with pre-built reports and dashboards so customers can monitor trends and identify gaps, in real-time, about their resources, projects and financial performance, without having to rely on BI specialists or third-party reporting tools.
The shift from vendor to trusted advisor
In today’s business landscape, customers are looking for more than just vendors. They are looking for solution providers who can provide subject matter expertise and industry best practices to ensure a successful implementation and continued return on investment. Upland meets this need through strong relationships within the Professional Services industry. Regular interactions with analysts and industry professionals features predominantly in their practice, and this is evidenced in their approach towards implementation, and support. Not only do they provide configuration and how-to training, they also share best practices and guidance throughout the engagement.
At Upland, they foster a partnership model with their customers, offering numerous opportunities for customers to provide product feedback and contribute to the roadmap. Customers are provided regular updates on the roadmap, resulting in a positive customer experience.
Tenrox – Innovation through Integration 
The ongoing proliferation of SaaS-based solutions means that PSA vendors need to provide more than just core functionality to stay relevant. Upland is uniquely positioned to lead this challenge because of its vast portfolio of cloud based solutions. Upland actively seeks synergies between its products, to identify innovative opportunities that will better support their customers.
This process led to the introduction of proposal automation that allows customers to leverage templates and easily generate Statements of Work (SOWS), respond to Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and complete technical questionnaires. Customers can accelerate their sales process, to win more business and stay ahead of their competition. Likewise, the integration of Knowledge Management was derived from the need to more easily search internal and external documentation sources to support compliance, ensure project consistency and accelerate project delivery.
Embracing Industry Challenges
Customers want automation but face immature business processes:
One of the key challenges is to help customers define their business processes while automating them at the same time. Upland’s role as a solutions provider is to help guide its customers and work together to design the best system for them. Going through this process can have tremendous benefits to any organization as it helps provide the solution and business process that they need today and future-proofs their implementation for growth.
Single point solutions that don’t meet the full need of the customer:
Another challenge faced by customers is being underserved by systems that give broad functionality in many areas without providing depth of capability. With Upland’s Tenrox solution, the focus is on designing a robust PSA platform, then leveraging the Upland Integration Platform powered by Dell Boomi for bridging to other systems and provide enterprise-level connectivity. Customers can easily share business-critical data into and out of 1000s of software applications, including such as CRM, HCM, payroll, ERP and more, for a holistic view of their professional services operations.
A consumer mindset in a B2B environment:
The proliferation of web-based services for consumer consumption, and even more recently, the adoption of mobile applications, has meant that business users have adopted a consumer-like mindset with regard to the tools that they use for work. They expect their B2B software to perform with a consumer-like ease of use. Upland has embraced this trend and has actively invested in UX/UI development to deliver software that is accessible and easy to use, and thus more readily adopted. Furthermore, because the same UX/UI philosophy is shared across all Upland products, customers who adopt Tenrox, as well as other Upland products, gain a consistent experience.
Putting Customers First 
Customers choose Upland for three reasons. First, its award-winning cloud-based products are purpose-built for business needs and make its customer’s best-of-breed strategies a reality. Second, Upland executes a 100% customer success commitment, featuring a high-touch customer success program. Third, Upland has the scale and resources needed to invest in its customer’s success.
“At Upland, our portfolio reaches beyond Professional Services Automation. We have multiple software applications that facilitate numerous enterprise work management solutions. As we continue to evolve and grow through strategic acquisitions, we will continue to seek best-of-breed products that are complementary to our existing cloud-based applications.” asserts Mr. Hilal.
Client Recommendations 
“Real-time business intelligence is core to our business. Integrating dashboards and reports directly into Tenrox provides us with an end-to-end PSA experience and is a vital feature that will benefit any organization.” – Dina DeMaio Smith, Data and Systems Manager at Vantage Partners.
“We have worked closely with the Tenrox team at Upland to make key updates to the Resource Management module. Upland listened to our inputs and added new features that make the Resource Management module more user-friendly and intuitive to all. This allows us to embark on a very important product consolidation to bring our business resource management into Tenrox PSA.” – Terry Buckle, Head of Portfolio and Program Management at OpenBet.
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