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Willem Loos | CEO | Unlimited Productions

Unlimited Productions: The Globally Recognized Technical Production Company

 Translate Ideas into Practical Planning 

Meet Unlimited Productions, a full-service production company offering technical, creative concepts, high-end designs, and quality event productions. With a diverse client portfolio consisting of event organizations, multinationals, agencies and event promoters the company is active on an international scale within the field of live communication, such as; corporate events, public events, festivals, sports events, TV, shows & concerts and artists-/ touring management. It’s experienced team consists of 30 highly motivated professionals. The company helps its clients with all of their event production needs. It translates creative ideas and designs into practical planning that includes staging, temporary structures, tents, sound & light equipment, video screens, power supply, machinery, decoration, etc. Following the four-phase blueprint with a key focus on the event and production management, it accompanies its clients from definition to concept, into preproduction and technical production.
Globally Renowned 
In 2009, Unlimited Productions was founded by Bart Roelen and Tijs Verwest. Tijs Verwest (DJ Tiësto) asked Unlimited Productions to provide production management for his worldwide Elements of Life tour. A worldwide tour with a DJ on this scale was very new at the time. Bart Roelen and Tijs Verwest have been working together since 2004 and under the name Unlimited Productions since 2009. From there on, Unlimited Productions has grown to be an international key player in the field of (technical) event production, with a large network of high-quality suppliers, operators and designers, and wide market scope. Since the merger with Livetime Productions in 2018, the company has a market leader position in Europe. The company now has a board of three persons: Willem Loos (CEO), Bart Roelen (COO) and Olivier Monod de Froideville (CCO).
Flexible and Ambitious Team 
At Unlimited Productions, the company specializes in technical production. This means that it doesn’t organize events, but it does the overall translation from the concept to a realization on behalf of its client / the event organizer. This specialism has mainly originated from the rock & roll scene, and later also dance, because shows became more and more complex and specialists were needed for the total overview of the logistical and technical process. To explain the work as a technical producer, the company often uses the following metaphor. If you are going to renovate your home and it is just plastering and painting or a new kitchen, then you directly contact the individual suppliers yourself. However, if you have an entire house built, you often use a contractor to oversee the whole process and translate the architect’s plans into a schedule, technical drawings and budget; Unlimited Production does this for events.
Expert knowledge 
The team is flexible and ambitious and has the experience of providing support for hundreds of events and working with many of the venues in the market. They know the venues inside-out, including transportation and logistical issues. They can ensure professional and high-quality results.
Large global network 
Over the years the company has created its own global network of trusted partners, clients, freelancers, and suppliers. Within the corporate branch, as well as the public sector and dance industry.
Unlimited Creatives label 
The company is able to deliver the full package, from the initial idea – to design – to creation. Because it has all the disciplines available, all project phases can be aligned easily. Because the complete project team is brought together in an early stage, the efficiency is higher, costs are lower and ideas are initially designed with the technical implementation in mind.
The main focus of Unlimited Creatives is connecting the dots of all creative processes and disciplines in the live entertainment industry. Unlimited Creatives oversees the creative process and provides project management to align all design factors, such as set design, light design, content creation, and scenic design. The strength of this platform is the connection between the creatives and production, by looking at production feasibility, budget and efficiency early on.
Attention for detail 
Unlimited Productions is passionate about getting it right for the clients, and it is always aware that small details can have a big impact. Being detail-oriented makes the work better, makes the team more effective and minimizes the risk of errors. The company’s innovative team is always looking for ways to improve existing products and processes and come up with new solutions. In order to turn its client’s ambition into reality.
Coming out of Limitations 
Years of working in the events industry learned Unlimited Productions that each project is unique and that specific events ask for specific solutions. Unlimited Productions came across the limitations of existing equipment. For instance when working in locations with little height and where the pressure on the floor was an area of concern. The company doesn’t like to limit the creative minds of its industry but support them with tools to turn ambition into reality. With its Unlimited Solutions label, the company develops innovative products that were born out of technical or creative event questions, that came up during the pre-production of its productions.
The BGR70 is one of those unique solutions, a low volume truss with extreme load-bearing capacity and minimum to zero deflection. Created for a corporate project in Japan, where the venue didn’t have enough height. Since then Unlimited Solutions provided BGR70 for several projects, such as a grid of BGR70 truss in order to create sufficient structural support for the Resistance Ibiza shows.
Another innovative product is the Motion Stabiliser. A system to move single objects (such as light fixtures & LED panels) up and down from the roof, stable and smooth, while still being able to do movement effects on the objects. The Motion Stabilisers were used for the first time during the Martin Garrix ADE shows in the RAI Amsterdam.
Innovative and Motivational Professional 
From 1996 to 2008, Willem Loos CEO at Unlimited Productions, was a founder of The Concert Company Group, delivering crew services and production management for international touring artists & productions. After a sabbatical of two years, he came back in the production world by acquiring Silk Show Architects from Michiel van der Zijde, a company focused on product design and production management. In 2012, Silks Show Architects became a part of Unlimited Productions.
Willem is mainly very strong in the context of the professionalization of the organization, in a way that is not very common for smaller companies. The company’s backend, IT, process flow, four-phase model, customization in project management software, time registration, etc form a solid base and foundation to grow internationally. Willem is the connecting factor between an ad-hoc creative sector and a streamlined organization.
Working Alongside the Customers 
Supply chains are becoming shorter and large conglomerates arise who try to respond to this by removing intermediaries between the end customer and hardware suppliers. However, Unlimited Production believes in an approach that is not driven by hardware but can offer the same solution from a visible neutral perspective. Not with the aim of getting your materials out of the warehouse as often as possible, but by looking at what the customer needs from the start and finding the right materials for the job. In a landscape where sustainability has the attention, it wants to keep its footprint as small as possible, both from an economic and practical point of view. Also, its transport movements are minimized by a global network of materials and people. The company believes in the Think global, act local principle. This means they work all around the globe, but try to work with local partners and suppliers as much as possible.
A Glimpse of the Company’s Future 
The company states that many people, while thinking about the profession of technical producer still think of only AV, but Unlimited Productions goes much further and makes the translation for objectives, concept, creativity and technology. “With only a beautiful stage, you won’t get there anymore. Thinking 360 degrees with the content as a starting point, that covers our load,” states Willem Loos. In addition, the company leaves the creative and the technical suppliers in their expertise and makes ends meet, monitoring all underlying processes and always translates between technical feasibility and creative ideas. It also prefers to increase its global footprint, by growing and expanding the company. Apart from Unlimited Productions, the board also has two other labels at this time, Unlimited Solutions and Unlimited Creatives. Considering event production in 360 degrees, it’s a possibility that the company might expand it’s services with other labels to service its customers even better. “Our holding, (Livetime Experience Group) and underlying group with labels will continue to grow the coming years, by means of mergers and acquisitions,” the company adds.
The intention is to broaden the company’s tailor-made services such as scenic, design and content, in order to create greater international decisiveness and to be able to unburden it’s clients even more in terms of production. In this regard, customer experience is always the key elements, whether looking at AV, scenic or deco related aspects. It also highly invests in partnerships with company’s key clients and suppliers.
Unlimited Production’s mission is to become a one-stopshop for the translation of ideas/concepts to realization, with a constant focus on quality through its knowledge, creativity, and network. The company is increasingly working alongside its customers and directly for brands because that is where its added value is. Nowadays, most industries have to deal with a shorter supply chain where brands themselves often choose their location, production and even artists. Then they only look for a partner for the concept and/or total production and then they are complete. The company believes in a global group of companies specialized in the qualitative and creative production of events by means of knowledge, creativity and customization.